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on June 4, 2001
As someone who doesn't live in the US, I am continually amazed by Americans who complain about lack of opportunity to make money. Nowhere else in the world has the money making opportunities of the US, NOWHERE! And I've lived in many countries and visited a lot more to boot.
This book is really about taking your ideas for products and services and revving them up with excellent ways to market and sell them. It's also chock full of excellent examples of people who have done just that. Real people that is, with REAL obstacles and sometimes almost no money, who got off there derriere and did it.
I found myself thinking lots of ideas for when I get back home. Admittedly I lot of ideas simply don't translate to my home country, but the really great thing about the book is it's attitude. Everywhere in the world, even in communist countries, people go out each day and make and spend money. Getting a slice of that money is what this book is really about.
Where-ever you are in the business world, whether you are an employee looking for something better, or a business owner looking to give your incoming wealth a mega-vitamin booster... GET THIS BOOK!
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on December 16, 2007
If you are interested in starting a business then this book will give you the kick start you need to set up a very successful business. Definately an ideas guide but also a very good "how it was done" book. Much better than a "how-to" book because you see exactly how the principles work in real life.

Every Dan Kennedy book since this has in many ways been a rehash of this book.

Whilst I love this book I can only give it 4 stars since the Milliondollar Rolodex section (which takes up quite a bit of the book) is somewhat out of date, and a lot of the books contents have also been covered in many other business guides.

But overall a good book to read when you need some business and marketing inspiration.
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on November 29, 2001
I am impressed with how many examples Kennedy provides of unique and unusual ways people "reinvented" their ideas. The examples really spark the imagination and desire to find your own million-dollar idea by seeing things with a new perspective. This book is a great catalyst for jump starting the process of looking at your products and services through a new "lens!"
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on June 12, 1997
Marketing guru Dan Kennedy has filled this book with most of the business and marketing expertise people are spending thousands of dollars at his seminars to hear. Which makes this volume the best business value ever! This book is soooooo good and filled with valuable ideas that you have to take a breather every few pages just to digest it all--the ideas come at you so fast. If you don't think you can still make good money in your own business, starting with little or no capital, Kennedy will change your mind right away. Highly recommended
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on September 8, 2001
The thing that sets this book apart is that it is filled with specific examples from many, many entreprenurial businesses. I find great value in seeing how other people have met challenges, and from applying their ideas.
I run a successful small business, but find it very useful to read books such as this to jolt me out of my routine. And, there are enough workable ideas here to re-energize me and (obviously) raise our income substantially.
ONe of my favorite small business/home office magazines used to run monthly articles profiling successful small-business folks, and I found it very useful. Unfortunately, this magazine rarely ever has such useful articles--but it is, to me, a wonderful way to learn--and I have just ordered 2 more of Dan Kennedy's books because of the specific instances and examples in this one.
Great book!
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on December 2, 1997
WOW. Just finished reading and highlighting several pages for the second time around. As a professional auctioneer and already successful business owner I didn't think there was a lot I'd learn. Wrong! Dan filled my head with all kinds of new ideas and additional profit centers that I can immediately build into my business. Thanks Dan!
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on December 26, 1999
After only reading the first page I felt I had received a FULL retun on my investment - the ideas in the rest of the book were just a bonus. I carry this with me everywhere I go. If you're thinking about starting a business or have one - GET THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU SPEND ANOTHER CENT ON MARKETING.
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on June 20, 1998
it gave me ways to becaome vey successful in about 6month from now it will work just as i planned .thanks to you from readding this book it gave me more than 1 idea for exp. my web site
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on April 20, 2004
This book gives you most of the marketing strategies and tactics Dan usually shares in his exclusive and very expensive seminars. This book is an absolute gem! If you are an entreprenuer, this book will give you dozens of immediately implementable strategies for growing your business and profits. And at under $10, it is a STEAL.
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on January 1, 2015
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