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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 1, 1998
From the start "The Bone Collector" is confusing. Why would anybody hop in a cab that had no door or window handles and then the author expects us to believe that they slammed the door before the cabbie shot away from the curb. With what? In my last job I hailed alot of cabs and would NEVER have entered a cab with those design features. But then what do I know? Its like my cousin used to say who dressed sets in Hollywood "with logical thought progression they wouldn't sell any tickets in Hollywood. Another instance of movie license." Only in this case it is book license. The author takes us back to the 19th Century through the mind of the collector and are we to believe that he is a reincarnation of someone who lived then? A member of the living dead who is now cruising around in the 20th century? He doesn't collect much. His first vic was scaled to death and nothing was collected. His next victim was sliced up, but nothing much more etc. Are we to believe that the police just didn't give him enough time to do his work? In other words they were smarter than him and headed him off at the pass? I don't know, but one thing I do know is I couldn't care less about a sequel to the characters in this book. They aren't that interesting. I also found his fascination with technical equipment that a forensic scientist uses abit B O R I N G. I haven't read any other books by Deaver and after this one I don't know if I care to. Entertaining, but better buy it in paperback or check it out at the library because it is not worth hardcover price.
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on May 9, 2003
I picked up this book on a whim. I had recently finished Thomas Harris's Hannibal Lector trilogy and was looking for something along the same style. There are only four characters with personality in this book, everybody else is very generic. The dialogue is very predictable. If you've seen any action or suspense movies, you can probably guess what any character is going to say in reaction to a given situation in the book. Also, I felt that the author kind of "dumbed down" the text. I felt like I was reading a book I would find in a junior high library. Still, it wasn't all bad. It was good enough to not get one star. Its just a very bland predictable novel. If you're thinking of buying this, I suggest you head on over to Thomas Harris's "Red Dragon" instead. Its along the same lines, but is written extremely better than this one.
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on September 30, 1997
I liked Mr. Deaver's earlier books, but The Bone Collector was a disappointment to me. This author seems to have decided that handicapped heroes (his last was a deaf mute) are politically correct, and might sell books. That's because the character never rings true, rather, he seems to be a contrived product of the author's intensive research into paraplegia. Same problem with the female cop -- Deaver wants to appeal to the "strong, independent" woman" crowd, but his efforts fall short. Even the violence is cliche-ridden -- the use of rats, in particular. I recommend that readers stick to earlier Deaver books and skip this one.
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on November 29, 1999
Though the characters in Deaver's novel are compelling and quirky, the story itself leaves much to be desired. I was forcing myself to turn the last few chapters because I realized something early on. The Bone Collector - the central killer - is not scary and you really don't care about any of his victims. The killer and his prey are merely structures to keep the main heroes revolving and moving. Though the book is fast paced, the action and the ending are hardly worth the effort. Even though Deaver is in much better command of the written word, I recommend Patterson's brisk storytelling over this sour brain candy novel.
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on September 26, 1999
I bought this book because I enjoy true crime novels and thought that this may be equivalent, but was I wrong! I read it on a flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, and decided to leave it on the plane. I could barely bring myself to finish it. The entire book is corny--the ease at which the case is solved, the dialogue, the prose, and basically the entire story line. How about something original? When I closed the book, I didn't care anything about either of the two main characters, or even the victims. And the tie in for the next novel at the end was just pathetic.
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on July 13, 1998
I fell asleep shortly after reading about the rats. As a result, I had a nightmare and did not sleep well. This book has some terrifying images. While I liked the idea of reading about a quad who is struggling with whether he wants to live or not..and I liked the crime scene/evidence details, I was disappointed with this book. It is poorly written. I found it hard to believe that they could solve clues so quickly. It just didn't seem realistic. The characters didn't come across as real either.
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on July 18, 2000
I never felt like I was able to get into this book like I should have. I never really felt any sympathy for any of the characters, including Lincon Rhyme or the victims of the crimes. The plot kind of meandered through the lives of the various victims and law enforcement officials, without providing any gripping tension. I was quite suprised by teh person committing the crimes, but it wasn't shocking. There are some nice moments, but overall I wasn't impressed.
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on October 6, 1999
What bothered me most about THE BONE COLLECTOR was the fact that several aspects of the story were painfully familiar. The killer plants a red herring of a clue that is straight out of the film SEVEN, and other scenes are remniscent of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. The constant textbook elaboration could have been written differently as well. Maybe a good read if you're hooked on this type of genre, but I was hoping for something more original.
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on February 24, 2000
This book was a JOKE. The so-called suspense in this story didn't even come close to killing me. You have a disabled know-it-all forensics detective, who just got on my last nerve, and his dumb sidekicks solving a huge puzzle that did nothing but get on my nerves. And the ending was the most worst part of this whole book. Definitely not even close to being worth the money I payed for it.
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on July 28, 1998
I loved Maiden's Grave and have read and enjoyed his short stories as well. In his other works that I have read, I frequently thought I had found plot holes, only to to have the holes cleverly filled in later. No such luck here. I found the ending implausable at best. I'm hoping the follow-up will get back into the realm of believability.
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