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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 18, 2000
Let me begin my saying that I usually love novellas because they are not as complicated as full length romances. Let's face it: not everyone that falls in love has so many obstacles as some characters in romance novels have.
In the first novella, William Montgomery captured my heart. He was so certain that Jackie was the woman for him, and I felt something akin to envy when Jackie finally got together with William.
In the second novella, I adored Cale's spunkiness and cynicism. I loved Cale's views on Ruth and the cowboy Kane Taggert. I loved the fact that Cale did not sob over Kane's defection like so many sappy heroines would have.
In the third and last novella, I especially like Apollodoria. Her attitude reminds me of so many friends I have. She is blunt with Cole, and does not lie to him to get what she wants.
All three were great novellas, and I would recommend them to anyone.
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on April 6, 2000
I usually prefer length novels to short storyies but this one was just oh-so delicious! I don't know if it's because authors have more freedom to experiment on new things in short stories or what, but this book is filled with some delightful surprises. And on top of the list lies Cale, our heroine from second story. She is just so... different,refreshing, and unforgattable. She is full of spunk and adorable cynicism and sharp edgy wits that it's hard not to fall for her. She is one of a kind and we really need more heroines like her(I mean really!). There would be nothing better to have a lengthy novel with a character like her-we must insist Ms.Deveraux! (OK,I'm getting too excited,but really.) Buy it, read it, indulge yourself. Oh, and if you liked Cale try some of Joan Wolfe's writing, it has similar taste.
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on March 17, 2004
I am not much of a short story fan as the shorter the story the less involved the characters or plot tend to be. Jude Deveraux is obviously an exception to this rule. She writes three moving novelas who's characters move you. You end up rooting for them shortly after starting each story.
Ms. Deveraux is an accomplished writer as is obvious when reading the novelas in The Invitation. She shows a great imagination that will have yours working overtime as you read. Her discription is marvelous as you can picture the characters and places clearly. If you pick up this book, don't plan on putting it down. You won't be dissapointed.
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on April 26, 2002
I thought I'd dislike the book since it was 3 short stories and I love long novels. But I LOVED this book!
Jackie & William were my least favorite just because their story was...well, kind of boring. William was sweet though, and it was cool that he was a virgin.
Cale & Kane were great! Cale was absolutely hilarious, she cracked me up. Kane wasn't NEARLY as amazing as his brother Mike, unfortunately.
Dorie & Cole were my favorites - they were sweet and funny. I love how Cole falls in love with innocent little Dorie! They were both great characters.
Definitely wanna read this book again someday.
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on May 28, 2001
I can just hear Jenna Stern narrating it now: "A male voice rumbled out of the truck, and even I could feel the masculinity of it. Either the driver was a heap-big male stud cowboy or they'd trained one of the bulls to drive." Said cowboy, of course, is Kane Taggert, twin brother of Mike from Sweet Liar. Humor is a staple in many of Ms. Deveraux's novels, but I think I hurt myself reading Matchmakers the first time. It has a special place on my bookself for when I need a laugh. Now I want an audiobook version to listen to while sitting in traffic. Please?
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on February 9, 1998
I certainly loved it(I read all of her books)!!!! The only disappointing thing was-well,it was toooooo short.I fell in love with William and her,you couldn't help liking her.Beautiful story.What I love about them is that you can meet other characters of previously read stories and relate to it and go: Hey,I know him,her,them! P.S.If you read this,Miss Jude Deveraux,you should feel content because all the stories I have of yours have been brought here from abroad by my family for me!Up untill now we didn't get it here in this country!
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on February 20, 1999
I absolutely loved the story of Cale. She reminded me so much of myself (with the exception that I'm not an author by trade) that I was drawn into the story as if I was actually there. But her life could have been mine and I couldn't help but feel this story was like my own fantasy come true. I have read this story until the pages have started to fall out of my book and I was forced to buy a second copy. I only hope that someday my fantasy comes true as it did for Cale.
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on June 1, 2002
i absolutely loved this book!! highly recomended! though i really didnt like jackie and william's story.. it was boring and not funny at all.. but, cale's story! man, it was great! she was so sarcastic and down to earth.. my favorite heroine. and funny to boot! i really couldnt stop laughing at her story. jude really knows how to combine humor with passion in her stories!!!
cole and dorrie's story was my 2nd favorite.. all in all, one good book to read in just one day!
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on October 9, 1999
I have read the reviews above, and everybody has already said it so well. Cale is perfect. I just love her sense of humor. The first and third stories are typical Jude Deveraux. The second story is the best yet!!! Her sarcasm had me in stitches...every time i read it...which is tons of times. I have not read any book which have remotely touched it yet. Please e-mail me if you know of one. I'd love to hear from you!!! :)
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The story of Cale and Kane is my favorite of Jude's. Cale positively had me in stitches. Ruth was the perfect foil to Cale's dry wit and sarcasm. Ruth is the oozing, simpering female that we all wish we didn't know (even though we do). These characters are wonderful - complete with the obligatory gorgeous Taggert. Kudos to Jude Deveraux for writing a story about a heroine who is less than perfect.
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