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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on July 14, 2003
I have a confession...I love romance books! As much as I like to display the intellectual, logical, critical exterior of a woman who enjoys nothing but thought-provoking movies and symbollism-filled novels, in my heart I melt for rugged warriors falling madly in love with beautiful, courageous heroines. It's my Achilles Heel...:)
I'm more a fan of historical romances than contemporary, simply because I'm a student of history and I like to nick-pick at the anachronisms a lot of authors tend to overlook. But I read some reviews on Deveraux, she seemed to be a well-liked author, and I decided to try her time-travel books.
I wish I hadn't.
In Deveraux's time-travel novel, we witness a romance author, Hayden, unsatisfied with her love life consult a psychic to discover why she can't seem to settle down. Apparently, the pyschic tells her that she has been "cursed" to never love anyone but one person in her life, and that leads to Hayden going under hypnosis to discover just where things went wrong. She starts out in the body of Catherine, Lady De Grey in the early 20th century, who is on the brink of divorce with her husband, but then Hayden/Catherine goes under hynosis AGAIN and this time we're taken back to watch the development of two children, Callie and Talis, who seem to be the reason for Hayden's cursed love life.
As much as I attempt to subdue my pessimstic side and find a good thing about this book, I just can't. Wait, no, I DID like how the narrarator, Hayden, talked about the qualms of being an author of romance. Nice tongue-in-cheek effort by Deveraux. However, everything else was really unpleasent, and a pain to read. Hayden annoyed me to no extent. The story-within-a-story-within-a-story plot format left me confused and unsatisfied. This book is like three separate plots, the only thing holding them together is the very very thin thread of the narrator somehow being a re-incarnation of two past women, one from the early 20th century, the other from the era right before the Renaissance (late 15th century). But even that connection was on the brink of being frayed. It simply jumped around too much - one moment we're reading about Hayden's whining about lost love and her obsession with a character in her books, the next we're watching Hayden inhibit the body of Catherine, Lady de Grey, and then we're thrown into a huge section of the book regarding the romance and everlasting bond of two children, Callie and Talis, then thrown back to the early 20th Century with Catherine, then back to the present. We're ripped apart from characters and before we even get a chance to know them. There was no central "hero" with whom I could fall in love with...I certainly didn't find out enough about Catherine's husband, Adam, and Talis was mostly a child when we read about him.
I simply found myself more and more disgusted at the disjointed plot, the shallowness and unbelievable-ness of all the undeveloped characters, the simplistic, unimaginative dialouge, and the short, stupid ending.
Please try harder, Ms. Deveraux. I was sorely dissappointed.
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on February 2, 1999
I was surprised that this book received so many positive reviews. When I read it years ago, I was expecting A Knight in Shining Armor. Was I ever disappointed!
The major flaw of this book is that there were too many characters to care about. There was the writer and her mystery man, the Edwardian couple, and Talis and Callie (who should have been given a book of their own, not used as background to another couple's story).
I love time-travel stories, but I found the past lives plot device to be silly. The idea that Hayden -- the modern heroine -- would automatically despise the man she was destined for unless she could sort out her past lives was stupid. And although I'm sure Ms. Deveraux meant it to be romantic, I found it ridiculous that the heroes and heroines were all fated to die within the same hour of each other. I am a total non-feminist, but I find it distasteful that any couple would be so wrapped up in each other that they couldn't survive without each other.
There were parts in Remembrance that were entertaining, but all in all, I think Jude should have focused on just one couple (preferably either Talis and Callie, or Hayden and her mystery man), developed the time-travel plot, and cut the past lives business. It would have made a much cleaner, more understandable novel.
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on April 21, 2002
I am shocked at the reviews for this book. First I must say the childhood of Callie and Tallis was excellent. But unfortunately the book had a modern time beginning, then the childhood of Callie and Tallis, then back to modern. When the book went back to modern times at the end I was lost. I admit I had to sleep, and work, so I had put the book down for a day or two. What a mistake. I bet I read 20 pages of the last segment before I could remember what the beginning was. And this book did not warrant going back to the beginning to remember where the author had left off. I'm sorry Jude Deveraux, excellent idea, I looooveeee time travel books, but I definetely walked away from this book very disappointed. Some of the best books I have ever read have been by this author, unfortunately I will not be passing this book around.
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on January 15, 2003
Most of the time I love Jude Deveraux's works but never this one. I read most of the reviews and I bought a second hand one from, and I hate this book. The story really annoyed me. I do not the character and I do not this kind of fragment story, sharing the same body, the same mind but not direct connection at all. I am really disappointed with this book, I wish I have never bought it to scrude up my good impression about my favorite romance novelist.
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