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on January 13, 2000
After Lisbeth Zwerger's work on "The Wizard of Oz", I had pretty high hopes for her artistic interpretation of "Alice in Wonderland." Her "Wizard" was a bold, refreshing take on some very familiar characters, and stands in particular contrast to the MGM movie. But, sadly, the illustrations for "Alice in Wonderland" don't offer the same interesting take on classic characters. Her version of "Alice" gives us the most depressed looking Alice I've ever seen. She appears to be almost drugged, and not at all the curious and engaging little girl we know. While Lisbeth Zwerger is known for sparse illustrations, here they seem almost barren at times. Her version of the Caterpillar for instance takes an almost sacrilegious liberty of giving us a modern seeming caterpillar smoking a cigarette instead of the traditional, more exotic hookah. Her artistic vision here offers us a scene more mudane than surreal. Perhaps, the artist is illustrating too many books, since this effort doesn't seem to me to be a fully realised one. I recently purchased "Aice in Wonderland" illustrated by Angel Dominguez (Artisan, 1996) and that's far and away a much better version. I would say buy this book only if you're looking for another "Alice" book for your collection. I just don't feel it's a standout addition.
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on September 29, 2015
This is an abridged version, however it does not say that anywhere in the description.
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on April 10, 2002
"Alice in Wonderland" was required reading for one of my present classes, if this had not been the case, I'm certain I would not have finished it for the sake of enjoyment. I admit this story has good points as well as bad; it would not have survived nearly so long if it did not. In my opinion, however, the good did not outweigh the bad.
One of the strong points of this story is familiarity; the vast majority of us have had some experience with this book, usually as a child; we have heard the story, read a condensed version or seen a film or television portrayal. We have seen little girls dress up like Alice on Halloween; and who doesn't personally know The White Rabbit, The Cheshire Cat or the Queen of Hearts? Perhaps there's a degree of nostalgia that comes from revisiting these old childhood friends.
In addition to being familiar, this story also has the charming quality of feeling as if it had been pulled directly out of a child's imagination. By that, I mean it doesn't follow the rules that have been set up by adults, either scientific or social. So, if you fall down a well shaft in Wonderland, not only are you likely to live, you may also be able to examine the trinkets placed on the shelves, perhaps even get in a few winks as you fall.
In this book, nothing is what it seems (unless you are familiar enough with the story); a baby may mutate into a pig and run off snorting; a couple of card soldiers may spend an afternoon painting white roses red in order to avoid losing their heads, this is all perfectly normal in Wonderland. Perhaps it is even this strange quality that has made this story so popular. It wasn't enough for me however, to make up for what it lacks. This book didn't move along purposefully enough for me to enjoy it or care what happened next. It also had a strange dream-like quality and I don't mean surreal or day-dreamy. It was dream-like because it was a jumble of random scenes that didn't really interrelate. We often fill in the gaps when we retell our dreams so in that they make sense to us and frankly so that they are worth telling to someone else. This is the impression that I had of Alice in Wonderland; unstructured and random. The only real goal of the main character was to follow the white rabbit and even that failed as a motive fifty percent of the time. Alice is simply moved haphazardly through a sequence of strange encounters and then wakes up. Because of this, I didn't feel anticipation, I didn't hope for anything, and I didn't have any sense of closure when the story ended; which are the elements that I feel make a story worth reading.
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on August 18, 2013
It was ok I did not get the moral of it if there was one. Moral rong thing to say. Lol XD
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on August 14, 2000
Ok, so everyone says that Alice in Wonderland was such a wonderful book, yes,yes, I am aware. But, I thought it was very confusing and all the characters were very stupid. I mean, it's not even a book about anything. Sure, it's trying to say that shes is growing up in the process of the dumb dream world but who cares?It was a bad way to write a story, or better yet it was a bad story to write about in the 1st place.
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on January 18, 2001
Have you ever read the book Alice in Wonderland? Well if you haven't, "Don't". Overall it wasn't that bad of a book, but it was extremely confusing. In my opinion this book could have been written a lot better. For example, it could have been alot less confusing and more realistic. The main reason I didn't exactly enjoy Alice in Wonderland was because it needed to be more happy,then unhappy. Here are some more reasons why you should not read this boring book. Alice in Wonderland could have been written a lot better. The author's language usage was a bit hard to comprehend,like when the caterpillar was talking to Alice about a crocodile and when the cat was giving Alice directions. Also, the scenes were short and they jumped right into each other too quickly. Most of the animals were rude and mean to Alice. The flowers shooed her away, the queen tried to cut off her head and the cat was always making her angry by lying. Another part that didn't make any sense was the tea party,there's no such thing aa a "Very Merry Unbirthday". Also the Mad Hatter and the Hare wouldn't listen to Alice when she was trying to tell her story. All the creatures and animals kept Alice from what she was trying to do which was to follow the white rabbit. Alice met many,many creatures such as Tweedle Dee,Tweedle Dum,Do Do,Bill, Rabbit,Cat,Queen of Hearts,Caterpillar,Playing cards,Mad Hatter,Hare,Flowers,Pig and the Door Knob. This book made me just as frustrated and upset as it made Alice.I felt like I was in the book and I could feel all the confusion and nonsense going on. If I had to give my overall opinion of how good the book was I would give it 2 stars.So, in conclusion I would like to let everyone know that Alice in Wonderland was not worth reading, so don't waste your time! Go get yourself an interesting book to read!
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