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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on November 30, 2014
While I normally prefer not to read sad books (and let me tell you; this is sad), Rohinton Mistry is such a master wordsmith and captures raw human behaviour and emotion so well that I just had to keep on reading. While I felt like it took a long time to get off the ground since he vividly describes the entire pasts of every main character, it really comes together in the end and you feel as if you really know the characters. A very well written book, very eye opening to the balance between hope and despair, cruelty and kindness and calm and chaos.
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on October 1, 2014
The book describes life in India in the Indira Ghandi years. it is stark and so real that I sometimes found it difficult to read because of the inhumanity of people towards each other. The story was intriguing but ended to abruptly. I was hoping for a happy ending but didn't get one.
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on August 3, 2014
I enjoyed this book & getting to know the characters well.
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on January 26, 2013
this book was recommended to me by a friend, said it was good. I will give it a try. you should too
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on March 18, 2006
If your worldview doesn't extend beyond the cushy comfort of Canada, if you're happier being blind to the living conditions of people beyond our borders, and if you refuse to believe that people can find comfort in their lives without resorting to big-screen TVs and fast food, then yes--please do not read this book.
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on January 11, 2004
I had no interest to read this book, however, based on praise by friends I picked it up and read it. It was fantastic. I could not put it down. It is difficult for me to sit and read hours on end due to time constraints, however, with this book, I read it in about three sittings over two days. It is as funny, as it is sad.
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on June 18, 2003
The first word that comes to mind in describing this novel is "epic". It certainly spans a lot of time, a lot of lives, and a lot of stories. And it does so very well. Set in India through the middle half of the 20th century, it describes an environment of corruption, poverty, and fatalism that was enlightening. The characters in this novel, for the most part, are resigned to their course in life and are passive in terms of affecting change. The novel aims for sweeping grandeur, and achieves it. This are wrapped up a little too tidily in the end, but this is definitely a worthy read.
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on May 24, 2002
I thought this book was terrific. I really couldn't put it down. But, it certainly isn't for the faint of heart. It was very tragic and upsetting. Some of the moments were touching, but so bittersweet, because you know that things are just not going to work out for poor Ishvar and Om - the two low-caste tailors. The injustice of it is frustrating and sickening. I thought it dealt with the issues of caste, class and poverty in a really enlightening way, especially for a westerner. It's definately worth a read, it gives a good insight into India's complex social system and and how everyday men and women often have their futures made for them even before they are born.
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on May 16, 2002
This was one of those rare novels that I just couldn't put down until I finished it. I'm a voracious reader, and it takes an exceptional book to cross my threshold of "put it aside and start something else". Mistry presents a deep analysis of India that is the more horrible for being so real. A tragic story, with things ending badly for each character, his writing totally made me care deeply about the fate of each one. BE WARNED, it's not a story for weak stomachs, lots of parts are grisly and all of it is heartbreaking: political corruption, caste violence, gender bias, and economic oppression, far beyond anything I have ever heard of in the US. Mistry is as powerful a writer as Stowe or Dickens or Riis.
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on May 7, 2002
Well, I was very impressed with this book. Much more than I thought I would be. I thought it might be hard to understand or relate to or boring. It was neither, it was very easy to understand and most parts were very interesting to read. The author did a good job to get you "hooked" on the characters. You wanted to know where they came from, and he explained that, and where they were going, he did that. It's a very sad story. It was cool to read about a place that is so different from "home". And to learn about what their country, relgion and history is like. It's long, but well worth the time
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