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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on January 10, 2002
I think this is her first and only attempt at writing a fantasy book (?) I love reading fantasy books (like Robert Jordan, Anne Mcaffery, etc) and I thought this book was written fairly doesn't have the descriptive and detailed world of Robert Jordan, but it is still a good read. I was disappointed when I found out there wasn't going to be a sequel or series for this book because I was very eager to see what other adventures Keleios would have. Does anyone know why? (also, there were other questions I had that could have been answered in a sequel! like her elven/calthuian background, didn't elaborate on that...what is the Guardian? what exactly happened to her when she got that pus-like thing on her hand?)
Anyways, if you like fantasy..this is an enjoyable book to read, nice LIGHT reading:) Also, if you haven't tried reading her Anita Blake vampire hunter novels I recommend you do! Pretty good books, though her latest book Narcissus in Chains was kinda disappointing...only because Anita seems to have not stuck with her previous statements (in previous books) concerning certain morals she used to have!
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on March 14, 1999
What do I say ? Hamilton's Keleios characther is every bit as savvy,tough and powerful as Anita Blake(Vampire Hunter) if not more so. I must say I didn't know what to expect going into this book so many serial authors with great characthers start new ones that are copies of thier old ones or just plain bad all together. I'm pleased to say this is not the case with the Nightseer. Hamilton has got a new lady on the block and like Anita in her world she's "All That" and more. But the best part of this book is the Fantasy land itself. Hamilton has made a world where Good and Evil Sorcerers,Seers,Enchanters and plain old human Warriors can go the same school and be friends?? Where Demons aren't just plain brutes, but have a characther all thier own some good some not so good. Unless your a demon and than your just having some fun. Where being an evil prince doesn't make you a bad guy. And where your college roommate from hell may very well be from there.I hope this is not the last I'll be seeing of Keleios; she's great and I know if Hamilton doesn't give her a book she'll want tobe seeing Hamilton across the sands. For anyone wanting to read this book hold onto your hats Keleios is one badddddd MoMMa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on March 27, 2002
As a huge fan of Laurell K Hamilton and her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series and her newest venture the Meredith Gentry novels I am proud to say that Ms Hamiltons earlier work does not dissapoint, in truth is shows the true craftmanship and talent that Ms Hamilton has as an author and great storyteller.<...
Laurell K Hamilton has gone on to write such bestsellers as Guilty Pleasures, Obsidian Butterfly, Narcissus in Chains, Kiss of Shadows and her newest A Caress of Twilight, but the roots of all these magical, sensual, erotic, horrific suspense filled novels can be found in her early work "Nightseer". Here we see the true blossoming of Ms Hamiltons unique style and blend of true fantastical creativity. Nightseer was not a bestseller and so no sequel was forthcoming. However, perhaps with enough good will and publicity we will one day see the triumphant return of Keleios and Lothor... another couple of light and dark, that which Ms Hamilton explores and creates to perfection.
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on January 3, 2001
No, unfortunately Ms. Hamilton said she will not be writing a sequel, although she proposed one after writing "Nightseer" and it was refused. Now she says working on two series is enough for her.
Nightseer is a wonderfully fantastical book, her take on elves and the land of fantasy is similar to the ever-popular "Kiss of Shadows," but the plot is quite original and action-packed. Extremely. This book moves very quickly, and a good portion of it is filled up by action scene after action scene, sprinkled with bits of magic, sorcery, and demons.
Personally, I'm fond of the characters overall, although I wish there were fewer battles and more interaction between the characters. Lothar is my favorite guy... reminds me a bit of Frost from "Kiss of Shadows," and there are other similarities as well. If you enjoyed that book, I think you'll find this one equally exciting, only more battle scenes.
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on April 8, 2004
I read Laurell's Anita Blake at first (Guilty Pleasures) and loved it so I was interested in buying more of her books. I was into vampires and the like at the time and didn't know about Nightseer, boy was I wrong. After I was done reading it, all I could say was 'Wow'. I had fallen in love with it. Ever since then I have read it about 15+ times and all in one sitting! This has become my favorite book! I have 1 copy of the original, 3 of the reprint and I plan on getting 2 or the soon to come new cover! Magic, demons, not much of her newer 'scenes' like in her recent books (which I like the books without them) but it does have one hunky elf ^_~ So far there is no sequal that Laurell has stated she is doing (yes she does have an outline though!) but I have e-mailed/posted on her board a couple times and I hope I wear her down! If you like if after you read it join me in doing so! ^^
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on January 20, 2000
Since I've already read Ms. Hamilton's work, I was expecting something a little different. The storyline is great - exactly my speed. But the story unfolds as if there was a prequel, and I haven't been able to find one. The magic and demons are quite interesting, the characters are nicely developed. But again there is the exception because of the feeling that you've missed the first book that sets-up the premise of this magical world. Customs are mentioned, but never fully fleshed out nor explained. The history of characters is also "mentioned", and used to progress the storyline, but without enough detail. Even with this criticsm though, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am really hoping that Ms. Hamilton will discover another adventure of Keleios and Lothor to share with her fans.
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on April 29, 2001
I came across this book when i was looking around and i got it, i am not into reading books that much but i have to admit that this book was very good. I'am saying this because as you go through the book you can't help but picture what is happen in you head. The killing Dance is also one of those books that it is so good a read that you would'nt want to put it down. When i had finshed this book the first thing i did was go out and got the other seven books in the anita blake, vampire hunter novels. The book also kept you on your toes as what would happen next. I read evey page and when it was finished i wanted to no if all laurell k. hamilton, anita blake, vampire hunter novels where that good.
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on November 29, 1998
The very first thing I should say is it needs a sequel. Maybe even a prequel, to explain some of the stuff. In my opinion, I was able to understand the basic situation of Healers, Illusionists, Sorcerers, Herb-Witches, and whatever else there were along with everything she threw at me. To me, the action didn't really start till the chapter I fully understood, which I think is great. If I had to criticize, I would say that this book is so action packed that it's TOO action packed and the action packed most of the other stuff out, such as developing any character except Keleios (I think it's pronounced kuh LEE ee ous) and Lothor. That's the only bad thing!
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on March 18, 1999
Ms. Hamilton holds her own against some of the best fantasy authors out there. Her characters are compellingly real. I haven't re-read a book so much since junior high with McCaffrey's Pern novels and Robin McKinley's: The Hero and the Crown. These are characters that stand up under repeated scrutiny. Anyone who doesn't like this book ought to get their head examined. If you liked this try the Anita Blake series it's really good. Of all her books this is my favorite and I am impatiently waiting for a sequel. This is one of those books where you'd like to explore more of the world and see what else is going on because it's so intricately detailed.
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on November 3, 2000
LKH's first novel is arguably better than some of her later books. Unlike the Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry series, Nightseer is set in a "high fantasy" world of magic. Keleios is studying at a magic-wielder's university (no, it's nothing like Hogwarts) where she has to deal with her black-magic practitioner roommate, unwanted proposals, her own dark magical ability, and the terrible prophesy that she just dreamed...
Unfortunately this book was never picked up for a series, although the author left plenty of possible character development/loose ends (presumeably for that reason) so it leaves you wanting more. Overall, a very satifying read.
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