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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on March 7, 2003
I would start this review by saying this is one of the top three of my favourite JAKs...but then I stopped and realised I have 12 to 15 top three JAKS! Yes, she is a formula writer. If you don't care for the formula, then don't buy her. Simply enough. For those that appreciate her deft wit, her sharp repartee, there is no one like her. I adore her writings and think this is a one of her better ones.
Mattie Sharp stared down at the man dressed all in white, watching him die, and when he uttered to tell him "reign in hell", she knew she had stepped off in the middle of something very bad. The "him" was Hugh Abbott, a man she has been trying to avoid for a year, a man she once offered to follow to the ends of the earth - or in this case to St. Gabriel's Island.
Hugh Abbott was her aunt's 'pet wolf'. He was a security expert and troubleshooter for the large multinational business her aunt inherited. Since her aunt adores Hugh's genes, she fixed him up with her niece, Ariel. Maddie watched the miss-match romance go down in flames, knowing from the first time she saw him her sister was all wrong for Hugh. Maddie had stood by and waited, knowing she was falling in love with him. When the breakup came, Maddie made her pitch. A candlelight dinner, a good bottle of wine and a night of lovemaking were the formula to Hugh's heart - she thought. Only when the morning came for Hugh to leave for St. Gabriel's Isle, he refused to take Maddie. He tried to tell her it was bad timing. He was angry over the break up his engagement, but it came out all wrong, with him saying Maddie was 'just not his type'.
So hurt by the rejection, Maddie made sure she stayed away from Hugh. This was not easy, since her Aunt is determined to get Hugh in to the family and is most willing to help play matchmaker. Hugh, once he got over the breakup, saw he wanted Maddie, but she would not accept any letters or calls from him. Worse, four times during the year, he conspired with her aunt to bring Maddie and him together. All four times, Maddie left town rather than see him.
So her Aunt sent her to pick up a medieval sword from the Island of Purgatory from the man who was at her feet dying, an excuse to get Hugh and Maddie together. Hugh Abbott is there, and she is very glad for the comfort of his arms. But it begins an adventure with them running for their lives through the jungles. Despite their predicament, Hugh sees this as a chance to win Maddie back. But Maddie is feed up with being second place to her sister and is determined not to be hurt by Hugh again.
Maddie is charming, funny and warm; Hugh is a wonderfully droll 'throw-back'. They will win your heart.
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on April 10, 1999
I have long been a Jayne Ann Krentz fan, in all her psuedonyms, and I have to say I was extremely disappointed in this book. I realize that this book is a reissue, somehow it slipped by me the first time around, and I wish I had left it as missed. Ms. Krentz usually writes her contemp books located around the Seattle area with a strong man and an independant woman. I don't mind the repetition of plots becuase her writing is usually enjoyable to read. I found nothing redeamable in her wirting of this story. Hugh was a crass guy who just wasn't believable. No guy would act that stupid yet have the kind of pshycological insights Hugh had. I realize that was the point Ms. Krentz was trying to get across, that all middle class type guys aren't neanderthals (her word, not mine), but I think she was a little too "unsubtle" in this book. Most of the time I wanted to smack Mattie, and had no sympathic feeling for her at all...what a wuss. Sorry, to bash this book, since I don't like to do that normally, knowing that authors work hard to write, and can do a better job then I ever can, but I just didn't like this story.
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on February 22, 1999
If you like Jayne Ann Krentz, you'll absolutely love Silver Linings. The story is fast paced with plenty of humour and fun. But the book's real charm lies in its romantic leads. Hugh is one of, if not the, best hero in Krentz's long line of strong, darkly handsome and elusivel dangerous men. He is the epitome of the Alpha male from top to toe, but underneath his neanderthal instincts lies a true and tender love for the heroine. Enter Maddy, who has been burned by Hugh before and is unwillingly to give him another chance to break her heart. Hugh is just was unwilling to accept her repeated rebuffs and orchestrates a grand scheme to get Maddy onto his turf. The novel is a constant struggle between two equally strong personalities as Hugh sets out to win back Maddy's heart and Maddy sets out to make sure this time its for keeps. Krentz is always marvelous at constructing a leading man who is both the heroine's enemy and her hero, her prize. The big bad wolf that needs to be tamed by the woman's loving heart. Hugh is wonderfully elemental and primitve. Very earthy in both his desires and his mindset, he challenges Maddy to step away from her civilized urban existence and take a walk on the wild side. And speaking of wild ... the bedroom scenes are very steamy but also extremely tasteful. This one is definately worth a look. Trust me, once you pick it up it'll be impossible to put it down!
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on January 26, 2000
This was one of the first novels I read from Jayne Ann Krentz. Hugh is the kind of man every woman wants, just enough arrogance to make you realize he's a man, and just enough tenderness to make you fall in love. Maddie is the typically high strung executive woman trying to eke out an acceptable career that will keep her in close contact with her artsy family. She is insecure in her job and her looks. When she was rejected by Hugh (after having had a flasy romance with Maddie's flamboyant beautiful sister), Maddie is not very willing to give it another try. Hugh comes to realize Maddie was the best thing that ever happend to him. A fun and exciting and passionate read while he does everything he can to get her back into his life an d the people they run into trying with all their might to seperate them. I loved this book!
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on June 10, 1998
Nice, slightly naive and complexed heroine has met ex-hired soldier and has been rejected by him. The rest of the book tells of his dogged attempts at redemption (which he of course does but has to pass through fire first). The strength of the book lies in the characterization: a working class hero, not afraid to be vulgar and who is trying to find a suitable mate for his future (hopefully independent and moneyed) existence; a rather sweet, well-off city-girl who finds that after all falling madly in love is worth it all. Funny and quite realistic second roles (another ex-soldier turned painter and a "working woman").
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on February 5, 2000
I am a big fan of Krentz in all of her psuedonyms and this book was no exception. I especially appreciated that throughout the book Mattie sticks up for herself. Even though she loves Hugh he must prove himself worhy of that love. Also Mattie wont let him intimidate her into forgiving him or doing whatever he wants her to do. I love a character with a mind of her own.
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on July 25, 2001
A delightful story that is among her best. If you're a fan, don't miss this book. If you're not, start with this one, you'll soon understand the reason Krentz is one of the more popular romance/adventure writers.
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