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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on September 21, 2002
I purchased this book looking for the stories by King and McCaffrey, only to find out that they are in a different volume. The reviews and book info are the same for all three volumes, so I suppose this review will also be listed on all three. Anyway, this is a review for LEGENDS 3!
There are four stories in Legends 3:
New Spring, by Robert Jordan, a Wheel of Time story.
Dragonfly, by Ursula K. Le Guin, an Earthsea story.
The Burning Man, by Tad Williams, a Memory, Sorrow and Thorn story.
The Sea and Little Fishes, by Terry Pratchett, a Discworld story.
This is a case where they saved the best for last :) Each story gets progressively better. I thought I would go ahead and read this book rather than return it since I am always on the lookout for new (to me) fantasy writers. After all the hype about Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, I must say I was sorely dissappointed. The story was fairly interesting, and maybe the books are better than this short story, but I can't say I'm in much of a hurry to buy them now. However, I think maybe my daughter might like the children's versions.
Dragonfly was better, and the ending was the best part of all. If this was the beginning of the series, I'd be much more likely to want to buy the books, but from what I can figure out, this happens at the end of the series. Will we ever find out what happens next? I kinda doubt it. There hasn't been a new book in this series for a long time. But, I might eventually check this series out.
The Burning Man was pretty cool. It seemed to kinda stand alone though. Can't really imagine what the series is like.
The Sea and Little Fishes was the coolest. The whole Discworld thing, the world being flat and flying thru space on the backs of four elephants riding on a giant turtle was a little weird, but that hardly had anything at all to do with the story. It was about witches, not so much about magic as how they interacted with one another and with the mortals all around them. I think I'd like to read more of these.
I hope you find this helpful and don't make the same mistake that I did, thinking all of these stories are in one book, because they are actually in three. If you did find it helpful, please vote that you did. Thanks!
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on May 23, 2001
I have read works by Williams, King, Martin, and Goodkind, but I didn't bother to read any of their short works. Robert Jordan starts off the book with his prequel, NEW SPRING, based on his Wheel of Time series. I've heard that Robert Jordan isn't much of a short story writer, which makes sense, because you never hear about his short stories. So don't expect too much out of this novella. It is far from excellent, but I'll disagree with anyone who says that it's pointless. In New Spring, RJ describes to us--in greater detail than in the Great Hunt--how Moiraine and Lan met. Ever the consistent writer, RJ makes a point of remembering to include the part where Lan tosses Moiraine into the lake--one of my favorite parts in the series. After they finally team up, they start searching the Borderlands for the Dragon Reborn--a bit of history that the other WoT books NEVER mention, at least not in any great detail. While reading the second half, I couldn't help but notice how RJ had managed to weave some symbolism through his work. Think along the lines of Moses. For those of you who don't think there's symbolism in the WoT series, e-mail me and I'll enlighten you. But as big a WoT fan that I am, I sincerely wish that RJ would have passed up on the offer of being included in this anthology. The time he used writing this novella could have been used for making his current project--either book 8 or 9--into a MUCH better book. Books 8 and 9 weren't all that good, but 10 looks promising. The prequel could have waited until AFTER the series was finished. To sum things up, this is a good RJ novella-effort. BUT IF YOU'VE NEVER READ ROBERT JORDAN, DON'T JUDGE HIM--OR ANY OTHER AUTHOR IN THIS ANTHOLOGY--BY THE NOVELLA. Read EYE OF THE WORLD or the first book in that author's series.
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on November 23, 2000
This book was really well put together. My favorite of all the stories was Robert Jordan's New Spring. It might be hard for people to understand if they do not read the other Wheel of Time books because they are very detailed. IT may be a good place to start though because it takes place before the series begins. It is not as good as the other books but it is still entertaining.
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