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on June 1, 2016
Any idiot can make money from real estate in a boom but you need to know what you are doing in order to make money (and not lose what you've made) in other parts of the cycle.

Fantastic book! I am a real estate professional and investor with properties in Canada and Czech Republic as well as an active property management business (CZECH POINT 101) in Czech Republic. I found the book very detailed. It really adds predictable structure to something that normally is a black hole - real estate cycles. I am using their methods now to assess both markets to see what can be expected as the cycles progress. Highly recommended for the property investor who is serious about making a success of their strategy.
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on September 23, 2011
My name is Kevin Chou. I am a real estate investor. This book "Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle" is the BEST Real Estate Investment Tool I've ever had. If you are interested in investing in Real Estate in Canada or already a real estate investor, it's a MUST-Read and MUST-Use Tool for you. It's not just a book that you will forget after you read, it's a book that will take you to a higher level of real estate investment. Read it, follow it and use it, and you will need it for all your real estate investment. I'll like to say "Thank you" to all the authors who wrote this book, Mr.Don R. Campbell, Mr. Greg Head, Mr. Kieran Trass and Ms. Christine Ruptash, for sharing all your precious investment experience.Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle: An Investor's Guide
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on November 8, 2011
One of the challenges we face as Canadian Real Estate Investors is getting good Canadian investment information. So many things (books, courses, gurus) come from the US and they just make some small adjustments to Canadian-ize it ... but it's not good quality Canadian information with strategies specific to our market. This book is written by Canadians for Canadians ...AND even cooler than that it's jam packed with strategies, tactics and bonus downloads to help you become a strategic investor in your Canadian Market.

I love the work by Kieran Trass (I've written a review on one of his books - which is one of the only books I reread on a regular basis). Understanding real estate cycles and what REALLY drives real estate markets in an area is critical to the success of an investor. It also helps you stay sane while the media throws crazy boom and bust headlines at you - at all phases of a market cycle. :)

This book gives an overview of Kieran's research which is good but what I like about this book is it takes the work of Kieran's research and dives in further reviewing specific tactics and strategies to use at each phase.

You an pick up this book and use one of the handy market specific tables to find out what's happening in Calgary (for example, they also specifically talk about Toronto & give you plenty of resources to use to figure out your specific market) and how to read it's drivers (everything from Vacancy rates to rents to listings). You then can figure out whether it's in the middle of recovery or the end of a boom. THEN once you know where it is on the cycle you can read the details in the book about what kind of strategies you should be using to protect or maximize your potential returns as an investor based on where it is in the cycle.

It reads like a university textbook - so it won't keep the average person awake at night turning the pages. But what it lacks in page turning, edge of your seat exciting reading it makes up for in practical, easy to follow details and instructions to make it an essential guidebook for your Canadian investing business. I've given a dozen copies away and I know it's been a gift investors have been REALLY grateful to receive. There's no other book like it on the market for Canadians.
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on March 12, 2012
This is a great book for both new and seasoned real estate investors. It really helps to take the emotion out of the decision of if and where to invest by looking at what is driving the market and where the market is going. I really enjoyed the in depth analysis that the book covers and it allowed me to understand how to better understand the cycles that all different markets go through.

The in depth analysis that the authors have done for both Calgary and Toronto was extremely helpful in understanding what the markets are doing. With this book, you can take the information and help to understand what any different market is doing. As with anything, look behind the curtain to see what the market drivers are telling you. Are there jobs being created? Temporary or full time? Are they going to be permanent?

With a good understanding of this book, you should be able to better prepare to make money in ANY cycle that the market is in. They will just require different strategies.

We look forward to another book from these authors!
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on August 26, 2014
This is invaluable knowledge for the any Canadian real estate investor. This allows to see the cycles and to position yourself for success. To many real estate investors jump in when the market in overheated and and get burned when things crash. This book will help you avoid the scares of bad investment decisions (we've all been there)
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on November 6, 2011
I had a few rental places and started reading up on to decide what to do with them. I didn't know what to do back in 2007 but buying didn't make sense because places were selling for crazy prices and nothing cashflowed. I was too cheap to put in any more than the downpayment. There are lots of books that explain what to look for, how to build a portfolio, how to get financing... None of these give you a bigger picture of what is going on. The burning question I had was how do you know when its time to sell.

The Real Estate Cycle gives indicators as to this. It explains the cycles real estate goes through so that you can have some idea when to be buying, holding or even selling off to get your debt level ready for the slump.

Its exactly what I've been looking and spending thousands taking seminars to find out.
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on August 30, 2011
The crème de la crème.

If you''re a real estate investor or even remotely involved with real estate in any way you gotta get this book. This book will give you the knowledge about the specific drivers and influencers of the real estate market. There are specific examples for the Calgary and GTA markets so you get the complete picture of the history of real estate prices in these areas with the data displayed with graphs and charts. There are also a few examples of how just knowing a few market drivers can enable you to prepare for the next trend in the cycle.

This is one of the few books that I''ll be referring to more than once.
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on July 20, 2015
Great book filled with innovative ways of realizing where the market stands. The book is filled with graphs and charts which helps one better understand the cycle. However, the author fails to clarify where one would get the data to make such graphs and charts. I found this extremely frustrating as I was very excited after reading the book but I am finding it difficult to apply what I learned.
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on April 13, 2015
Good information from start to finish.. Didn't expect it to get so detailed, but it did. Very impressed, and much better than some of the long drawn out stories Don has put together before. Very solid.
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on December 14, 2011
This is definitely the best book on real estate cycle. It is accurate, realistic and provides a number of ideas that will help you navigate the dangers of a slump and boom.
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