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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on March 23, 2013
Ok, I'll be honest - I'm not sure if Amazon asked me to rate their service or the actual book. I didn't read the link before I clicked. But, since I'm here, I feel compelled to tell you that this book sucks.
I've read a lot of Anne Rice, I consider myself a fan. I've read a lot of Mommy Porn (I'm on mat leave, don't judge!). So I was expecting to be entertained. Instead, this book appears to be 200 or so pages of stuffing random objects into people's bums. I kept waiting for it to get better - it didn't.
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on July 4, 2004
This is the worst piece of supposed erotica I have ever encountered. It is neither scintilating nor satisfying. It's billed as an erotic exploration of the Sleeping Beauty story--a concept I find not only valid, but interesting and extremely promising. However, after the prince enters the castle, slices off Beauty's clothes and proceeds to rape her--she's unconscious, mind you--the story leaves behind any trace of the fairy tale. It begs the question, why bother with the tie? Why not just create your own Prince-Not-At-All-Charming and Princess Exquisitely Idotic?
There's really nothing to recommend this book. Certainly not the characters; they're repulsive, simplistic and downright stupid. Plot? Nope! The plot is merely a vehicle to set up one insipid sexual situation after another. The writing itself is dreadful. It clunks and thunks along through one improbable description after another. Stylistically, it downright stinks! I've never read Ann Rice and I see no reason to check out any of her other works.
I love a well crafted sexual encounter. However, there's nothing remotely resembling such an animal here. There's scene after scene describing various supposed erotic acts, yet in her apparent attempt to shock, Ms. Rice completely misses the mark. It gets so ho-hum--oh, sex again? Another spanking? Will he raise welts or not this time? Yawn! Wake me when it's over. Not erotic! There's nothing at all appealing about any of it. In fact, unless you're heavily into abasement and degradation, there's nothing here for you. If there is, I recommend therapy.
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on July 4, 2004
This is perhaps the least erotic bit or erotica I have ever encountered. It is neither titlating nor satisfying at any point along its tedious way. It bills itself as an erotic take on the Sleeping Beauty legend--a concept I find valid and rather interesting. However, after the Prince enters the castle, and shortly thereafter, Beauty (yes, he "takes" her while she's unconscious--charming!) it has NOTHING to do with the fairy tale. It never agian even visits the traditional story. The characters are all repulsive, deranged and drearily stupid. And, as though that weren't enough, the writing clunks and thunks awkwardly about. Frankly, the style is downright stinky.
I am a devotee of the well-crafted sex scene. Unfortunately, there is not even one here--odd for erotica, wouldn't you say? In fact, unless you're heavy into S&M and degradation, there's NOTHING for you in this book. Certainly there's no character development and the plot exists merely as a vehicle for the next spanking, penetration and badly described thrusting fest. UGH!
Do yourself a favor; put this book out of your mind forever.
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on June 12, 2002
I am ashamed that I ever read this book. What is so erotic about someone being raped? And I think that if you are into spanking, it should be consensual. Being spanked without your consent is NOT erotic.
Some things I saw wrong with this book:
1. How Anne Rice could possibly condone raping Beauty. Not only was it against her will, she was 15!! When the book was written in the 1980s, pedophilia was against the law and still is.
2. Beauty's parents being so willing to give her over to sexual slavery, without putting up a fight. If I were her mother, I would have said that they'd have to kill me first before anyone took my daughter for that reason.
3. The crass comments of the townspeople, and how the old man and the servant girl got off on fondling and spanking her when Beauty was obviously humiliated.
4. Being naked and ready to do whatever anyone desired at any time.
5. How Beauty was being aroused despite herself and despite dreading the beatings and rapes.
Please, people, if you want to be turned on by a little spanking, make sure it is with someone who consents.
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on March 6, 2002
Anne Rice, a bagged-out old rebrobate who has amply proven what a hack she is in a series of ludicrous revisionist vampire tales (written,
apparently, with the simple-minded in mind) somehow thought it would
be cute to sex up a beloved fairy tale. Well, it isn't cute and it isn't sexy.
It IS unbelievably badly written, in a strange stilted style somehow appropriate for someone adopting the pretentious non de plume of
Roquelaure (which, if you ask me, is suggestive of smelly cheese).
I can only pray Ms. Roquelaure will get better soon - that is, that she will recover from both her delusion of being a writer anyone should care
about and that, eventually, she will actually have an original idea.
Dear reader, sex should be beautiful, not to mention consensual. The
"sex" in this book is neither. I've had good sex and bad. But I have never had, nor do I ever hope to have, the grotesque mockery of sex presented in this God-awful waste of paper.
Verily, this book is laughable. It is sick. It is stupid beyond words. I beg you, do not make Ms. Rice/Roquelaure richer. Here are a few things you
can read that are more rewarding and personally enriching than "Beauty":
1) Graffiti (any)
2) Condiment labels
3) Bumper stickers
4) The fine print on your phone bill
5) The backs of cereal boxes
6) The sides of cereal boxes
7) The tops and bottom of cereal boxes
8) Tattoos
There, that should keep you occupied until that dearly wished-for day when this, and all books by Rice/Roquelaure, are out of print.
Good day.
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on January 19, 1999
This book had all the literary charm of Hustler magazine or an internet porno site. Only some internet porn sites actually bother to portray S&M properly. This entire story was pretty much a waste of paper and I really mourn the trees that had to die to print this out. Anne did wonderfully with the vampires and she should just ~stick~ to them. The fact is that S&M is about the giving and sharing of power, not the forcible taking of power from someone without their input. And that was pretty much the entire scope of the tale. This was not erotica, this was a sixteen year old males perverted fantasy of having and doing to a woman anything that he wished with little or no consideration for her. The entire thing is borderline rape and glorified denegration of people for the sake of a power trip. I have read many books, but this is the ~first~ that I actually threw in the fireplace to remove from my house. I just wish I'd known ahead of time to save my time and money. There are far better novels for Erotica and S&M out there, I'd suggest people forget this one and go looking for them instead.
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on May 23, 1998
Reading this novel was rather surprisingly like reading Dante's "Inferno." At first, its horrifying nature keeps the reader turning pages. Then, as the story and characters descend, the tortures become repetitive and, eventually, quite boring. Perhaps that was the author's intent (in both cases), but it makes for a dull read past the first few chapters.
But my major complaint with the work is that Sleeping Beauty's involvement seems irrelevant. The oldest versions of the legend do center largely around what takes place after her rescue, but little in this novel has anything to do with traditions of the tale or even a realistic revision of what might have happened to a person in Sleeping Beauty's situation.
Finally, I did not feel the work held up well as a work of erotica. There is indeed a great deal of nudity and spanking, but the work is surprisingly light on actual sex. That, the lack of legend, repetitive incidents and near total lack of plot make the work hardly worth a read.
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on October 3, 1997
This review applies to the enitre series. A friend told me about them and I had to see it for myself. What really kills me is that people insist on calling this "erotica." All Anne Rice has done is taken hard core S&M pornography and dressed it up in frilly Victorian themes. Wander into the adult section of your local video store, pick up any low budget flick made in a dingy motel room and substitute "Buck Naked" and "Summer Rain" with "Prince Tristan" and "Lady Juliana" and you're all set. If you think that pointless mental, physical and sexual torture is a turn-on, I suppose you'll enjoy it. But, if you think the rationalization and intellectualization that these books are "erotica" is a thinly veiled attempt at denial, then you'll probably file this with the paperback versions of "Ridin' Miss Daisy" and "Rambone."
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on November 8, 1999
I'm a fan of some of Anne Rice's books, but she seems to vary wildly in quality and tone, so I'm never sure whether I'll love or hate the next book. I was curious about this trilogy because I thought it would be neat if pornography were written by someone with real talent. My complaint isn't that the sex offended me (obviously you'll want to avoid these books if you're offended by "mature themes"), but the problem is that they just aren't well written. There's a starting point and an ending point, but it appears that each chapter in between is merely an exercise in whatever sort of sexual escapade she felt like writing that day. So it's just a collection of sloppy writing and disjoint incidents, and (I'm not a connoisseur of pornography, so maybe this isn't fair) it's probably no special addition to the porn genre.
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on May 16, 1998
It was utter trash and a complete waste of time. I'm hardly a prude; graphic scenes don't offend me, and I like to see some 'raw' details, but this was NOT well-written. I kept wanting to scream, "WHERE OH WHERE IS THE PLOT?!?" and I barely had the stamina to actually finish the book. I heaved a sigh of relief when I turned the last page.
If your focus in life is watching other people get walloped, you might get a few vicarious, cheap thrills out of this book, but it's otherwise a waste of time and money. Go buy a tank of gas with the ten bucks.
I did find a use for the book, however: I gave it to one of my pet mice, who was delighted to have new nest material. Day before yesterday she delivered six babies amid the remnants of pages 16 through 28.
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