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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on June 6, 2004
I've read a dozen of Ms. Deveraux novels, including the entire Velvet series, and this novel, The Heiress, ranks as one of my favorites. Jamie Montgomery was an incredible character with a lot more substance than most leading men of romance novels. How refreshing that this was not a story of just another rich titled ladies' man sweeping the virginal maiden off her reluctant feet. The last chapter, short on details, was too easy an ending but the epilogue was a pleasant will enjoy this one!
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on October 5, 2003
Although I've read some pretty bad reviews of Jude's newer novels, I still have faith in her ability. She was the first author I ever read in the romance genre. And she's the one who hooked me.
Thankfully this book was more like what I'm used to with her writing. I found it a bit slow in the beginning as I was meeting each of the characters and learning about their lives... but soon it picked up and I was quickly turning each page to see what happened next.
I liked the twist of Jamie thinking Frances was the Maidenhall heiress instead of Axia. It truly made the story an interesting read. I found the end very touching for several different reasons. The first one being what happens with the secondary characters and another being what happens with her father... but though I enjoyed it, I felt that after all her father had put her through and how he was made to seem throughout the book... the ending seemed a little too smooth, quick and neatly tied up.
Besides that, I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it as a great addition to your bookshelf.
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on January 3, 2003
O-mi-gawd..... Never have I wanted a Montgomery man to myself so badly, and after reading several Jude Deveraux books, including A Knight in Shining Armor (Didn't offer much of a conclusion for me) and The Duchess,among others, I can't decide if I want James or the "Vellie" of many decades later. Does it matter? Sadly, not!
I have to say though, the bood was great but there were some few confusions for me, which just might be confusions.
Jamie is said to be a Norman knight on the cover, and I always associated Normans with King Richard the Lionhearted (There is also a Richard mentioned when the characters speak of making perfume near the end)and I believe they do mention fighting in the holy lands, and, after all, that is where Richard had his claim to real fame(I will be re-reading the book today however), but America, which is spoken of, was not "discovered" at this time. It was in the Elisabeathan age, which I grant one of the "official" reviewer's mentioned.
Oh well, that was bothering me. I hope that was coherent enough. Completley understandable if its not :p
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on August 2, 2002
Where do i begin? One thing that makes this book stand out is how honest Deveraux is with these characters. These characters are not perfectly perfect and yet we grow to love them just the same, maybe even more! Through the story I always thought that Axia had the wrong view of Frances' personality. However, I never thought she was wrong about her father. (You will have to read the story for yourself to know what I mean...) There are quite a bunch of surprises in this story. "The Heiress" is a beautifully, honestly told story of the ultimate joy & beauty & satisfaction of loving people just as they are - our quirks and faults and positive redeeming qualities make us uniquely ourselves - and not for what their station in life is & what they look like & what they have. The ending to this story had me totally floored & it was PERFECT!!!! (In the Epilogue, I was so completely touched by how this person showed their true colors.) I was still crying as I found my way to write this review. And although some reviewers thought the ending didn't coincide with the rest of the story, I believe that the ending further expressed how people sometimes make quick character judgments based on prejudice that could not be farther from the person's true character. It is a lesson that all of us should take to heart!!!! This is a morality tale beneath the veneer of sassy romance novel that should NOT be missed. I am going straight to the nearest half-price books -- er-i mean AMAZON -- to buy it! :-)
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on May 29, 2002
Eh, what more can I say? I read this whole book within a time frame of 6 hours one morning, refused to sleep. *_* And when I fell asleep finally, I dreamed about the story of this book.
The characters are wonderful, Jude has created two very likeable characters of Axia and Jamie and the others are very wonderful as well. Both are very rounded out with their good and bad qualities both. Axia had me laughing all the time especially with her "wildcat" attack on Jamie when he told her she couldn't go with them. *laughs* Man, that was written VERY well and I couldn't put it down! I love Axia and Jamie! the two best romance characters I've read in a long time.
I must say the ending suprises stunned me. I NEVER saw it coming! I do have some questions that I wished were answered or minor complaints. I would give it 4 stars because of this, but I MUST give it 5 stars because it's my favorite book next to "Remembrance".
This story has been on my mind for some time now, I WANT and NEED to go back and read it over to understand more of the ending and the suprises I didn't pick up along the way of reading this story and the hints. I like being suprised and caught off guard, especially where endings are concerned and I must say, the ending was PERFECT. THOUGH, I quiet couldn't understand why one minute her father was a certain way and the next he wasn't. I wish that was worked out a bit more because it leaves you somewhat wondering in the end, "why?". It didn't make sense and I need to read it over to understand it better. I think I just need to go read it over again now that I know all the secrets. I sat there 6am in the morning with my jaw dropping and closing, dropping and then closing again. Suprise after suprise which didn't seem too unrealistic--except for one: Her father. It seemed off a bit. If you don't want to be spoiled, read no further...
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on January 25, 2002
THE HEIRESS is definitely my favorite novel by JD. I've read many of her books, though many of them are excellent and carry a wonderful plot, the ending always seems to be written in a rush. Well... I can tell you that THE HEIRESS had a satisfying ending. The relationship between Axia Maidenhall and Jamie Montgomery was adorable, and really displayed true love. Jaime was chosen by Axia's father personally to bring Axia (who is a heiress - a really rich one in fact!) to her fiancé, but because he had never met her before he accidentally and quite naturally mistakes Axia's beautiful cousin and close friend Frances as the heiress. Well fortunately, Axia takes that mistake to her advantage and devises a plan to be Frances and for Frances to play along as the Heiress, that way Axia can finally have a taste of freedom along the trip. Sparks between Jamie and Axia totally FLY on the trip, and the two of them find themselves falling in love. But poor Jaime, he knows that nothing can happen between the two of them because he feels compelled to marry Frances, the heiress, for his family needs money desperately. Though Axia is afraid to tell Jamie the truth, not knowing if he would want her after she confesses, she is more worried that Jaime will only want her because of the money and then she will never be able to find out if he truly loves her.
This story is full of surprises (Axia's dad really surprised me in his behavior and actions, Toad - Axia's best friend, and even Frances' character grows) and full of humor!!! There are so many scenes I found myself laughing out loud!!! *when you get to the part where Axia is riding on a horse for the first time in her life, and how Jaime has to struggle to get her off the horse, you'll be wishing you had a box of kleenex beside you from all the tears pouring out of your eyes!!!* Enjoy!
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on January 17, 2001
- Jamie! I really, really enjoyed this book - had a hard time putting it down. A descendant of the Montgomery family (of the "Velvet" series by the same author), Jamie is the perfect hero, good looking and honorable. Too often this combination comes out rather smarmy, but he's not. Axia is wonderful heroine - full of spirit, ready to live life. But what makes this book special is the way the story is told. Not just through the eyes of the two main characters, but also through the perspective of the supporting characters. These people are interesting and wonderful in their own way. I too found the ending a bit rushed - not enough to really disappoint, but I would have liked to know more about what Jamie went through to eventually get to Axia, as well as how some of the other characters got to their final happiness. Although there is some conflict, suspense, and danger, this book is not as wrenchingly intense as the "Velvet" series - I loved those books, but found myself worn out emotionally after each one. I'd highly recommend this book!
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on February 2, 2000
When Elizabethian knight Jamie Montgomery returns home after being away for many years, he is shocked to find his family in dire straits. His father and older brother have died and he is now the earl and responsible for his mother, younger sister and blind twin sister. When the offer to escort the richest heiress in all of England to her fiance comes, Jamie does it for the money. His sisters have other ideas.
Plain Axia Lancaster is no beauty compared to her cousin Frances, so she devises a plan to have Frances pretend to be her. Knowing that the man who is to escort her to her fiance is after her money and her hand in marriage, Axia knows this to be a good idea.
Plans backfire when Axia finds herself reluctantly falling in love with Jamie and Jamie with her. But Jamie is supposed to woo the beautiful Frances, whom he believes to be the Lancaster heiress.
Jude Deveraux delivers once again a wonderful medeival novel for the reader to cherish. You'll find yourself laughing at all the things that Axia does and falling just a little bit in love with the handsome Jamie.
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on January 21, 1999
I've just discovered Jude Deveraux and have been rapidly devouring all her books I can find. The premise, the hero, heroine and supporting characters were original and entertaining...the handsome, honorable, yet desperate hero who must marry for money to save his family's home and lands attempts to woo the remote beautiful "heiress" but slowly falls in love with her outspoken, passionate and trouble-making "cousin." Add a blind sister for the hero, a physically deformed yet loyal and courageous "jester" friend of the heroine--and you should have a fascinating mix of characters to work with. And Ms. Deveraux does a great job with them--until about the last 100 pages when it seems that either a deadline or an idea for her next book was demanding that she tie everything up as quickly as possible without regard for keeping her characters acting in character. This otherwise great book deserves a better thought-out resolution of the original conflicts.
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on September 19, 2000
I was drawn to this book because I have read all velvet series and enjoyed the Montgomeries. I also was excited to know who amongst the brothers Jaime Montgomery belonged to. I was hoping to read more updates on the velvet's series family. Sad to say, the book did mentioned Jaime's father but with no name nor did it mention any velvet brothers. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed this love story very much. I didn't regret buying it. The confusions of love, pride and honor made the book interesting from front to end. The choice between Jaime's sisters comfort and love for a woman made it also even more compelling. Jude Deveraux describes each thoughts & emotions with great impact. This book not only made me laugh but it made me cry as well. The letter from Axia's father was heart quenching in the end. It was the least I expected. I do not want to give it away for those who haven't read it. A must buy and a keeper.
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