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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on February 18, 2004
It is a time of transition in the galaxy. A few years after the Battle of Endor, even though the evil Empire now only controls a quarter of its vast territory and Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign to destroy the fledgling New Republic has been defeated, the former Rebels still face many challenges -- and many foes -- as they strive to restore peace and justice to the galaxy.
Thrawn's campaign (chronicled in the 1991-93 trilogy by Timothy Zahn) and subsequent events not only prolonged the continuing conflict between the New Republic and the dying Empire, but they also highlighted the Republic's biggest weakness -- the absence of a strong Jedi Order to help protect its values and its citizens. Where once there had been 10,000 Jedi Knights in the days before Palpatine's rise to power and the demise of the first Galactic Republic, only Luke Skywalker remains as a full-fledged Jedi.
Luke, of course, has been trying to train his twin sister Leia in the ways of the Force, but her duties as a member of the Provisional Council and her brother's recent experiences -- including a fall to the dark side and almost a repetition of their father Anakin's mistakes -- have impeded her progress as a Jedi apprentice. Leia's marriage to Han Solo and the birth of three potential Jedi children also demand her attention, so Luke must look elsewhere for Jedi apprentices.
Kevin J. Anderson's Jedi Search is the first of a three-book cycle that chronicles Luke Skywalker's endeavors to set up a new Jedi Academy and to restore the order of Jedi Knights. With very few records left over after the Great Purge inflicted by the late Emperor and his own father, Darth Vader, Luke must not only scour the galaxy for data on the training of new Knights, but he also needs to find new candidates to teach.
Even as Luke gets approval from the New Republic to set up a Jedi academy, new challenges and old enemies arise. On Kessel, Han Solo and Chewbacca are captured by Moruth Doole, a cunning mine official who now runs the entire spice mine complex -- and the individual that had, several years before, tipped off the Imperial tariff authorities that Solo was hauling a load of spice destined for crime boss Jabba the Hutt. The Millennium Falcon had been boarded, but not before Han had jettisoned the spice...which had saved him and Chewbacca from a stint in Imperial detention blocks but not, unfortunately, from a debt to Jabba.
Elsewhere, a new threat emerges as Admiral Daala, the beautiful but ruthless woman (and only female flag officer in the Imperial fleet) in command of a squadron of Star Destroyers assigned to protect a top-secret research facility, prepares to unleash a new campaign against the Rebels who killed her paramour and destroyed her beloved Empire. With her four massive warships and several powerful super weapons at her disposal, Daala bides her time, waiting for the proper moment to start her devastating strike....
Anderson, a technical editor and writer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and author of other non-Star Wars novels, has become one of the most prolific authors of Star Wars Expanded Universe material. He loves the universe created by George Lucas in his five films (even though some of the Jedi concepts here are radically different from data established in the two prequels released in 1999 and 2002) and knows the characters and situations well enough to write interesting and entertaining "further adventures" novels, comic book series, and short stories set "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...."
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on July 7, 1999
I enjoyed this book!!! This book avoids a problem that slows down SW books sometimes F-L-O-W. In fact it flows better than even the first Zahn Trilogy book. Don't get me wrong Zahn fans I enjoyed the Zahn Trilogy but at times his books were choppy. In Jedi Search by the time you realize your on page 200 of the book you can't believe you read that much so fast and don't want the book to end. I can't believe some people hated this book so much. I don't understand it at all?? I have read about 15 or so SW books and this is one is at the top of my list along with the Han Solo Trilogy (the New one), and a few others. Some people complained that Luke became a master so fast. But to that I say <<<<How many more books do we have to see Luke the Bad-a@# Jedi be a wuss for, before he can finally have the Kick-a&% power we as the reader want him to have>>>> A big problem in other SW books is that they make Luke a wimp (sometimes struggling to lift simple objects, etc, etc). This book finally solves that problem giving Luke the power he should have. I loved when Luke willed himself accross the fire lava, a true Jedi should be able to do that. Also people complained that Anderson should have used more of the Zahn Characters such as Mara Jade and Talon Karade. I somewhat agree with them, but we need to realize that Anderson is not Zahn and he wants to create and explore his own new characters, as any creative writer should. We are introduced to some cool cats like Streen, Gantoris, and Kyp Durron. All and all this was a great book, and if you can't decide weather to read it cause some negative reviews. My advice is go to your local library and read it for youself, or buy it and read it.....TRUST ME you will enjoy it!!!!!
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on February 7, 2004
This book was fun. It was the first book I had read of the extended Star Wars universe and I loved almost every minute of it. I say almost because Anderson likes to have several story lines going at once and not all of them appealed to me. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable overall and left me wanting more so I read the next two books in the series.
I have also since read the Zahn trilogy and various other short stories in the Star Wars universe. Though some find Anderson's works inferior when compared to other Star Wars novels, I do not hold this opinion. Anderson keeps the story centered around characters that you already care about and, when new ones are introduced, he does an adequate job of developing them. He does tend to use some repetative phrasing but the basic story is well thought out. Though the trilogy does finally lose some emotional steam by the third book and ends with a bit of melodrama, still this trilogy is a fun read and I highly recommend it.
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on June 21, 2003
OK! I have problems with some of the writing here but this trilogy when combined with I, Jedi are important contributions to the SW Universe. We get Kessel, the Maw installation, Kip, adm Daala who reappears then disappears, Qui Xu, the first hint of the aftermath of Dark Empire, and more Wedge (now a critical character). I had some problem with the story like: The spirit of a dead jedi having such tremedous power, the whole idea of the Suncrusher and the studip diversion of the blob race storyline. Unlike some, I feel that some of the darkhorse comics have made important contributions the SW Expanded Universe. Dark Empire was one of them.
For those of you who plan to read the New Jedi Order books, you'll find that Kevin J Anderson has made important contributions to SW including this trilogy and the young jedi books (the YJ books are surprisingly good).
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on December 2, 2003
This review is for the whole trilogy.
First off, I enjoyed the books. They were fast paced and fun. It will be well worth the time for a Star Wars fan.
However, I picked these 3 books up on the hopes of finding out mostly what is going on with Skywalker establishing the New Jedi Order and what he went through to build the academy. Granted that material was in there but it was far from the main focus. Despite being the "Jedi Academy" trilogy, I felt that the new school was more of a subplot rather than the main focus. Actually the books didn't seem to have a main focus...there were no less than 3 main plots each of them having the same importance.
The books were very good but be wary if you expect 900 pages of new Jedi lore.
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on December 8, 2003
The book is about how Luke Skywalker is going to set up his very own Jedi Academy so he can train new Jedi Knights. He gets three new Jedi Knights in the story,Gantoris,Kyp Durron and Tymmo. Luke goes through a diffcult time to get the new Jedi's through their training. This is also a good story on Han Solo and his partner Chewbacca who get caught by Moruth Doole and force Han and Chewbacca to work the mines of Kessel. You will have to read to see if they escape. There are also good stories on Leia Organa Solo, Lando Calrissian,C-3P0 and R2-D2. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Star Wars or who likes science fiction. I don't like to read but, this book made me read and I plan to read the rest of the Star Wars Saga.
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on June 21, 1998
I just finished reading Jedi Search and I thought it was a very intereting book. The beginning went straight into's Han's crash on Kessel.It also heads strsight into Luke's plan's for the Jedi academy.
The plots are also very intriguing. Ther's one where scene when Han escapes from Kessel only to be bombarded by Kessel's defenses,which chases them into a group of black holes known as the Maw and as if their luck wasn't bad enough at the center of the they meet an Imperial fleet consisting of 4 Imperial class destroyers and the Sun Crusher, and a prototype of the death star.
I don't understand why some of th reviewers gave this book ons star.But I guess everyone is entitled to theier opinion.
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on February 7, 2003
Jacen and Jaina-I enjoyed reading on their remarkable journey in the underworld. Sticking together until they were found by their worried parents.
Kyp full of remorse for the loss of his brother in the hands of the empire.
And Luke's experiences with the 4 Jedi potentials.
I personally like it when authors use the Empire in some form, but I was kinda [angry] at how Admiral Deliah was never successful in anything. The author perceived her a genuis, so why did she always fail? Luke was'nt really on the battle grounds against the Empire, nor were Han & Leia all in space battles. So who was she really fighting?
Overall I did enjoy the book.
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on November 12, 1998
A very intruiging read, a lot of people think it's lame but we all think it's one of the best STAR WARS novels ever written.
Ok, it does have its bad points. Firstly Daala is not much of a super tactician, she loses basically all of her "super" star destroyer fleet with plain bad planning. NOT much of a super baddie is she?
Well i gave this book four stars because i like the writing style, and it got me hooked to reading it. Its not as good as Timothy Zahn's novels but still a good read for any STAR WARS fan.
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on June 28, 1999
Anderson has done a fine job of continuing the story. He remains true to the characters in their personalites and takes you a step further. His plot answers some old questions that one may have encountered from the original Star Wars trilogy (although sometimes he does refer to the original trilogy a little too much). It's easy reading and if your a casual Star Wars fan who just wants to know a little more about everything then I recommend this book.
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