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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on May 16, 2000
As a member of Toastmasters I have access to a wide variety of materials and seminars on public speaking. However, this one book covered more material in less space and in easier terms than all the seminars I've attended. His style is not that of a college textbook - if it were I wouldn't have read it. His style is straight from the hip. I consider this book to be my textbook, with Toastmasters providing the chance to practice what I've read. This book has done more to improve my speeches than the formal Toastmaster's evaluations.
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on December 22, 2000
The book has been reworked so may times and improved by the experiences of the Dale Carnegie Organization. That is what makes this book so good. This last revision by Dorothy Carnegie based on Mr. Carnegie's notes and plans is benefited by a strong editorial approach. The most important persistent advise is to talk about things you care about and are extremely knowledgeable about. Be excited about the subject or pick a new topic. Find every opportunity to speak and prepare for each one as a major opportunity. It tells how to limit your subject so that you have time to fill in the details that make it a winning talk. It guides you on how to personalize the speech and use words that have impact. The easy introduction to the methods of studying and understanding your audience are very important. It makes a good start on the field of audience participation. This book provides excellent advise on rehearsal.
This book along with every other speaking book drives home the point that there is no such thing as a good impromptu talk unless you were very lucky. In reality you work on subjects and material with a plan to use it at some future time. When you are speaking there are many things to watch. If you speak impromptu on a new subject some thing is going to suffer.
Introducing a speaker or presenting an award seems to stimulate reckless behavior much like the cutting desire to hurt people of newscasters. This book explains why this behavior is so short sighted.
Having read a Dale Carnegie book decades ago, I put off reading this book for fear it would be full of positive thinking dribble. This book is completely straight forward in style. It is in textbook format, but it is extremely easy too read. The examples of actual students and successful speakers get a little shallow sometimes. The outstanding thumbnail review of each part of the book is very helpful. I have read 21 books on public speaking. Right now this book is my leading candidate for someone that is only interested in reading one book on public speaking. It just happens to be a very low price.
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on October 27, 1999
I've been a member of Toastmasters Clubs and been trained in all the "fundamentals of speaking" but I'll tell you something: Carnegie's three fundamental principles are all you need. He's the only speaking teacher I've ever read who points out that all the superficial effects, like your voice quality and your gestures and whether you say UM or not, these aren't important. What really matters is that you're speaking about something you really believe and really want to say to this group, and something that you REALLY know, either from experience or intense study.
If you only speak on those topics, all the superficial stuff works out. You communicate. And you'll feel comfortable doing it. Carnegie's three fundamentals are the most important you'll ever encounter on speaking.
I'm the author of the book, Self-Help Stuff That Works, and I'm an expert on the subject, and I'm telling you if you want to help yourself to better speaking skills, study and practice the principles in this book and forget the superficials.
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on July 20, 2003
Dale Carnegie, the author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" again provides the keys to success in an area that challenges many of us. This well-written book discusses not only speaking effectively in front of large audiences, but also in front of smaller groups, such as at work. Effective speaking is important in any field of endeavor, and this book will help to achieve this capability.
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on January 2, 2001
This book has 14 chapters of examples and insight into public speeching. The author, who taught public speaking at seminars for 40 years, has learned alot and communicates his ideals well in written form. I really envy those who had a chance to listen to his public speeches. That is the weakest part of this book, which the author admits. It doesn't matter how much you read about speaking, you have to go out and do it, or you can't get better.
With that noted, this book does a great job at describing the speaking process. It starts by reviewing "the basics" and then divides his book into the special potential needs of its readers. At its core, this book tries to address the fears of its readers. It appear that public speaking strikes fear into more people, then anything else. If you are scared, you can't think well or express yourself clearly. Thus, if you can conquer your fear, you are on your way to giving a great speech.
"Quick" discusses three things to do. First, be prepared. You can't talk intelligently about any topic, if you don't understand it. Second, try to speak to your interests. The more you care about something, the more interesting will be your speech. Third, remember your audience. Even if you love __________ (fill in the blank), you need to understand that your audience may not. Since, no speech is effective if you lose your audience, you have to remember their needs.
The other thing "Quick" does is give you good tips. Don't try to use them all at once. My advise, pick the one, or two you like the best and work on them. Once you perfect them, or decide you don't like them, try something else. For example, I like "Quick's" suggestions of using names when you tell a story. "Imagine a hero with no name" who would remember him? Well, if you want to use an example with people, give them names, it makes it easier for your audience to relate to them.
This is this book's strongest foundation, the colorful examples and the author ability to relate to his readers through them. He quotes famous people like Lincoln and Julius Ceaser repeatedly. He also cites more ordinary people to show how real people have good insights into life.
Overall, the examples and the organization are interesting and add to its strength. "Quick" is a good book, a good "primer" for new speakers. I don't think more experienced speakers will enjoy it as much, but there is enough here to please most people who want to improve their speaking skill, novice or expert.
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on June 13, 1999
I read this book back in 1972 and it had been around for many years then. It is simply the finest single book I've read on public speaking, and for several years I made my living on the platform. I've suggested it to many people over the years and have never heard anything but compliments.
Someone wrote a negative and mean spirited review of this book, even suggesting it was written by someone else after Mr. Carnegie passed away. What garbage. To give himself creditability he indicated he was a college professor. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't but I also teach at a university and I felt compelled to write this.
Despite what this person says, Dale Carnegie's book on speaking has been in print for many years and sold copies in the millions. This is what I'd call surviving the test of time. The public, by deciding where to spend their money really determines the worth of this book.
If anyone is serious about learning to speak in public, I can't think of a better book to suggest.
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This book is a great resource, for anyone looking to improve their public specking skills. Carnegie explains things in an easy straight forward manner. There are also all sorts of examples and comments, from various historical figures. Many of the people cited in the book, existed in the 19th century. Abraham Lincoln is one example. Some people may find this sort of reference, to be somewhat dated. Many others will soon realize, that public specking is a timeless skill.

The goal of the book is to sharpen the individual`s ability to communicate. This not only applies to public specking, but many other areas as well. Carnegie bases his lessons on hard fought experience. These are not theoretical ideas.

There are a couple of drawbacks to the book. An index would certainly help for future references. The book itself, is also a small size pocket book. It is therefore difficult, to make notes in the margin.
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on July 13, 2000
Before I joined Toastmaster International about year ago, I always wanted to speak better in public. Now I am a member of Toastmasters Club, I find this book very helpful whenever I give speeches at our meetings.
The nice thing about this book is that it is full of practical and proven techniques and fundermentals of communicantion and speaking. No elaborate theories, just plain simple but extremely effective ways of preparing talks, short or long, what audience likes to hear about, how to give attention getting openings and closings in your speeches among others.
All these ideas I put them to work right away in every speech. How many times can you read something and use it on the same day?
I strongly recommend this book to everyone not just for public speaking, but for daily interaction between people, jobs and social occasions.
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on February 27, 2003
How to Win Friends etc. will probably always outsell this one. But the former book you can always practice with your family, neighbors and co-workers one at a time. With "The Quick Easy Way to Effective Speaking" you have to face the crowd, which is more difficult. This book seems to be an updated revision of a book on public speaking by Mr. Carnegie which was written long before. Dale Carnegie died in 1955, and for the previous 40 years of his life, through his classes and through his writings, he was a great courage teacher for the average person, and his spirit still flows strongly through his books.
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on March 4, 2003
This book represents one of the classics works by Dale Carengie and should be in every speaker's library. As a professional speaker my self, I had an opporuntity many years ago to take one of the popular Dale Carnegie courses and this book brings much of that information to you.
Lenny Laskowski, Author
"10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking" (Warner Books)
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