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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on February 14, 2002
i have gone through all three levels of pimsleur spanish and found them quite effective in helping me lock away in my memory what is probably the core of the language. i can converse with native speakers at work in ordinary chit chat and am complemented upon my pronounciation. i have no doubt i would be ok in an area where nothing but spanish is spoken. what undoudtedly helped was the fact that i had for severl months before starting this series studied grammar books and bilingual reading books. if not for that i probably would have had some problems with this series if i had started it with no previous knowlege of the spanish as i am one of those visual learners...hence the 4 stars and not 5. no one source can make you fluent. but attacking it with several differnt types of sets including fsi, vocabulearn, slang sets, verb sets, and practicing with native speakers can bring you very close. do you have to have formal instruction? no not really...i knew someone who took three years of spanish in high school and still could not order dinner. what you really need is a huge appetite for what you are attempting to master and some logical common sense planning! pimsleur is a great place to start!
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on August 4, 2000
I bought the Spanish 3 set series when my boss informed me he was sending me to Venezuela for 3 months. Unfortunately, he sent me to Austria instead. Nevertheless after knowing no more Spanish than si, senor, amigo and adios I have found that using the tapes quickly enabled me to develop a basic conversational ability in Spanish that I have been able to use in practical contexts. During the start up of a new technology factory we had a dozen Venezuelans from a similar operation training our operators. Their English was variable and the Spanish that I had learnt enabled me to express and understand ideas in Spanish quite easily. Whilst leaving me far from fluent I believe it has enabled me to develop a sound basis for further language development when using it in the real world. The Venezuelans, as with any nationality, appreciate people that make the effort to learn their language so the value is far higher than the words and sentences you recite. I listened to the tapes in my car on the way to work each day and spoke aloud for the responses. The Venezuelans commented (genuinely) that my pronunciation was excellent and I believe that is one of the main advantages of this method of learning languages. You will not become fluent, will not be able to construct sentences that cover all of the ideas that you wish to express and not be able to listen in on native speakers talking and understand everything they say but you will be able to have meaningful one on one conversations that will enable you to build on what you do learn through the tapes.
I am now "hooked" on the Pimsleur tapes and intend to learn other languages using this method ...... when I can afford to.
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