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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 12, 2011
CLUB DEAD is the third instalment from the Sookie Stackhouse series and I really enjoyed this one having finally come to terms with the fact that this is urban fantasy (and not paranormal romance) I was able to focus on the action, horror, humour and mystery aspects here and just let the romance take a back seat. Sookie is starting to feel like a delightful, adventurous friend who I can't wait to hear from to learn what adventures she's been up to lately. And with the broadening of sub characters and reappearances and "sightings" from others this series feels alot like coming home.

Charlaine Harris continues to entertain with a fast paced, easy writing style and original ideas. She also manages to still keep Sookie relatable enough, despite her progression into the supernatural world that we can discover every bizarre occurrence right along with her. Sookie toughens up in this book, makes some new `friends' and sort of comes into her own. And although I was at first disappointed by Harris's storyline choices for Bill (what an arse he turned out to be) Eric and arrival of Alcide sure made up for his absence. Leaving things wide open and this reader very curious as to where exactly things are heading in the romance department.

Lately Sookie's vampire boyfriend Bill has been a little absent, having more of a relationship with his computer and "project" then with her. When he suddenly announces that he's taking an extended business trip to another state Sookie realizes something other than vampire business is going on. Before long the bodies start piling up at work again, after a werewolf gang member tries to abduct Sookie and ends up face to face with some hard hitting but simple blue suede shoes.

Enter the ever sexy and cheeky Eric, who informs Sookie that Bill's been kidnapped while spending time with an old flame in Mississippi. (So much for business) Now Eric needs Sookie's mind reading abilities to help locate Bill before they torture him to `real' death. Despite the obvious betrayal Sookie agrees, although she might just kill him herself once she finds him.

Sookie soon finds herself under the care of one fantastic and yummy werewolf named Alcide Herveraux. They have an immediate connection and make a great team although romantically their timing is never quite right (what with all the body dumping, ex fiancé's and flying vamps coming to call) Alcide is to act as Sookie's date and guide while in Jackson, gaining her access into the otherwise off limits, Club Dead. This is where the vampire king of Mississippi hangs out whom they assume is responsible for Bills disappearance. Before long Eric turns up in another of his quirky disguises and general carnage ensues. The action in this book is non-stop with vampires and humans alike getting staked and of course it's a full moon which brings every beast in town out to play. It's a ton of unputdownable, blood spattered fun.
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on July 13, 2004
I give it a 5 of 5, not because it's perfect but because if you read the first two this book is exactly what you think it should be, hope for, and expect.
Sookie finds out that Bill (the dullest and most tedious vampire ever imagined) has been cheating on her! (A-ha! knew I didn't like him for a reason). He's working on a secret mission for the Queen of LA (yes the sate) and he direly tells her if he goes missing to check her crawl space.
So, scene two, Bill goes missing (yipee!). She finds some computer disks but doesn't look at them, wierd, then Eric, Bill's boss asks her to find him.
She finds out he was leaving her for his vampire lover when he was kidnapped in MS. She has to investigate that kingdom and her entree in is sexy werewolfe Alcide.
So she goes to find her errant lover and shack up with the very tempting wolf. Eric comes in disguise to follow her repeatedly almost seducing her (lord but he's so much sexier than Bill, I wish she'd chose him) and the hijinks begin. It's a little darker than its predcesors, but the characters grow as you'd expect them to.
Sadly, Sookie has a few TSTL (too stupid to live- got that from another reader) moments. I mean, she wants to forgive Bill even though he was leaving her and had been cheating on her. Gimme a break, no man is worth that humiliation. And she turns down Eric though she wants him badly, even comes dagerously close to full blown sex. In fact, what they do would be considered in many countries sex, but not by most Americans' standards.
It's highly entertaining and had me laughing more then the first two and the characters seem so much more fleshed out, so much more real. Totally worthy read! The ending had me hooting with laughter and I've got to read the fourth. Once again I highly recommend!
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on April 26, 2004
Club Dead is, by far, my favorite installment of the Southern Vampire series.
Club Dead tells the story of Sookie's adventures to find and rescue Bill, who has mysteriously gone missing. With the help of Eric and Alcide (a newly introduced Werewolf), Sookie travels to Mississippi to immerse herself into night culture to find out was has become of Bill.
The first two books were introductory books where we were given overall assessments of all the characters. The marvel of this book is that we are now neck deep in DEVELOPMENT!!! All of the characters go through believable changes, just as We Real People go through changes in our own lives. We find out what kind of "person" Bill really is; we get a better look at Sookie and her insecurities and emotional quirks; and at the same time, we meet some new people too! And let me not forget to mention the better glimpse of Eric; which, by the way, I am reluctantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I must wait for the 4th book to see if it ever does drop.
Club Dead has about the same amount of violence as the first two books and about the same of sex as Dead until Dark. The plot of Club Dead a little weaker than the plots of first two books, but it is not detrimentally so. It still carries its own weight within the series especially considering the growth of each of the characters, which is this book's strongest point.
If you have read Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas, I recommend you read this one for some interesting and frustratingly entertaining developments - it's amazing how this book sensibly mirrors real people and how we can be disappointed with and hurt by one another.
If you have NOT read Dead Until Dark or Living Dead in Dallas, DO NOT read this one. You MUST first read Dead Until Dark then Living Dead in Dallas in order to fully appreciate the characters' growths that Club Dead represents in the series.
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on April 25, 2004
Sookie and the Vampire Bill are once again thrust into trouble in Club Dead. Sookie is very unhappy with the Vampire Bill. It would seem she is being dumped, but no one knows for sure where Bill is and what he is doing. What is a girl to do? Just accept some financial settlement or try and stake the cad who left her without even a goodbye? While Sookie is nursing her broken heart, it would appear the Vampire Bill has met some foul play. With Eric and Bubba for back-up, Sookie heads to Shreveport to try and find Bill.
Sookie has one major clue to find Bill, Club Dead. With the help a very sexy werewolf, Alcide, Sookie gains entrance to the illustrious club that caters to vampires, shifters, and other oddities. As usual, things do not go as planned.
Club Dead widens Sookie's group of admirers and brings a great deal of conflict with them. How could a girl choose between the Vampire Bill, Eric the Viking Vampire, and Alcide the very warm werewolf? The politics of the vampires make Sookie's head spin - let alone the addition of werewolves and shifters.
The first two books in the series, Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas really just introduced us to the full cast of characters. In Club Dead, Charlaine Harris shakes up Sookie's world and gives her more perspective on life. Sookie is finally able to see Bill's weaknesses and decide for herself if she wants to try and work through them.
Club Dead is a very fun book to read. Charlaine Harris has a wonderful sense of wit with a tongue in check approach to the story line. How could anyone keep a straight face with the image of Bubba, Elvis has not left the building, and his cat fancy? The Southern Vampire series is one of my favorites for its humor and characters. My only complaint is in regarding the ending. It was very abrupt and left me wanting more.
Charlaine Harris is the other of three more Sookie novels; Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Dead to the World, to be published May, 2004. She is also the author of two popular mystery series; the Aurora Tegarden series and the Lily Bard Shakespeare series.
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on January 28, 2004
I am a huge romance fan and a huge horror fan. I discovered Charlaine Harris' dead series quite by accident and immediately fell in love. This third book continues where the first two left off. If you have not read her first two novels, be sure to read "Dead Until Dark" first and then "Living Dead in Dallas". I just fell in love with all of her various characters. In this book, she introduces a new love interest in Sookie's life, Alicie, a werewolf. The only problem with this book is that it sort of leaves you hanging, but I guess that means I'll just have to wait for her next novel. To any fans of vampire romance novels - you have to read all three novels. I almost didn't try this book because other reviewers mentioned that this series was lighthearted, and even though it is not deep and dark like many vampire romances, it still has all the supernatural characters and romance and wonderful characters that I love in all of my horror romance novels. This book and the entire series gets 5 stars.
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on January 26, 2004
Elvis the Vampire???
This is the third volume in Charlaine Harris's series about Sookie, a rural Southern telepath and her vampire boyfriend Bill. At the start of this series Harris started out by breaking several vampire story taboos. For one thing, Sookie is just-plain-folks, who happens to have an inconvenient talent and an odd boyfriend. In Harris' alternate reality the invention of artificial blood has enables vampires to come out of the coffin. In the U.S. especially, they are trying to enter mainstream society - with mixed success.
Sookie's wry, humorous story-telling shows us what happens to someone who has one foot in both the human and the supernatural world. Vampires and werewolves traipse thought this story with all the grace of a road crew - frequently leaving Sookie upset, angry, and just a little bit trashed. Not all vampires are willing to give up their old ways, and the conflicts this creates are the meat of Harris' stories.
This time, Bill has disappeared while working on a vampire data base for the Queen of Louisiana. She discovers that Bill left to start up an affair with an old vampire lover, who then sold him out to a competing vampire clan. Sookie sets out to rescue Bill with the aid of Alcide - a werewolve in the construction business. The interplay between Sookie's anger at Bill and her attraction to Alcide (and Eric, yet another vampire) make this a romantically complicated story. While there is plenty of action, it clearly takes second place to the emotional content, and suffers from a bit of discontinuity as a result.
While the story is quite enjoyable, it is a far cry from standard vampire fare. In addition, the complex relationship between a human, a werewolf, and a vampire - with the required graphic bits - echoes Laurell Hamilton's plots a bit too much. Although no one would mistake Hamilton's writing style for Harris'. They are differnet, but there are moments when I think that someone may be trying to convince Harris to to make Sookie Stackhaouse a bit too much like Anita Blake. I hope not - Club Dead is a delightful confection. It provides some needed light entertainment in the usually dark morass of vampire fiction.
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on January 18, 2004
As usual, Harris has delivered an imaginative and funny book about vampires, werewolves, and everyday normal folks like Sookie Stackhouse. Well, she's almost normal. Except for being able to read minds.
Harris has littered this book with really scrumptious men (or whatever) who want Sookie. Which is a good thing, because her boyfriend, Bill the Vampire, has dumped her. Of course, he never actually told her it was over, he just was working behind the scenes to "Pay Her Off" (for services rendered, I guess), when he dissappeared.
Sookie has the pleasure of finding out about his infidelity (and his intentions in her regard) when she is asked by another local vampire, Eric, to find Bill. And the rest is an exciting and funny look at the strange underworld Sookie is just beginning to discover. Werewolves, shapechangers, and the night clubs that cater to them. Not to mention the politics!
As usual, there have been many comparisons made to Anita Blake's series. Why? Because of the central vampiric characters? Let me tell you, Blake didn't invent that plotline (far from it!) and as far as I'm concerned she comes off the loser in any comparison. Harris doesn't leave you with a nasty aftertaste, as Blake does.
I do have one concern, and that is that Sookie may be too soft on Bill. I have hope tho, that Harris won't cram that down our throats. Please, Charlaine, make him suffer!
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on October 29, 2003
Sookie Stackhouse had noticed a change in her boyfriend, Bill, a vampire. Instead of spending his evenings with her, he has been spending them alone in his home working on something that he refuses to share with Sookie. More than a little hurt that Bill doesn't completely trust her after all she has done for him, Sookie is less than pleased to find out that Bill has disappeared while on his "business trip" to Jackson, MI and that he has supposedly reunited with his ex, the lovely vampire Lorena. Eric, Bill's sexy and oh-so-interested-in-taking-Bill's-place-in-Sookie's-life vampire boss, arranges for Sookie to go to Jackson and to find out what has happened to Bill. Knowing that he cannot go along to protect her himself, Eric sends the very attractive werewolf, Alcide, to act as her bodyguard.
When Sookie gets to Jackson, Alcide helps her get into Josephine's, affectionately nicknamed "Club Dead" by regulars. The club attracts a unique mixture of vampires, were-creatures and other supernaturals who don't always get along together. Of course, Sookie attracts some unwanted attention and makes some new friends and enemies right off the bat. She also finds out that Bill is in Jackson and that he is with Lorena. Sookie is unsure if she even wants to keep looking for him after that piece of news, but she knows that she has to get Bill back so that Eric can get whatever information out of him that he needs. So Sookie plunges into the fray and uses all of her considerable wiles to locate Bill, free him and then decide what she is going to do from there...
Club Dead is the third book in the Southern Vampire series and it is a great continuation of the hilarious and sexy world of Sookie Stackhouse. The more books I read about Sookie, the more I like her. She is a wonderful character and Harris portrays her very well. She is much more complex than she seems and she always makes me laugh. The plot was a little more convoluted than it needed to be, but it was all in good fun and it was such a fast, fun read that the book was over long before I was ready for it to end anyway. Harris does leave the reader with a bit of a cliffhanger ending and so she leaves us panting for more and wondering what Sookie is going to do next! A must read for Harris or vampire lovers - you won't be disappointed!
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on October 8, 2003
Sookie Stackhouse's new adventure is her best yet. Her vampire boyfriend Bill is doing a secret job for the queen vampire of Louisiana. While on the job, he is lured to Jackson, Mississippi by an old flame-a vampire named Lorena. But Lorena betrays him, and Bill is kidnapped. Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, is holding him prisoner and torturing him for his secrets. They will do anything to make him talk, including threatening Sookie, and they send a werewolf to get her.
Never one to wait for danger, Sookie takes off to Jackson. Her mission is to find Bill at all costs. She takes up with a werewolf named Alcide that owes Eric-Bill's boss-a favor. Her only clue to finding Bill is a local bar that caters to the supernatural called Club Dead. It's at Club Dead that all Hell breaks loose, and Sookie's already crazy life spins out of control. In her quest to save Bill, she is stalked, attacked, beaten, and staked. She must also face the king, but even worse, she must face Lorena. No matter, she will do what she must to save her man-even if he's technically already dead.
This is the third in Ms. Harris' series about a telepathic barmaid with a vampire boyfriend. And it is the best. This book has more everything: more vampires, more werewolves, more shape-shifters, more supernatural adventure, more mystery, more romance, more eroticism, and more humor. Club Dead has it all. Let's hope there will be a fourth installment in this unique series.
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on September 21, 2003
Sookie Stackhouse was only interested in one vampire and that was Bill, her boyfriend. However, Bill seemed to be putting some distance between them recently. Then he disappeared to another state! His sinister and sexy boss, Eric, said that Bill had been summoned to Mississippi by Lorena. She was a lady vampire Bill had lived with for some time before. That was enough for Sookie. She was on the way to Mississippi.
Alcide Herveaux was to be Sookie's contact/guide. He was a werewolf. With his help, Sookie could enter places that mere mortals seldom dared tread, such as Club Dead. The vampire king of Mississippi (yes, readers, you read that correctly) was Russell Edgington. Russell took interest in Sookie very quickly. Eric arrived on the scene, in disguise as usual. Several attempts were made on Sookie's life and Bill was caught in an act of serious betrayal against Sookie's love. Sookie was not sure whether to save Bill or sharpen a few stakes of her own!
***** Much better than book two. Again, this mystery could be read as a "stand alone" book. But the main and secondary characters remain the same. The love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric gets much rougher. That triangle is enjoyed more by those who have read the first two previous books though.
This entire series, thus far, is humorous, fun, very sexy, and highly recommended! *****
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