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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on April 26, 1999
Once again the lust for more easy profit from Star wars fans rears its ugly head. With this trilogy we get a somewhat tired tale where yet again the New Republic faces "Probably it's greatest threat ever." I am astounded that with all the threats the New Republic has overcome it is not yet strong enough to deal with a petty crook in less than three books. Why is it that the further away we get from Zahn and Andersson's books, the more backwards Luke and Leia's Jedi abilities seem to become. Surely this whole tale could have been shortened into one novel with a touch more ingenuity in the way the bad guys try to ruin/control the galaxy. Basically, this is not the worst Star Wars book you could read; but it almost is. Isn't it about time that Luke and Mara get it sorted and give us the patter of tiny Jedi?
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on September 26, 1999
I just finished this book and it mostly disappoints. Rushed ending, an original idea but the enemies were vague and somewhat unsinister; just like a mediocre movie, I kept thinking how the characters and ideas were wasted. Oh, and someone gets married (or at least it's implied) and another character dies. Won't tell you who but it wasn't done well. I wasn't emotionally involved. By the way, when is someone going to write a book that is less sci-fi and has more of the Force? THAT is Star Wars, not space battles and firefights. The Star Wars fans love the Force. It's the original thrust behind the whole storyline. Luke and Han are boring, unspecial characters in most of the books. Including here.
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on August 22, 1998
This trilogy may have started well, but it died young. The book was so wordy, and so much room was used exploring selonian culture, there was no room for action. the only part that had any suspense turned out to be nill, and the charackters were carved from wood. also, no giant action scenes at the end! All star wars sereises MUST have some sort of long action scene at the end! this thing Just sort of trailed of.
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on May 23, 1999
All this book cocentrated on was Anikin Skywalker. Also the ending was very dissappointing and badly rushed. The whole triloy was just a waste of time, because nothin of significance came out of this. Also many parts of the book is boring thos trilogy took me nearly 2 months t finish.
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on June 11, 1998
As a Star Wars fan it pains me to write this, but this Trilogy was an absolute flop. No character development, plot twists that you could see from a million mlies away, and bad editing all combine to make the worst Star Wars literature to date.
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