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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on April 19, 2004
The first novel, Sea Swept, introduces the story of three adopted brothers and how the deal with the loss of their father and the gain of another adopted brother. Therefore, to fully understand the situation and the developing relationship with the brothers, the series should be read in order: Sea Swept, Rising Tides, Inner Harbor, Chesapeake Blue.
The books take place on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Therefore, be prepared to read about the lives that accompany Maryland natives.
Each book in the trilogy tells the love story of one of the brothers, beginning with Cameron, the first boy adopted. The brothers have completely different personalities, which allows the reader to better relate to one brother of the four.
Cameron, the star of Sea Swept, is extremely outgoing with breathtaking looks. Before the events that take place in Sea Swept, Cameron's heart lied in racing and women. Now, he unexpectantly falls for a woman whose main goal is to make sure the new addition to the family (brother number four) is properly cared for and his biological mother does not interfere.
Rising Tides is my favorite book in the series, dealing with the shy but undeniably masculine brother, Ethan. He is the only one of the three brothers who decided to stay on the shores of the Chesepeake and care for his father. His life is immensely simple, spending his days as a fisherman on the bay. The love story that develops between him and his lifetime love is the most romantic of the series.
Phillip's story is developed in the third book of the series, Inner Harbor. This book is immensly important in the trilogy because a great number of unanswered questions are resolved during this story. Phillip is a hansome, well-mannered, businessman with a taste for fine wine and beautiful women. Not prepared to ever become a family man, a mysterious woman with a suprising background comes into town and steals Phillip's heart on first site.
The last book of the series, Chesapeake Blue, tells the story of the last adopted brother, Seth. Twenty years have elapsed since Inner Harbor. This was the perfect ending to a breathtaking series. In this book, you are able to see how Seth has dealt with his new surroundings and if he has been able to separate himself from his biological mother. The book also updates readers on the lives of Seth's three brothers and their families. Seth unexpectantly falls in the love with a new businesswoman in town. They develop a relationship as friends that blooms into undying love, respect, and compassion.
I highly recommend any romance novel fan to read this series. You won't regret the time spent!
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on April 13, 2003
I enjoyed this book a lot mainly because it shows that adoption forms a family just like any family related through blood.
Cameron, Ethan, and Philip were all troubled young boys who were adopted at difficult periods of their lives by Raymond and Stella Quinn. They didn't share blood, but they became a family unit. The family faces tragedy and scandal that will change lives. Cameron's lived the reckless life of a daredevil since leaving the quiet community on Maryland's Eastern Shore where Ray and Stella raised him and his brothers. He likes the fast paced life and fast women as well. Now he's been called home, not only to say good-bye to the only father he's ever loved, but also to face the challenge of caring for the last boy Ray was determined to save.
Seth is a prickly young boy a dying Ray asked his sons to protect. Cameron ill have to put the life he has chosen on hold, and everybody has to make serious changes. A sexy social worker comes into the picture who has Seth's welfare in mind as much as Cameron. Anna Spinelli is full of challenges, especially since Cameron falls head over heels in love with her.
This book was very very well written and hard to put down. I look forward to reading Rising Tides, which is next in the series.
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on December 11, 2001
This is my first Nora Roberts book that I have read. I am a guy and I heard great things about her writings. I also seen alot of women reading her books so I was curious to seen what all the fuss is about. I thought this was a great story with characters that really come to life.
The story revolves around Cameron Quinn and Anna Spinelli. Quinn comes home from Europe after hearing of his foster father's illness. His dad dies and Quinn is left to care for a 10-year old boy with his brothers. Anna is the social worker assigned to the case. Her and Cameron fall in love over the course of the novel.
The plot was detailed, the characters strong and (thank God!) it wasn't too mushy with the love scenes. Robert's writing style is one where she switches back and forth between the characters, looking at things from their perspective. I was pulling for the two main characters all through the book. This may have been my first romance novel that I have completed, but I do not think it will be my last. I have heard of some good things about some author named Deveraux....
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on December 9, 2001
This book got a lot of great reviews, but I found it lacking. The romance between Cameron and Anna was too contrived and found myself liking the story, but not the romance, which is a moot point because the book is a romance. I thought the romance was kind of 'corny' and I couldn't warm up to the character of Cameron. He had no responsibilities and didn't seem to think anything of the fact that he didn't work and he was 35. Simply put, Anna could've done better.
~This is the first book in a trilogy including, 'Rising Tides' and 'Inner Harbor', Cameron's other brothers. A tale about three brothers, all as different as night and day and all adopted juveniels taken in by a deceased man and woman who showed them true love. The brothers are called on when the father is dying and he asks them to take care of yet another son, this one is just 9 and lots of trouble. What the brothers soon find out is that the boy is reputed to be his true son! Why had he abandoned his only true son when the man obviously loved kids? Did he hide a seedy secret and past?
Anna Spinelli is the case social worker asigned to work with the brothers and to take notes on the boy's (Seth) progress, what she doesn't expect is to fall madly in love with the boy's new brother Cameron. A wild and troubled man that had been wrung through the 'system' and refuses to see Seth go through the same fate. She is caught in the whirl of secrets and lies as she tries to help the brothers keep the troubled boy Seth and doesn't know if loving Cameron is helping the situation or hurting it.
Tracy Talley~@
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on November 21, 2001
"Sea Swept" is the first book in the trilogy revolving around the Quinn brothers of Cheseapeke Bay. The entire trilogy is a must read, although each book can stand on its own.
The Quinns are three brothers who were all taken in by Ray Quinn and his wife as abused and neglected juvenile delinquents. Because of the love and understanding of their adopted parents, the Quinn boys turned their lives around and they became a true family.
This is the story of Cameron, the eldest, who is called back home from his life of sailing and adventure after his father is injured in a car accident. As Ray Quinn dies, he asks his three sons to raise Seth, the boy he has just recently adopted. Cam struggles to deal with his father's death and tries to reach Seth's guarded heart. He also meets Anna Spinneli, Seth's social worker, and begins to develop a relationship with her.
The romance between Cam and Anna is realistic and very passionate. The relationship that Cam and his two brothers, Ethan and Phillip, develop with Seth is truly touching and is perfectly written by Nora Roberts.
As the brothers struggle to solve the mystery of who Seth really was to their father, and at the same time try to convince the government that they are capable of raising a child, there are all kinds of funny, heart-warming, and poignant scenes. In the midst of all this, Cam and Anna develop deep feelings for each other and try to figure out where those feelings will take them. The result is an absolutely superior book that you won't soon forget. Trust me, you will love these brothers!
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on September 12, 2001
I LOVE Nora Roberts books. I am always thrilled to find a new one or revisit one I have already read. I am triply thrilled when I find a new trilogy. This set of books does not disspoint.
Again, all three of the books in this series can stand alone. However, I find that it is nice to read all three in order because the characters build on each other and develop throughout the series.
Sea Swept is about three men who had been taken in as young boys by a man who became a father to them. These three men are different but held together by love. When they are asked by their father to care for the new boy he had taken in, they do just that.
Seth is determined to live up to his father's expectation. He is a strong character with an iron will. He also is a very caring man who wants to do right by those around him. Anna is a social worker determined to do her job and ensure the young boy has a suitable home. What follows is a wonderful story about two people working together to provide a home for a young boy. It is wonderful when they realize that they are really walking down the same road and romance blossoms.
I enjoyed the humor that Nora Roberts displayed in this book. As this trilogy continues I found that the humor continued. I appreciated the true feeling of comaradarie among the men that Nora Roberts is able to write about.
I enjoyed this book immensily.
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on August 8, 2001
Sea Swept is the first of a triology of stories on the Quinn brothers. Cameron, the oldest brother, is an adventurer and risk taker, he races anything on land or the sea. His life style is anything that is fun and challenging. He faces his biggest challenge when he gets a call that his father has been in a terrible car accident. He races home to Cheseapeke Bay from Monte Carlo to find his father near death. Along with his two brothers, Ethan and Phillip, he promises his father they will take in Seth, the latest child Ray Quinn has brought home. Cameron, Ethan, and Phillip were all adopted by Ray and his wife when the boys were young, all damaged by a hard life. So the Quinn brothers promise to take care of Seth and grieve as Ray dies. Follow Cameron as he struggles to come to grips with the loss of his father while trying to reach the wounded heart of Seth. Cameron moves back home to create a stable life for Seth and to appease a fiesty social worker, Anna Spinneli. Cam and his brothers struggle to solve the mystery surrounding Seth and their father as well as the reason behind their father's accident. Cameron and Anna struggle to find a way for their relationship to flourish. Nora Roberts creates a family of believable, flawed, and intriguing characters in this book. I've already started the second and am enjoying it as much as I did the first.
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on June 24, 2001
Once again Nora Roberts has convinced me that she really knows how to tell a good story and keep you so connected with the characters that you feel a kinship with them. I purchased all three books in this series and let them set on my shelf for six months before I picked them up. That was all it took! After the first chapter I was hooked. The hook wasn't removed for three days(that's when I finished the last book).
The stories revolve around the three adopted sons of Raymond and Stella Quinn. Cameron, Ethan and Phillip.When each boy was adopted, they had less than normal childhoods but found the meaning of true love and family with Raymond and Stella.
On his deathbed, Raymond tells his three sons, now grown, to take care of Seth, the latest child to be adopted by the then widowed Raymond Quinn. Rumors start about the true parentage of the boy almost immediately after the elder Quinn's death, but the three older sons are determined to fulfill their fathers last wish at any cost.
The spirit of Raymond Quinn, along with three beautiful women adds romance and humor to this wonderful story. Get ready for a book reading marathon. After the first book you will not be able to rest until you read the other two. Do like I did buy all three at once and lock yourself in for a very exciting read! A trilogy you will want to read over again. Rising Tides, Sea Swept and Inner Harbor.
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on December 6, 2000
First of all I'd like to say the reason I'm proposing this book to James Cameron, even though I have about a million directors to choose from, is because after seeing James Cameron's work, I know that he would do an absolute amazing job with the story. I have to say what attracted me to Sea Swept by Nora Roberts, was the fact that it was a romance novel. But now that I've read it, it seems to be much more than that. Before going on I should let you know that this isn't just one book, Sea Swept is the first book in a trilogy. This first book is revolved around Cameron, the second on Ethan, and the third on Phillip. The story is about three brothers that are all grown up, had lost their mother 10 years ago to cancer, and were rushing back home to Chesapeake Bay to watch their father die. The sons are Cameron, Ethan, and Phillip. Cameron is a champion boat racer who lives around Europe while Ethan is a quite fisherman that lives near his father and then there's Phillip, he's the businessman with the tailored suit. A very intriguing part of this story is that, none of the three sons are biological sons. Ray Quinn and his wife Stella (the parents) took in these three boys after finding them literally on the street. Each boy had grown dealing with either abusive, drug-addicted, or a combination of both type of parents. When they come home to say goodbye to their father, they find that there's an 11 year-old boy named Seth that their father had "found" right before he died. But Ray had made the boys promise that they would take good care of the boy, because he was one of them. They had to keep the promise, but that caused a million problems. They had to deal with a social worker that Cameron eventually fell in love with, and they had emotional times because they found out that Seth was actually Ray Quinn's blood. That led to them to a "wild goose chase". Of course in the end all ends well, which makes the story absolutely perfect. And now to the part of making a movie out of amazing book. In my eyes, many people enjoy a story of hardships between families, lovers, friends that end the perfect way. This book is a perfect example of this. While watching Cameron slowly fall in love with Anna, (the social worker) you just want to constantly "aww" at the thought of what they're going through. And the climaxes in the story are very captivating. The audience will laugh, cry and in the end feel fulfilled. It could be considered a feel-good movie. Nora Roberts has done an remarkable job bringing these characters to life in her book, and I know that out there, there are the perfect actors to bring these characters to life on the silver-screen. This may not be a "Titanic", but it would be a touching story of people trying to find themselves, and in the end doing exactly that where they least considered coming across it, with their families. This book is actually incredibly important when it comes to hopeless romantics like myself. The story just compels you and you cannot go by without reading it, which makes it important to make into a movie for the reason that many people would rather see a movie than read a book. When the story gets to the point where all three brothers are becoming closer to the "new kid," Seth. That leads them to start treating him like their new brother and that seems to be a very unexpected feeling for them. Altogether, this movie would not only be very entertaining, but it would teach an incredible moral about life, love and family. It could take place at Chesapeake Bay, which would make it absolutely perfect and it would get great reviews. A heart-warming story that leaves people wanting to know what happens next in the lives of the Quinn's is exactly what the people need right now. Amongst all the movies with amazing special effects, violence, technology, and futuristic ones, comes one where you're just amazed at the vitality of these real people. The story can relate to people's lives, which would get more of an audience and make the story a success. There is no losing in making a motion picture of this stunning book, Sea Swept.
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on May 23, 2000
SeaSwept is my favorite Nora Roberts' book. Actually, the entire Quinn Brothers trilogy is an excellent read (Inner Harbor, Rising Tides). SeaSwept introduces you to the Quinn family and in particular, Cameron Quinn. Ms. Roberts' male characters are always strong, sensitive men with an incredible sense of family and morals. Upon meeting Cameron in the opening pages of this book, he's what one would call a "player." But when called upon by his siblings during a family crisis, he comes through shining. It has always been the three Quinn brothers but a family tragedy brings about the possibility of there being a fourth Quinn that they had no knowledge of. SeaSwept is a familial story of strenghth and love and of the ties that bind fathers & sons and brothers to each other. As with each of the Quinn boys, they must come to face their past demons and ultimately, their present, as they each make their way into the future and join to affect the future of their youngest brother, Seth. It is an excellent read and is enchanced by the story setting of the eastern seaboard town in which it takes place.
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