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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 23, 2010
Same formula, different characters.

She's a woman on the run, she lies by necessity (all of which is justifiable of course!)

He's a man on a mission, to find his murdered best friend's son and catch the spy/murderer.

That's the gist of it. There are some twists and turns, but the romantic conflict does not evolve much. I'd read a book by Thornton before, and this recalled it to mind instantly. This is how the conflict is treated. Woman is wrong, man is right. Man is justified in doing pretty much anything he feels is right, because woman is wrong. Then woman is expected to forgive and forget.

To be fair, the hero, Gray was interesting and unusual as he quickly comes to grips with his feelings. He displays some understanding of the heroine's conflicting emotion. The problem is that it doesn't affect his actions. The best thing he does to meet her halfway is wait. Then he gives her an ultimatum. At the end, there is no way I could cheer for them. I hate people, (men or women) who can't question even for one second about whether they are right or not, and the hero suffered from this.

This book failed to do me in.
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on December 30, 2002
Deborah Weyman had been running for so many years - always running it seemed so that when she met the handsome, kind and unassuming Mr. Grey she thanked her lucky stars for the respite and knew that she could finally rest for a little while from the notorious Lord Kendal whom she had every reason to believe had murdered her former employer. Mr. Grey, now here was a man she could trust - so gentle and considerate of her every comfort as he transported her to his home near the town of Wells. It was the answer to her prayer as it was there in Wells, that she had brought her young ward, Quentin, to keep him safe from his father's murderer until she could find a safe place for them both. It wasn't long before a chance meeting led her to discover that her 'savior' Mr. Grey was actually John Grayson, Earl of Kendal the very man she was running from.
After her attempt to escape, she was brought to house where Grey and company did their best to 'break' her into revealing where she had hid Quentin. Even though he was acting beastly, Deborah could not help her physical attraction to Gray, nor his to her even though he thought she was an accomplice to the murder. Once they came to the realization that they were both on the same side and Quentin's welfare was for both of them their utmost concern they began to work together to try to trap the real murderer while the passion that they were feeling for each other sizzled beneath the surface.
As if finding a murderer wasn't mystery enough, Gray had to find out who Deborah really was and what else she was running from, before they could ever find a way to find each other.
Again and again, I find this author comes up with another completely enthralling read - gallant, brave and honorable heroes - brave and resourceful heroines and wonderfully colorful and complex secondary characters to keep the pages from ever getting dull. Top it off with passionate love scenes and exciting suspense with a historical background and you have this reader hooked! From beginning to end this was a marvelous story that will keep you up all night long.
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on June 11, 2000
After witnessing the death of her employer, Governess Deborah Weyman knows the identity of the murderer and whisks her ward Quentin away to safety. Knowing that the murderer, John Gray, the Earl of Kendal, is named Quentin's guardian Deborah must do everything in her power to protect him.
Gray knows he must do something drastic to find Miss Weyman and get Quentin away from his kidnapper. Unknown to him that Deborah believes he is the murderer, he devises a plan to kidnap Deborah and force her to inform his of Quentin's whereabouts. What he didn't expect was for the elderly governess to turn into a beautiful swan.
After realizing her mistake Deborah goes along with Gray's plan to catch her former employer's murderer. But can she keep her own secrets safe while falling deeply in love with Gray?
After reading WHISPER HIS NAME and STRANGERS AT DAWN I decided to go back and read an older book by Elizabeth Thornton. Unfortunately I wasn't as impressed. A good read but not up to par with her newest works
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on January 13, 1999
A wonderful story developed by a master, Elizabeth Thornton. Excellent plot, cast of characters and romance. You will come to love Gray and Deborah. Their story carries both a romance and suspense, without taking away from each other. The story is well established, the character development is superb and the pace of the story is perfect. You find yourself saying...only one more chapter and then she teases you into reading the whole book at one sitting!
She introduces a small cast of supporting roles, who in my opinion should have their own stories. Somehow, Ms. Thornton has introduced them so successfully that it only adds and does not distract from the main characters.
Ms. Thornton writes a superior romance, it is sheer agony to wait a year for each new release! I have read this book from cover to cover four times and have thoroughly enjoyed it!
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on March 27, 2000
I enjoy Thornton's novels very much because of the good mix of compelling characters, hot romance and twisted mistery (and I do mean "twisted"; do not look at the last page first!)
This book does not quite have the poignancy of my favorites "Whisper Your Name", "Bride's Bodyguard" and "Dangerous to Hold", but it is a very well spent evening regardless. You will have trouble putting it down.
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on July 28, 2001
A great book from a great storyteller. An exciting beginning to this story pulls you in and doesn't let go. A mystery which you will not figure out until the end. A sexy hero and spunky heroine, great sexual tension and love story. For a change the hero falls in love first. Not the same old same old. Wonderful! A keeper! Try Liz Carlyle, Emma Jensen and Karyn Monk for more exciting reading.
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