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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on January 16, 2008
Well I have never, ever written a review about any book before in my life but after getting back into reading in March of last year, and finishing The Dresden Files series, I was wondering if I could find another series just as spectacular. Rachel's books were in the same area of the bookstore with Jim Butcher's, and the titles caught my eye. Shrugged my shoulders and decided to try Ill Wind. Sooooooo glad I did!! Could not stop after that and ended up reading all 6 in a matter of weeks. The characters are VERY likeable and their development is wonderful throughout the series, plus Rachel makes Joanne's character witty, funny and sooooo darn entertaining. Can't wait for the next book, due out this August!!
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on August 13, 2006
Who would have thought that a book about controlling the weather could be freaking amazing. I was confused at the start of the novel because we pretty much just start in the middle of what's happening, but the author slowly reveals backstory as she moves us along and it's one of those you just can't put down. I high recommend it to fans of Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, JIm Butcher or Charlaine Harris.

The writing is fantastic, the characters are so well drawn out that you feel for them as if they were real people, the story is fun, funny, adventurous, sad, romantic...everything you could want in a story that never lets's almost exhausting.

I won't regergitate the basic plot, but you should know that as soon as I finished this one, I bought Heat Stroke (2), Chill Factor (3), and Windfall (4) and I give them ALL 5 Stars!!!! The series is amazing and to think I almost past it up! I am also so desperate for the fifth book (Firestorm - September 5th)...what to do while I wait!?! Oh, and I wrote in to Rachel Caine and she wrote sweet is that?!
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on May 21, 2004
Fantastic - really! A great book, a great read, a real page-turner - one of those books where I rush to the end of a page to see what will happen on the next page. The premise is made believable (weather is caused by evil somethings, djinni can be sources of power to magicians - including weather wardens), a secret coven (?) of weather wardens, housed at the UN Building, really save the world - almost daily.
This author makes her world and premises believable, her characters human (even the djinni), and the dilemmas truly frightening. As twists in the plot reveal new information and new factors they fit in nicely - no deus ex machina for this author. Lots of adventure, lots of risk, many moments of humor along the way, and a happy and tricky ending which I won't reveal.
I will be watching eagerly for the next book in this series and will buy it on the spot.
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on May 10, 2004
I'm always looking for something new in the whole paranormal/supernatural genre and so I picked up Ill Wind after I'd seen people talking about Rachel Caine online. I must admit to an initial hesitance, I read the back and was slightly interested.
I'm so glad that I forged ahead and picked it up to read because it's so much better than the back cover makes it out to be.
Weather wardens, Earth Wardens, Fire Wardens - I wasn't overly interested by the cover and yet, Caine introduces us to these wardens who protect the rest of us from the weather and the earth and other natural disasters with a really unique and interesting spin. That they are aided bu djinn only adds something else.
Joanne Baldwin is a weather warden who is on the run from a murder wrap, oh and she's bearing a demon mark too. Knowing that the only way to get rid of the demon that's been forced into her body is to force it on another human, which is against her moral code, or a djinn, who are rare but she knows who might have a spare or two. Jo drives all over the eastern seaboard and into the south with djinn, friends, foes and killer storms all popping in and out.
The results, rather than seeming scattered or disconnected, actually create a tight story and a macro universe from which many other stories can come (and I hear she's working on two more books now).
The story has a few good twists that you don't see coming and lots of action and a bit of sexual tension. All in all, a great recipe and a very readable book.
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on April 17, 2004
All I want to know is - when does the next book in this series come out!! Highly original, hugely entertaining, I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it. Without repeating the plot, I'll just say that the story was well crafted, and the premise original. The characters were interesting and well-developed, and the tension between Joanne and David, the Djinn in disguise, is, well, pretty darn delicious! Highly recommend, and I will be keeping my eyes out for more books by Caine.
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on March 23, 2004
This book is creative, witty, strong, and basically a great read. Better than the early Antia Blake novels. What an unexpected treat. Can't wait for the next book.
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on February 6, 2004
If you are looking for an entertaining book to help you pass a dragging afternoon, this one might be it. Don't expect deep meanings or complicated character introspection, just lots of action-packed fun, lots of magic, a decent mystery and a very likable lead character -- which is better than I could say about many urban fantasy stories out there. Joanne is a Weather Warden with a big problem: she is running a race against time to rid herself of a Demon Mark inflicted on her by her former, corrupted boss. The mark is like a parasite: if she doesn't get rid of it fast, it will pervert her power and turn it into something impossible to control. If the other wardens get to her first, she will lose all her power, if not her life. The alternative is to pass the mark on to somebody else, preferably a djinn, and condemn him or her to a life of eternal torment. She thinks she knows her choices, but in fact she has no idea what her choices really are. As the story unfolds, friends and enemies become no longer easily distinguishable, even more so when willing friends are forced to turn into unwilling enemies. The one person that might have the key to it is nowhere to be found and doesn't seem that friendly after all.
If the plot structure sounds well-known to you, is because you've already encountered it (Jim Butcher's "Dresden files" series springs to mind, to give but an example). Hopefully, that won't prevent you from checking out the book: it makes good on its promises, with a nice twist at the end. If Harry Dresden charmed the readers with his dry wit and inborn talent of making a mess of just about everything, Joanne will appeal to the readers (some readers, anyway) with her disarming honesty about her likes and dislikes. Frankly, I found it quite refreshing to come across a female character that fantasizes freely about men, enjoys fast cars and sexy cloths, and is not ashamed to admit it. The djinns are a nice and less explored alternative to vampires, werewolves and fey creatures (all of which seem to me quite over-used nowadays). Generally, the characters of the story didn't have too much "texture" and appeared a bit too simplistic for my taste - but hey, there's plenty room for future development. On the whole, the action is very nicely paced, with just the right amount of suspense and magical deeds. In short, a promising beginning and a definite page-turner.
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on February 5, 2004
I picked this up based on a good review from RT, and it really delivered! Fun, fast, with a kick-ass strong woman protagonist who's not afraid to be sexy and powerful at the same time. And I loved the weather in this book -- it was a character in its own right.
And David? Yum! What a babe!
Can't wait to read the next one!
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on February 5, 2004
I liked this book as an overall concept. Unfortunately, I sometimes see a reoccurring flaw within in a story, and I can't shake it to the point where it ruins the whole thing for me. In this case, not to be blunt, but has Joanne Baldwin ever met a man she didn't think was gorgeous and wanted to sleep with? I'm far from a prude, but I find it hard to like a character who seems so hard pressed to sleep with any guy she meets, human or otherwise... If you can get past that, it's a nice read.
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on February 4, 2004
First, I can't believe this book is being even *remotely* compared to the works of ANY other writers--Rachel Caine totally blows them out of the water!
Second, believe yourself that THIS is one rollicking face-hugger of a read. It was physically impossible for me to put it down once started. I am a notoriously PICKY reader, and if there's one thing I hate is a writer who wastes my time. So far as Rachel Caine is concerned I'm already in line for her NEXT TWO BOOKS in this amazing new series. ILL WIND is a book I call a 'repeater'--once finished I turned to the front and read it all over again, and it was STILL a face-hugger! I'll have to do that a lot to try and tide myself over until the next ones are released! It is so RARE to find anything on such a level of quality these days so she's going on my shelf of Special Writers and lesser works won't be allowed near it.
Joanne Baldwin is the kind of gutsy heroine I wanna grow up to be, and ohmuhgosh how she deals with the other characters--good, bad, and just-WHO'S-side-ARE-you-on???!--is a total treat. The other treat is the smooth, sensual writing that either sooths you into an oh-so yummy mood or winds you into something more intense than a triple tornado. The twists and turns of the story are expertly balanced with Joanne's past history and that of the Weather Wardens--a truly scary bunch! I'm crazy to know MORE about them and to see what happens next.
Do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK, and then TRY to watch an "ordinary" weather report ever again without wondering, "Yikes! What if....???"
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