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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 15, 2008
I've read Tolle's The Power of Now and I found A New Earth a delightful companion. If you're reading just 'another spiritual book' than it will be just 'another spiritual book' that you can argue(!) over. Is it better than his first? Does he repeat himself? Is Tolle saying anything new? Etc. Etc. But there's so much listening between the words... it's a wonderful meditation.
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on May 27, 2008
This book really speaks to me. My mind is so busy that sometimes I absentmindedly arrive at a place and then ask myself what I wanted to do here. Within a few moments my mind goes through a number of different thoughts forgetting about the reason that directed me to a certain place. And this is why this book is so helpful. Eckhart Tolle provides simple solution to people like me. The solution is simple but in no way it is easy! The solution is getting rid of the noise in the head and focusing on the present moment and the one single activity that you are undertaking in this moment.

In a way this book is -- to a certain degree -- a rehash of the author's previous work titled "The Power of Now." However, if you have already read The Power of Now I still suggest getting "A New Earth" as there is still a great amount of new material. In a way in both books Tolle deals with the same subject matter, but in my opinion he is doing a much better job explaining the subject in this book. The author's soft-spoken manner permeates the whole work and makes it an easy and relaxed reading.

A big part of the book is devoted to identifying the many faces of (and dealing with) the "EGO" ("the voice in the head that pretends to be you") which is the culprit of our mental suffering that author calls "The Pain-Body" ("the emotions that are the body's reaction to what the voice in the head is saying"). Tolle suggests ways for breaking free of the Pain-Body and finding who you really are.

Unhappiness and negativity are everywhere around us. Surprisingly they are felt more deeply in the affluent western world, as we are more deeply identified with forms and trapped in our egos. The joy of being, the only true happiness, cannot come to us from anywhere, we can only experience it from the formless dimension within us after we allow the diminishment of the ego.

This book is not to be read like a novel. I suggest reading it slowly - just a few pages at a time, and practicing the author's suggestions. In the realm of spirituality no-one of us will probably have the same experience, but I dare say that the deeper you get into it the more powerful the experience will be. The secret is getting to the awareness outside of thinking, to the awareness of true being. Get the book and try it out. It might also speak to you.

Other recommended readings:
The Power of Now
The Secret
Can We Live 150 Years?
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on April 14, 2008
For those looking at the reviews, it must be a little confusing to see so many 5 star ratings then lower scores. This book goes so deeply into our personal make up: how we define ourselves if someone should ask "who are you", dealing with children, and your own demons so to speak. Who we are is what this book is all about. To me, I can't see everyone not getting a benefit from this book. It isn't religion, it doesn't request any change to a new following, nor any changes to ones beliefs. But boy does it open a door to ourselves, dealing with others, and recognizing things that have never been addressed about our thoughts and how we are being held back in total mind confussion.

For those deeply troubled with life problems and dispair, I don't think you will ever find a better book to help you in understanding why these things get you down and how to solve them. The book is so simple to read and everything is so well explained that you will get immediate results.

If you buy this book and go to oprah, you will find each chapter being reviewed each week and she has saved the broadcasts so everyone can listen to the author Eckhart Tolle explain what each chapter means and how to get peace of mind in less then 30 seconds. That's right, 30 seconds or less which helps all of us deal with any problem from child raising, drug problems, just wanting to improve your life, dealings with the negatives in us and around us. On a telecast of Oprah Winfrey's show, she spoke to a lady with terminal cancer and how this book changed her life!! That's power.

This book is the best $13.00 I have ever spent! I think all of us who just want a better life in general will benefit from this book. If you don't, you just aren't ready as Mr. Tolle says in first chapter. Buy this book.
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on July 20, 2010
A New Earth is the second major work by Eckhart Tolle.

I believe he refined and focused his message in this second book. While The Power of Now lays the foundation for his teaching, I believe that anyone interested in spiritual awakening could dive right into A New Earth and not feel that they are missing anything. I also highly recommend viewing (for free) the series of web casts at [...] that discuss each chapter in depth with questions and answers from readers around the world.

He also delves quite deeply into the Ego, its true nature, how to recognize when we are operating through our ego, and how to use our awareness to diminish the ego. I have found that I can now clearly see when my ego is at work, though I'm sure it has some surprises in store for me (the ego is nothing if not clever). You may find it shocking how often you find your ego triggering emotions and responses, unless you are already extremely enlightened (then, good for you!).

He also explains in greater detail the "Pain-body". This is the part of the ego that physically manifests itself as negative emotions and emotional pain.

He then goes into what he believes is our true nature. He believes our true nature cannot be explained through words as it is beyond the comprehension of our minds - words can only be sign posts that point us toward this awareness. Discovering this awareness is the key to finding inner peace and being able to fully accept and enjoy our short stay in this form.

The final message talks about the future of our planet and what it will take for us to either evolve to a higher consciousness, or be weeded out of existence. Because man now has the ability to destroy this planet, we have come to a crossroads.

The message is clear: the Ego must die, not by fighting it, but by allowing our inner light to shine through. I find that laughing at my own ego is most helpful.

Most of us are in a dream and don't know we're dreaming. The first and perhaps the most important step is to realize we are dreaming.
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on July 5, 2009
A new earth is a great companion book to Power of Now, he pretty much coveys the same message and it can get a little old if your somewhat spiritually awakened but for someone new on the path another recommended read to lead you down the rite road, you won't achieve enlightenment but it will give you a better understand of who you are or better yet who you aren't. I think he's a bit precocious in some of his statements about people creating a new universe, nonetheless it's positive thinking and I share in his excitement about the potential change when humans are able to wake up to there full potential and find out who they really are.

May all beings be happy :)
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on June 11, 2009
I would (and have) recommended this book to all my friends and family. It is a life-changer. It really shows that all our problems can be boiled down to one thing: ego, and if we can get a handle on our ego we can live a much happier life.
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I found almost every line of this book clear and compelling. And somewhere in the middle, I realized that my whole approach to focusing on the present moment has been self-protective. I was trying to shut out everything that stresses me out, for at least a moment. But Tolle is talking about paying attention to whatever comes up, including all the voices of pain and panic that have owned me. His patient observations helped me notice what an adventure each moment of awareness can be.
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on February 20, 2009
In "A New Earth" Mr. Tolle exhorts us to transcend our ego based state of consciousness - our attachment to old conditioned mind patterns. We can be happy and end the suffering and conflict in the world only by experiencing our essential self, which is prior to thought.

According to Tolle the inner body is the bridge between form (our mental conditioning) and the formless (our essential self). Inner body awareness is the doorway out of the prison that is the ego.

Our body has its own intelligence and that intelligence reacts to our thoughts. The body reacts to what the voice in our head is saying. Our "story" consists not only of mental but also of emotional memory. In fact, the voice of the ego is continually disrupting the body's natural state of wellbeing.

Every negative emotion we have leaves behind a physical remnant of pain. Tolle calls the old emotional pain we carry around the "pain body." Our negative thoughts live on in the body. The good news is that we can dissolve the pain body by bringing the light of presence to it. Only presence can dissolve the unconscious past in us.

Through acceptance and observation, spirit is freed from its imprisonment in form. Being aware of our breathing is also powerfully transformative.

I think this is excellent information and I love all of Tolle's books. In my opinion though there is a meditation course where you can actually put the material in "A New Earth" to the test experientially--breathing and dissolving the pain-body. If you are interested, check out the "Art Of Meditation" by William Hart. This book is also available from
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on January 12, 2015
Everybody has problems. People who are self aware try and solve those problems, recognizing the need for self exploration and improvement as the only means to really move forward in life, so we look for ways to do this. Buy books, go to seminars, get professional help.
I went the seminar route first, which was pretty good but very costly, however many books were recommended to me during this period. I read lots, but New Earth was one of the few that had real, tangible ways of measuring your progress, of understanding the ego monstrosity that lurks within and keeps people trapped, and of providing implementable solutions to become self aware.
Of all the books I've read on the topic of ego identification, I would rate this as the most influential, the one the helped me get past a lot of crap I was dealing with. You just have to get past the first few chapters. That's what I found the hardest, because that's where he describes us, and what we go through every day. After that, the strategies, if implemented, may actually help you become aware of what it is the holds you back.
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on June 28, 2013
I first read this book when I was 16 years old, I was very open minded and had gone out of my way to read it. However most of the concepts flew over my head being the first I had heard of consciousness/spirituality or philosophical ideas. I can easily see why many people would not like this book - they don't get it. That's the only reason. If you are new to these concepts you should read his other book first "The Power of Now" or something else more basic. After not touching a book on this subject for about 3 years after I had a profound experience that science could never explain and changed my life forever, I began searching again and doing all kinds of research on metaphysical concepts and consciousness. I later came back and re-read this book. I understood it perfectly, ever word Eckhart wrote I knew what he was saying. I strongly recommend this book to everyone and anyone. It changed my life.
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