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on November 19, 2015
Qualman does a great job selling readers on how important social media marketing is, and his YouTube video with the same name is awesome. But the book could use a tad more real data & research.
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on January 26, 2015
Grows stale quickly but was good for it's time. Used it as a course text for four years in a row.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 18, 2013
We all know its here, and we all use it to varying degrees. Erik Qualman takes the reader through a journey of clarifying why and how Social Media is more impactful than most of us think. From the winning Social Media strategies of the Obama campaign, to the basics of understanding how companies now recruit and do background checks on line, Qualman paints a realistic picture of how it affects your life, and your business.

Qualman provides a very readable, and insightful book. Socialnomics lays out the extreme importance to business folk that you cannot let your eye off the Social ball, individual careerists that you have to watch what you put out there, and to the next generation Y and Z. For the younger generations, we need to ensure they understand that their words, photos, thoughts and works on the Social Media front - will be out there for all to see forever.

Solid concepts. Easy read.
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on November 1, 2011
This is a very easy to read book with lots of examples used throughout about how social media works. It is great for anyone just starting to understand social media.
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I was first introduced to this title when I started my course Introduction to Social Media which is part of the Social Media certificate at a college in town. It was a recommended reading for the course and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to review it. So I took upon me to contact the author and ask if I could review his book. He immediately agreed and proceed to contact his publisher so I can received a copy of the book. It took a while to receive my book but eventually I did. For some reasons, there was delivery issues. Weird. But it happens... But I got the book and I read it avidly the past few weeks.

I have discovered more about the power of social media while reading this book. Social media is here to stay. Plain and simple. We need to learn to live with it and be willing to expand our experience with it. More than three years ago, I didn't know anything about the world of social media. Then I got introduced to blogging, facebooking, twittering and so on... This year, I have expanded my knowledge with delicious, linkedIn and many more venues in the social media world. I suspect that I will continue to learn about it as this are of marketing is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds.

I have already applied some information that I have gleaned in this book already. For example, in chapter seven, the author strongly suggest that you applied the You Follow, I Follow rule on twitter. I was wondering how this could change my twitter account - @canadianladybug. So in the past two weeks, I am more dedicated in applying this formula and guess what... my followers are climbing slowly and steadily since then. Interesting isn't it?

The book contains a variety of example on how social media has impacted companies and even elections in the US in the past years. I was amazed on how it can be applied in a variety of ways in our daily lives. Recently, Canada has gone through elections which came to an end this past Monday, May 2nd. I learned during the campaign that Elections Canada wasn't considering using the social media platform whatsoever until many years from now. I find this sad since it was widely used in the US a few years ago and with success apparently from what I have read in the book. To be honest, I am still surprised to get negative answers and or no answers at all to request I have send to companies. You would think that with the popularity of mom bloggers and the quality of post on various products companies would jump in the bandwagon for this free advertising opportunities. Mind you I can understand that some companies are limited in their possibilities to go through a social media experience. Still I think more business owners, marketing managers and bloggers should read this book so that they can be more open minded on the power of social media.

At the end of each chapters, you will also have key points to remember. Also included in the book is a social media rolodex where you can discover the leaders in social media. Personally, I would also be interested in having questions to help me evaluate and think about the next step to take as a business. Maybe this could be incorporated in the next edition of the book...

As I said social media is here to stay. How you plan to use it in your life and/or business is up to you. But reading the book socialnomics will give you insights on how you can apply it.
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on December 19, 2010
If you are living social media then you already know most of what is in this book. It is nice that someone wrote it down for those that aren't living it. This is a good orientation for business people that only have a casual relationship with social media.
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on October 24, 2010
I read this book a few months ago, and thought it was a pretty interesting read. In the last month or so, I've started to really appreciate the power of a social media site such as Twitter, and I have to agree with much of Qualman's praise for the benefits of social media.

The book is about social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and to a lesser extent, Youtube, and how they are impacting the way we live and do business.

It's a pretty interesting book, and Qualman brings up some pretty solid points about the social and economic effects of social media sites. He uses a lot of hypothetical stories, which to me come off as lazy. I feel like if he'd dug a little bit, he could have come up with real accounts of interesting people who have benefited from sites like Youtube and Facebook. Instead, we get News Site A vs Blog Site B, home to Jane the Blogger. Surely Qualman could have found a similar example that actually happened, done a bit of research, a couple of interviews, and then recounted the story. Maybe he felt he could better illustrate his points with picture-perfect hypothetical examples, but to me it just seems lazy. Speaking of lazy, I'm not going to spend my time doing research to find a case that would have worked, and will move on.

Despite the nitpicking, there are a lot of insights to be had here. Qualman equates Social media to braggadocian behaviour, which he argues is a positive thing for society as it allows us to take collective stock of our lives and to monitor the social lives of our friends and colleagues more efficiently than we have in the past. He has another chapter on the Obama campaign, and how he used social media sites such as Facebook in order to build a grassroots campaign. Did you know that one of the four founders of Facebook, Chris Hughes, worked on the Obama campaign? I bet he knew how to reach a lot of people on Facebook for a small amount of money...

I posted some variation of this review on my blog, and I was shocked when the author himself commented on my review. This just opened my eyes to how connected we really are, and more and more, I'm starting to see how Twitter can really level the playing field and open new doors for journalists, marketers, celebrities and so on.

Overall, it's a pretty interesting book, but I have to wonder if it had an editor. I'm not claiming to be a grammar whiz or anything, but there are numerous places in the book where you just have to scratch your head and wonder how an editor could have missed not only the first and second confusions of your and you're or it's and its, but the third and fourth as well. I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. I'm sure these are fixed in the newest edition.
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on December 15, 2009
Just read this amazing book over the weekend and I have to recommend it to anyone who is wondering just what the heck social media is and how it is changing the way people interact and companies do business. If your over 30 and wondering what all the buzz about MySpace, Facebook and Twitter is, the answer inside. The new social tools are connecting people to each other and the products and companies they love. Qualman shows with example after example that this shift is already taking place. Some progressive brands are capitalizing on it while other are missing the boat. It's a easy read full of useful information.
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