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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on July 21, 2001
Couldn't put this book down. Ian has to be one of my all-time favorite romantic characters: Tortured, flawed, alternatingly obsessive and despairing/hopeful and ardent - the only aspect of his character which I found disappointing was that he was likened to a blond Adonis (he should have been as dark and mysterious, like his tortured soul!)
Ian, a once successful doctor, developed a sort of "sixth sense" after an accident, which caused him to experience often upsetting visual images when touching his patients. Unable to cope with this so-called "gift," coupled with the fact that he is labeled a "mad doctor" and shunned by the community, he shuts himself away in Lethe, a sort of mini-mental institution, his mother being among the residents. Here Ian closes himself off physically and emotionally...until the day Selena, a "Jane Doe" nearly dead from an unsuccessful suicide attempt, is brought to his door. Selena first revives Ian's passion for medicine, then his ability to feel and to love.
I was disappointed that Ian never got any words/images when touching Selena which would have revealed something of her past life - didn't feel it was satisfactorily explained as to why he didn't. I also would have liked to have seen some sort of happiness or peace for Johann in the end.
Though peripheral characters sometimes clutter a story, I found the residents of Lethe intriguing.
The whole Shaker Bretheren bit with Elliot was rather anticlimatic - and I felt that Ian and Selena fell into bed with one another a little too easily. Overall, though, I found myself struggling to put the book down.
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on October 18, 2000
Waiting For The Moon is another tearjerker from Kristin Hannah in which the reader becomes totally absorbed into the characters and the story. Hannah's writing portrays true-to-life characters, which anyone can relate to due to the emotional depth of every single one of her characters. We suffer with them through the good and the bad and our box of Kleenex is never far from us!!!!
Hannah's books always portray a hidden message to the reader, yet all of her subtle messages are woven with hope and love. Despite the hurt and tragedies in all of our lives, love seems to always prevail and the sun does shine!! No exception with this story!
After an attempted suicide, Selena wakes up a completely different person from what she was, without any memories of her past. She weaves her innocent child-like magic of love with the other residents of Lethe House in Maine where she was brought to be healed. She affects every single life for the better in that house and rays of sunshine emerge for all, who are living in pain and misery.
With all of Hannah's books, you want a sequel and this book is no exception!! Wonderful love story without all of the mush and gush!!
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on November 26, 1999
This was a good book, one that made me laugh and cry. . .The story line was easy to follow. If you want to read a book that goes straight to your heart, read Stolen Moments by Barbara Jeanne Fisher. . .It is a beautiful story of unrequited love. . .for certain the love story of the nineties. I intended to give the book a quick read, but I got so caught up in the story that I couldn't put the book down. From the very beginning, I was fully caught up in the heart-wrenching account of Julie Hunter's battle with lupus and her growing love for Don Lipton. This love, in the face of Julie's impending death, makes for a story that covers the range of human emotions. The touches of humor are great, too, they add some nice contrast and lighten things a bit when emotions are running high. I've never read a book more deserving of being published. It has rare depth. Julie's story will remind your readers that life and love are precious and not to be taken for granted. It has had an impact on me, and for that I'm grateful. Stolen Moments is written with so much sensitivity that it made me want to cry. It is a spellbinder. What terrific writing. Barbara does have an exceptional gift! This book was edited by Lupus specialist Dr. Matt Morrow too, and has the latest information on that disease. ..A perfect gift for someone who started college late in life, fell in love too late in life, is living with any illness, or trying to understand a loved one who is. . .A gift to be cherished forever.
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on May 18, 2000
Often I get tired of the perfect hero and the divine heroine. Kristin Hannah's characters come alive because they are so flawed, fragile and fascinating! This wonderful book grabbed my attention from the first chapter when Selena attempts suicide and all the quirky turn of events leading up to the final chapter. The book slowed down somewhat in the middle, but continue reading because the pace picks up again and keeps you engrossed to the final page. Selenas battered soul comes alive when she falls in love with Ian, the physician who saves her....but, he has demons of the heart he has to struggle with before learning from her what love is. Their fight for love is so intense and heartfelt you'll feel that no two people ever loved more deeply then Selena & Ian.
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on August 19, 2001
Waiting for the Moon is like waiting for grass to grow. The plot centers around a sexy beautiful young woman who is infantilized by a head injury. Naturally there is a handsome narcissist doctor who is obsessed with recreating helpless, childlike Salena into an image to suit his fantasy. Under the confused speech and little girt innocence...there beats the heart and sexuality of a woman.............UGH! I didn't think they wrote books like this anymore. The story is replete with obvious cliche's designed to highten sexual tension...why there is even a ripped bodice in there somewhere! Please if you appreciate quality writing and good your money. This book is not for the discerning reader.
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on May 31, 2000
Waiting for the Moon was an enchanting story by Ms. Hannah. As I have found in her other books, she weaves a spell which captures and draws the reader into her character's stories. When Selena and Ian reach a point in the story that goes against what you, as the reader, want to happen, it can break your heart. Ms. Hannah reminds us that even where love is concerned, the right choice must be made, not necessarily the choice you want to make with your heart. Her female characters are strong and her story lines make the reader wish our lives were even half as romantic. I'm eagerly awaiting more books by Ms. Hannah.
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on October 2, 1997
I have enjoyed many of Kristin's novels. This one is beautifully written. The characters come alive and make the reader laugh and cry all at once. It is a discovery for Ian and Selena and the residents at the Doctor's mansion/asylum. They discover who they are and were and who they should be. This is a definate read for all of Kristin's readers.
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on December 21, 2015
The story begins in an interesting fashion but ends up in a totally boring push/pull between the main characters that drags on to the end where they finally unite forever.Boring !!!!!!!
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on January 22, 1999
I loved all of it. ..the way Selena saw the world after the accident was amazing. The way she tryed to help every one. I wish Kristin would writ a sequel to all her books.
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on July 31, 2015
Love Kristin Hannah books! This one wasn't my favorite but still a great read.
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