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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on October 29, 2015
Book arrived in good condition. The story is fun to read...don't get mistaken, this it not great literature, but it's good for relaxing after a long work day. I definitely prefered the books to the TV series.
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When you have a life like Sookie Stackhouse's, you make a lot of enemies. And in Charlaine Harris' eleventh Southern Vampire novel, "Dead Reckoning," a bunch of people with grudges against Sookie make her life a little more interesting. It's a much smoother and more satisfying ride than the previous novel, but the developments involving Eric are rather disappointing.

Sookie is busy at work when someone firebombs Merlotte's -- and though no one is injured, she worries that it might have been a hate crime against Sam. And at home, she uncovers a shocking fact in an old letter from her grandmother, as well as a mysterious faerie artifact called the cluviel dor. Additionally, Eric is acting kind of strange, but he won't tell Sookie why that is.

But it becomes clear that someone is out for Sookie's life -- thugs attack at Merlotte's, assassins show up at her house, and an old enemy pops up wanting nothing but her death. And that may not be the only threat to Sookie, since the vicious regent Victor is trying to provoke Eric into ruining his position as sheriff... meaning Sookie has to get him first.

"Dead Reckoning" is a much smoother, less disjoined novel than the last Sookie Stackhouse novel, and in many ways it's a welcome return to form. We've got some gruesome killings, a few mysteries, some charmingly embarrassing situations (Sookie hiding naked in Bill's coffin), and the looming spector of vampire politics making everything more complicated.

Harris' prose is still a pretty even mix of the dark'n'creepy and the down-to-earth unpretentiousness of Sookie's everyday life, and she inserts some genuinely funny moments into the story ("We fol­lowed the bondage Bobb sey Twins across the crowd ed dance floor"). And she seems to be simplifying matters in Sookie's life, since some of the supernatural forces she's involved with get untangled from her.

The problem? It feels like Harris has gotten tired of Eric, because he appears only sporadically in this novel, and most of the time he seems oversensitive and overbearing. Sookie seems to barely tolerate him. Then of course, a plot twist that is rather... disappointing, particularly to anyone shipping Eric/Sookie.

Sookie herself seems to be back on an even keel after the traumatic events of the last few books -- she seems steadier on her own feet, even to the point of blowing up when people meddle in her love life. She also seems to be lighting a little torch for Sam, who is a small but potent presence in this particular book, and "stranger in a strange land" Dermot is fleshed out more.

"Dead Reckoning" stumbles on therelationship front, but the onslaught of Sookie's enemies keep the darker slant of the story intriguing. However, Eric/Sookie fans should brace themselves.
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on May 7, 2011
Just a filler in the series. Hope the next one is better. I loved the other books but this just didn't cut it. Throughout the entire novel, there is only one intimate scene with Eric. I only say this so you can see how very little character involvement this has with Eric in reference to their relationship. It is in nearly the exact same standstill situation it had with the last book. The only new thing this book plays out is Sandra Pelt's final acts of vengeance and that was so lackluster it nearly doesn't warrant mentioning. I hope the next one is better and I hope Sookie's relationship with Eric finally gets solidified.
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on May 24, 2011
I read a few reviews before I read the actual book and although I agree with some of the arguments I would say their ratings are a little harsh. I agree that the last book (Dead In The Family) and this one were both filler novels which can be a bit frustrating. The main reason I feel this way is because her relationship with Eric is at a standstill and has been for sometime. I love Charlaine's writing regardless of series or characters but the one thing I have always found that really separates the Sookie vampire novels from others is that Sookie is at least realistic in her relationships. She knows when to move on and she knows when something isn't going to work. She is her own person who values being mostly human - never really wanting to become a vampire. Don't get me wrong - book number four and it's Eric and Sookie relationship was my favourite. However after reading Dead In The Family and now Dead Reckoning I feel there is a serious need for change in this said relationship. I am glad Charlaine has finally planted the seed of change - promising that the next novel answer some serious Eric and Sookie questions if not even an ending to the relationship we all love so much. Would I be sad if that was the case -I would have said hell yeah before reading the last two novels but now I am not so sure...if it spices things up and let's Sookie start having some fun (like she did in past novels) then I am all for it!

So if this filler novel was needed to move on to the real story in the next novel then I am all for it. I still thoroughly enjoyed Dead Reckoning. It wasn't my favourite but as I said my favourite was some time ago. It was still a really fun and fast read and all in all I really enjoyed it. To say the very least it has definitely kept my interest and now I can't believe I have to wait a year for the next novel. The next novel better have a lot of substantial changes and I feel Charlaine knows this - if she doesn't and continues to provide an entertaining but filler novel again she may loose a lot of readers.

So enjoy the novel for what it is - a fun quick read with our favourite characters. And if you haven't tried her other novels give them a go - I loved the Harper Connelly and the Lilly Bard series! I have also started reading the Riley Jenson series by Keri Arthur - they are very good as well!
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on May 10, 2011
I like many others was not overly impressed by #10 book in the series. I was underwhelmed here again after hoping that the last book's content and writing quality was a 'one off' event. this book AGAIN felt like i was being strung along to give my money and for not much in return. the plot lines dragged with few big events (i even re-read #10 the day before i started 11 to get into it all!). the usual violence but not the same drama as usual or balance of romance/intimate moments. I wonder where CH is going with this series because it is beginning to feel directionless. I am thinking maybe she is riding the fame and ease of the hit show on HBO and investing much less in her books. the first 8 of so (before her big discovery) were much more magical and absorbing than lately. I know it takes a ton of work to write and put out a book but as a reader i'm not feeling 'it' anymore. I think her next book out, i'll wait for the paperback or just borrow it from my library before getting excited and anticipating and paying more to CH for a hardcover that I will be unsure if i will like and is worth the money she asks. sorry CH, keep trying?!
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on May 5, 2011
If you like the previous books this one may be a bit of a disappointment.

I was one of the many that was eagerly awaiting this book and bought it on the first day it came out. I have loved most of the previous books, the one before this one was not my favourite but still not bad. All the other ones have been very easy to read and I have had a hard time putting them down. This one was hard to get into and most of the main characters seemed to just be thrown in here and there. Bill didn't make an appearance till the middle of the book, Eric is just here and there and it seemed as if he is always mad and that the author is trying to find a way to get rid of him.

I am a HUGE fan of the Eric/Sookie romance and I have been hoping from the beginning for a happy ever ending but that seems as if it will never happen. It seems that Sookie will never actually have an happy ever ending which is too bad. I was hoping that this book would answer some questions and have some conclusions in site for the story line but that didn't happen.

This book seemed to lack the usual writing style and didn't quite seem to fit the pattern of the series. It is a filler book that really doesn't go anywhere or give you any new insight to the future of the series or the characters.

Hopefully the next one if there is one will be better and not seem so rushed to be put together.
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on May 22, 2011
I've been a faithful Sookie fan having read all of the previous books as well as purchased all of the True Blood DVDs. This last book, however, was a great disappointment. Though it was nice to visit with the characters again, the story wandered and there was no depth to any character or plot development. She brought in almost everyone still kicking from previous novels as if she underestimated the reader's ability to remember anything she'd previously written. Very little in Sookie's world was moved forward in this book. I felt that Charlaine Harris was just biding her time or producing a filler book to satisfy some contractual arrangement.

Every series has a life, and I feel that this series is gasping for breath at the moment. Don't put it on a ventilator; let it go with some dignity. I'll give it two stars for old time's sake.
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on May 10, 2011
When i started reading this series i was a little wiery about wether or not i would like it, but after the first book i just couldn't put them down, but since the last book came out i have lost so much interest. Dead Reckoning was boring and seems to be thrown together. There doesn't seem to be much of a peek in the last two books and i am soooo glad i didn't pay full price for it! When i got it in the mail i was shocked to see how SMALL it is, definetly not worth $32, i hope the next one is bigger and the events are more eventfull, not just, boom boom boom done!
Don't get your hopes up about the book, but you have to read it if you want to continue the series.
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on July 12, 2012
This is the next book in the series of Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, in paperback. I enjoyed the book, it is well written and flows with the other books by this author. I can't wait for the next book! (when its in paperback to go with the whole series that I have purchased). I started watching the tv show before reading the books, but the books and the tv show do not run side by side, so if you don't like the show then you may like the books and same the other way too. It's hot outside, find a cool spot in your yard and get comfortable and visit all the supes in Bon Temp and get hot and sweaty with them. Have fun!
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on October 28, 2011
I have been an avid fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books since the beginning, however I am terribly disappointed with this book. I can normally read these books in a day, but it took me almost a week to finish it and that is because I FORCED myself to read it all. There were aspects of the book that had me thinking, "what the hell?" and "Really?"

Niall and Eric apparently had dealings about Sookie before Eric knew she was part fae. Could Sookie be anymore of a suck and a hyprocrite? She plans Victor's murder and then gets all preachy when it's done and over with! Not to mention, Bill talking like Eric; makes references about Sookie's breasts. Anyone who has read the books knows Eric LOVES Sookie's breasts and has told her so in many colourful ways! Even Eric's speech was different when speaking to Sookie, Pam, etc. WTF!

On a positive note, Sookie has finally realised that she truly does love Eric after the blood bond is broken. AMEN!!

I'm wondering where the engery, sex and entertaining drama has gone! I crave the witty dialog, the juicy, HOT sex and the dynamic characters we were introduced to in the beginning. I miss the intense chemistry between Eric and Sookie. I miss not loving this series, like I did in the beginning.

I don't think Ms. Harris' heart is in it anymore and I for one, will NOT be running out to purchase the next installment on its release date.
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