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on July 1, 2004
Robot and Empire is another entertaining story from the prolific writer Isaac Asimov. Set many decades after Robots of Dawn, when the Earth detective Elijah Bailey has long ago passed, Robots and Empire tells the story of Dr. Kelden Amadiro's nefarious attempt at destroying Earth and the Settlers. The Auroran Gladia, along with the robots Daneel and Giskard, must go to great lengths to protect Earth and countless lives.
What I really enjoyed about this book was the interaction between the robots Daneel and Giskard. As both characters work at deducing and anticipating Amadiro's motives and actions, it's really interesting to watch the relationship between these two as they provide much needed counsel and assistance to one another. It's very entertaining to follow along as the fly all over the galaxy in an attempt thwart Amadiro's plans. It's even more interesting to see them attempt to circumnavigate the famous 3 Laws of Robotics which they often find hinder, rather than help, their attempts at protecting Earth. I don't think I'm revealing too much to say that Daneel even goes so far as to introduce the Zeroth Law of robotics which is basically the need to protect all of humanity. This plays an integral part in the unfolding of the book.
I was pleased that the whole book moves at a speedy pace(I took less than two days to read this), with nothing seeming trivial or overly drawn out.This book is very entertaining and as it's only the fourth work I've read by Asimov, I'm moved to read more of his books. Perhaps the only real complaint about this book is that the ending is slightly anticlimatic, but rather touching and fitting. If you like Asimov's work, particularly his robot books concerning Elijah Bailey, I think you'll really enjoy this book.
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on July 7, 1999
Yet again, you feel deeply the personalities of the worlds that are presented. On the one hand, Solaria along with the Spacer worlds in general makes you feel as if they are old and weary people, living in stagnant comfort under the constant pamperage of their millions of robots. And on the other, Earth and its colony worlds, so full of hope and life. In this universe we find R. Daneel Olivaw, still staggering from the death of his dearest friend Lije Baley, and his new robot friend R. Giskard Reventlov beginning to get strange new ideas about protecting humanity as a whole, while their other dearest human friend Gladia goes on a spiritual pilgrimage to Earth and its colonies and discovers much about the nature of life and happiness. Truly touching from a certain perspective.
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on July 22, 1999
I read this book in two nights, and in some respects hated finishing it, because there is no more foundation series or robot series left for me to read ... maybe i'll start all over at the beginning now. THis book si long, and some have said it is TOO long... I don't know that i agree. That is simply Asimov, and if you don't like him, you don't like him. I love his work, and reveled in this book. The conclusion was great. The zeroth law is a fantastic insight that allows for so much more plot development in the later foundation stuff he writes. I still think that Caves of Steel and Naked Sun beat this book out, but that doesn't mean it isn't great. Even gold pales next to a diamond.
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on July 31, 1997
By the time I got around to this impossible-to-find book, I had fallen in love with the Robot books and the Foundation books. While this is not exactly a tie-in between the two, it shows my all-time favorite character, R. Daneel Olivaw, as a soulful being rather than a metalman, as so many treated him. Though the middle is a bit meandering, the end is touching and leads one easily to the Foundation Novels.

I thought the Zeroth Law was an especially nice touch
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on April 18, 2000
This book is an excellent show of human emotions and a mixtureof conspiracy with mystery. R. Daneel and R. Giskard, who are robots,are put in a place where the world around them are changing.Contained by the Three Laws of Robotics, they quest to solve the urge to question reality and create the Zeroth Law. This is an excellent book if you like science fiction. END
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on December 26, 2001
I really like this book. Daneel try to revive the steps of Elijah Baley, and with Giskard and Gladia, he will try stop Amadiro in their madness to destroy the future of Earth. Only these two Robots can save mankind of the extinction: Spacers by the hands of their own laziness and Earthmen by their fanatism for Earth. A great novel.
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on May 10, 1997
This novel, like a number of others from the 80's, was written to tie together two existing series. Robots and Empire is therefore a more recent rendition of the Robot and Empire storylines.

The novel itself is typical Asimov as he was writing in the 80's. It is more contemporary than the other Robot or Empire novels
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on August 25, 1997
Asimov delivers the quinticential Robot novel in Robots and Empire. Delving into the robotic souls of the man-mimicing robot R. Daneel Olivaw and the uniquely talented Giskard, Asimov shows us that being human is not a state of being but something far deeper and ultimately more profound. Truly vintage Asimov
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on August 17, 2014
Not sure why this book isn't in print now. But it really is the Capstone work of Asimov that bridges the "Robot" and "Foundation" series. A must-read if you are into these works.
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on May 28, 2014
Everything you could hope for. Written with all the wit, wisdom and invention that fans have come to expect from Asimov. Possibly the best in the robot series and a terrific finale.
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