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4.7 out of 5 stars141
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on March 22, 2014
This review has nothing to do with the work of the author but is solely based on the quality of the product I ordered and received.

To be clear, I refer directly to the paperback edition published by "Createspace"; Amazon displays the bookcover as green and cream, with the word clearly visible on the back. Avoid ordering this one at all costs, it is a scam. I fell for it. I was unaware and unprepared for having to do due diligence in researching my purchasing options from Amazon, who I had previously considered to be a reputable web retailer.

When I received this book, it was obvious the cover was printed from a low resolution source material and gave the impression of having been done by someone with rudimentary Photoshop skills and a low-end printer. Upon looking inside, I was more shocked to find the pages filled with unformatted walls of text. All paragraphs, proper spacing, and carriage returns of any kind were completely removed, I can only guess to cram the work onto as few pages as possible. The result is unreadable.

I was unaware before ordering that Createspace is in fact an Amazon self-publishing company and it would appear that "" are rip-off artists who have illegally published the edition through Amazon in order to score royalties from the odd sale to dupes like me.

It is an affront to the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that someone would bastardize it and then capitalize upon it in such a manner, but the bigger travesty is that Amazon is party to the creation and distribution of this sham.
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on April 7, 2010
This is easily the best collection of UNABRIDGED Sherlock Holmes stories I've ever encountered. The cover is tastefully designed and has the feel of a "good old book" often lacking in today's modern printed works.

I've read in other reviews that "the print is too small"... I however, find that the print is no smaller than any other book more than two or three hundred pages long, and is clear and well spaced on the pages, which are light-wight to accomodate the weight of such a large volume.

The one and only thing I could say against it would be that it IS a large book, so anyone looking to read it on the bus is likely to have trouble, but then again, it's all of Doyle's works concerning our favorite detective, and that must be taken into concideration.
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on December 31, 2002
This collection of stories about the famed detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful "sidekick" Watson is truly a timeless classic. It is filled with intrigue, mystery, romance, vengeance and ,ultimately, murder. Its beautifully constructed plot and the whole motive of the murder, the clues and the amazing deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes will hardly fail to entertain you and keep you craving for more. Not only will you find crime and punishment on these pages, but also the unique world (the 19th century England) and personalities (cold-blooded Holmes and always left behind Watson) which Doyle has created.
There is one downside to this marvellous classic. When you are done reading the book and there are no more adventures to consume you will feel nostalgic. One could only wish to relax in the comfort of an armchair in front of a fireplace while a rainstorm rages outside and Sherlock Holmes is patiently absorbing the details of another case, on No. 221B Baker Street
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on June 23, 2002
I have only one beef with this edition of the book. NO PICTURES! If your funds are severely limited, then buy this edition only. It's complete and contains all the original stories. You can't go wrong buying this edition.
If you do have extra bucks to spare and you're a newbie to S.H., I'd highly recommend you first buy "The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes" by Castle Books, ISBN: 0-7858-1325-X. It contains all 356 original illustrations by Sidney Paget as they appeared in the Strand Magazine. These illustrations define the enduring image of Holmes and Watson as we have of them today. Even the popular PBS series by Jeremy Brett duplicates scenes from these illustrations. Unfortunately, Paget did not illustrate the first two novels of S.H. and died before he can illustrate the later adventures. But the illustrations will add much greater depth and enjoyment to these stories.
When you're finally done with the illustrated edition and you're still aching for more S.H., then get this complete edition to complete the adventures.
And if you're like me, being a British rebel (an American) and having no real knowledge and experience of what life in Victorian England was about, an entertaining reference book is "The Bedside, Bathtub and Armchair Companion to Sherlock Holmes" by Riley and McAllister, ISBN: 0-8264-1116-9.
This book can be read alongside your reading of each story of S.H. It gives a capsule summary of each adventure and lists some oddities and descrepancies to each story without giving away the ending. Also, it contains chapters which explains the life and times of Holmes' era and explains such things as monetary equivelents, etc. For someone like me who doesn't know a crown from a farthing to a sovereign, it clears up many areas of cultural difference and ignorance. This greatly enhances my enjoyment and understanding of these stories.
The only reason I gave this book 4 stars was because I couldn't give it 4.5 stars. I just couldn't give it 5 stars because of the missing illustrations. A book which advertises that it's the "complete" S.H. should be complete and include the illustrations as they appeared in the Strand Magazine as originally published.
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on June 15, 2001
To be a well-rounded person, you must read the wonderful stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. You will be amazed by the number of English expressions and culural assumptions that originate in these stories.
The Doubleday hardcover binding was atrocious, however. I bought this edition to read completely cover-to-cover, so I concede the edition was in for some heavy use. But the bound pages began to separate from the cover on the first day. By the time I was done. the cover was separated, and the bound pages had fallen into a number of chunks. Even the title print on the spine had been struck twice and appeared sloppy. The book was damaged beyond usefulness after one reading.
Read the stories, but don't get the Doubleday hardcover.
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on June 5, 2002
This my first foray into Holmes and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My only complaint is that the binding of this edition is beginning to come apart, in spite of gentle treatment. And I had bought this edition rather than the paperback because many large paperbacks have this very problem!
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on December 10, 2012
I'm not sure why some others have left negative reviews regarding this book. I don't normally leave reviews on amazon, but I was so impressed with this book, that I came on here specifically to leave a good review - only to see that some have found fault with it.
Actually, this book is truly beautiful, moderately large, solid and well made - the binding, the hard cover, the colouring, the gold on the edges of the pages - everything is so well made and it looks fantastic! It is also very comfortable to hold and read. Some editions cram the whole collection of novels and stories into a regular sized book or smaller, and it ends up being too small to handle the load. I've been reading this edition for a while now, and liked the book so much better than the soft cover ones I used to have, that I had to give this book a review. I'm not sure why some people find the type too small. I have no problem reading it and it has never given me a headache. Some people do have problems with their eyes, though, and maybe they need to buy proper glasses to read regular-sized type.
I have bought both the Annotated version and the two-volume soft cover version (with a foggy London scene on the cover), and this one is by far the best! The Annotated is overwhelming and cumbersome to an irritating degree, and I found myself getting very annoyed trying to simply read the stories, without all of the needless (and unsubstantiated) details added into the margins. I actually threw it away, I got so fed up with the thing. It is literally huge! Not to mention, heavy! And most of the added "information" is just some guy's opinions and have no actual backing to them (such as when he suggests that certains books were actually about Watson's adventures and not Sherlock's, and Watson was just covering up his own actions). And the cheap, two-volume, soft covered set fell apart within a year. There are too many novels/stories to fit into such small books, and as a result, the books end up falling apart at the binding if you open them too often. They were difficult to hold in your hands, being too thick and too short at the same time, and I often found my hands cramping up while trying to hold the small books open. I would never recommend them to anyone I cared about (though maybe if I were trying to sell other, less well-made collections, I might leave a bad review here in an attempt to divert customers).
Pay the extra price for a very well-made volume, like this one, it is worth it! It is a beautiful looking volume and gives an elegant touch to a book shelf. I'm sure there are others equally well made, but of the three different styles I've bought, this one is by far the best. And no, I don't sell these books. I'm just defending a unjustly maligned edition that truly deserves an excellent review!
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on May 9, 2001
Many people do not realize that Sherlock Holmes is really based on a real person! When Doyle was attending medical school, one of his professors, Dr. Joseph Bell, could deduce the life of his patients by simple observation. This seed eventually blossomed into Sherlock Holmes.
To begin with, we all know who he is and what he is about, but we can take the next step and actually read the stories behind the icon. Most Sherlockians agree that it is best not to start with "A study in Scarlet." I think it is best to start with the collection "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," with the story "A scandal in Bohemia" then rad your way through several of the collations. then you can go back and read "A Study in Scarlet," and "The Sign of Four." Doyle's writing gets better as the stories progress, until you hit "The Hound of the Baskervilles."
AS been noted, Holmes becomes a bit of an addiction. Doyle is that good of a writer. As I said, everyone knows who he is, like Tarzan, Elvis, or Madonna.
The only drawback is that some of Doyle's earlier stories can get a bit tedious and somewhat formulaic at times. But the attraction is still there!
Yes, it is worth the money to buy the complete Sherlock "cannon!"
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on January 3, 2002
Reading Sherlock Holmes is like consuming a huge box of chocolates. You want to eat them all at once because they are so wonderful, yet you don't want to finish the box because there are no more after that. What a decision! the whole box, wait a year and read them all again!
We need more writers like Doyle. We have too many politically correct, bubble book softies who want to please society to make a fortune! This alters a person's writing and reduces it to mush. I like the classics because they are uncompromising, original and no where near politically correct. Sherlock Holmes stories are the best!
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on December 10, 2013
I have buzzed through half this collection in a week...I cannot lay my new Kindle down..It is so exciting to get back into reading again..
What with the drivel on TV these days..I go to bed early just to read...My eyes just fly across the pages and I adore the fact that to turn a page I need only use one hand...keeps everything nice and toasty under the covers in this cold winter we are having this year..
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