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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on October 3, 2000
My son laughs out loud when I read this book to him! Boynton starts with one dog ("Woof!") and progressively adds a dog and a sound until on the last page she ends with ten dogs with ten distinctive barks...and one cat in the corner.
My son loves to hear all of the different dog noises as interpreted by his mom, who is willing to ham it up for the little guy. After we've read it a few times he happily goes to the last page and woofs and arfs quietly to himself (he's just over a year old). A word of warning, though: when his dad tries to read this book to him in a much more laid back manner than I do, my son impatiently pats the book and tells daddy sternly, "Woof!"
I'm not sure if my son is learning to count from this book, but he surely is learning to love reading. Read this one where you can have fun with it.
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on May 30, 2004
My two toddlers love - and I mean LOVE - being read this book. I, however, am not as keen. It's a good book, great even. I give it five stars! It's just that a true rendition of this counting book by dogs and their number of barks can be a little wearing on the adult reading the book. But it's well worth it when it's all said and done just to see the huge smile of my kids as I'm barking, woofing or ruffing. HELPFUL HINT: hide this book for special occassions! otherwise be prepared because your kids will always pull this out out for bedtime reading......
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on February 18, 2004
My son is almost 3 and is just learning his ABC's but with only a few days of reading this book he "read" it to me tonight for bedtime, barking correctly for each of the dogs and howling at the moon "like a coyote". My son enjoys the book and I think the simplicity is part of his attraction. For me the fun of this book is barking together. It's a great little book, but not recommended for people that can't ham it up a little. Also, if you get bored reading repetitious books, check it out from the library instead of buying it so you can take it back when you get tired of barking.
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on July 19, 2004
My kids ages 1 and 3 love this book. The pictures are wonderful and they love all the different sounds that the dogs make. I enjoy reading this one to them. My son, age 1, asks for this one over and over again.
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on November 21, 2007
This book is a lot of fun. Not only is it my toddlers favorite, but everytime I read it to him, our dog comes and sits with us and starts howling. We probably read this book at least four or five times a week and it is enjoyed by all, including the dog! MY favorite page -- Six quiet dogs! Another great title is "Why Some Cats are Rascals"
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on May 15, 2003
If you are incapable of letting loose and hamming it up for your child, DON'T buy this book! In the course of this book you are required to make a bunch of different dog noises. Actually, as you look at the dogs, and at how the different barks are spelled, your barks will surely evolve into very different barks, and this will leave your children howling with laughter.
Caution: if someone else has already read this to your children numerous times, try to listen to them before you read it aloud, as your children will correct your barks!
This is another of the Boynton books that is short enough to hold even the littlest guy's attention, and begs for interaction. Even children who are not yet speaking may find themselves howling at the moon with the doggies.
This book is great for family collaborations. Different family members are sure to be better at differnt dog sounds.
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on March 12, 2003
This has such cute illustrations, very fun to read aloud. It's noisy! (But still fun.) This is a fun, interactive book to read with/to your child. Not great for bedtime with all that barking, but fun nonetheless! I buy it for all new parents.
t is very repetitious, which appeals to many children. It's sort of along the lines of "this is the house that Jack built" in that it is a progression. With each new dog, you're repeating what all the previous dogs has to say. The 10th dog makes for a very noisy read!
I really like the author's style of illustration. The drawings are simple, but she also packs a lot of emotion into the faces of the characters she draws. The whining dog (#3) really looks pitiful! And that poor cat!
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on May 14, 2000
When we first read Doggies to my daughter, she started laughing hysterically. We had heard little laughs before but, this was much more than that. Soon, all three of us were on the floor laughing like mad. Since it was my birthday, it made for the greatest gift I could have received. We have the book memorized and will often recite it in the car or on a walk. Our daughter, Annika, loves the moon and always touches it when we get to the howling dogs. Plus, my mother-in-laws dog, Winnie, joins in the fun when we are at grandma's house. We recommend this book to everyone who has a baby and have made it a standard gift for all of our friends who are parents-to-be
Jeff and Kristen Danielsen
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on August 23, 2001
I give this book a 3-star only because my son likes to read it...again and again and again and again. I find it really boring, and not very interesting. You spend so much time making silly dog noises that the whole counting idea is forgotten. I will read it to him only if he finds it piled in the bottom of his book bin. But then I will try and hide it again so he won't find it for another couple of weeks. I know he won't learn to count from this book. Boynton should have just named it "Doggie Sounds", and forget about the counting.
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on June 28, 2002
Simple drawings, simple sounds, simple format, dynamic results. Ten words and doggie sounds -- one cat. Each of my 6 grandchildren loved this book when they were less than a year old. Copies were read and re-read, digested and even chewed.
Sandra Boynton's books have entertained and delighted our children for years. Even the youngest, who has Downs Syndrome, imitates the doggie sounds and is regaled with laughter.
Sunnye Tiedemann (aka Ruth F. Tiedemann)
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