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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on February 26, 2001
An adaptation of Resident Evil 3, this is Perry's most impressive instalment in her series. Guided by the game's storyline, the narrative speeds along. The game's various environments lend a scale and 'production value' that her own novels lack. Whereas both Underworld and Caliban Cove before it can be visualised as movies with cheap sets, Nemesis and its two game-inspired predecessors are definitely big-budget. Perry's additions to the material are excellent - Jill's loneliness at the beginning, when we learn of her struggle to save lives before the start of the story, and her gradual attraction to Carlos later are handled well. Nicholai's story stands out most, though, and Perry's rendition, fleshing out the slight material we get in the game, is better than any other piece of characterisation in her series. Perry shines as a writer when she has someone else's story to work with, and of her three Resident Evil game adaptations, this is her best. As a villain, Nicholai is far more interesting that the bland ones she created for both of her own instalments. Instead of spending the story holed-up in safety, sending creatures after the heroes, Nicholai (like Annette Birkin and Albert Wesker before him) are running the same risks. The book over-writes some of the continuity of the previous ones, and Perry apologises for this at the start. This was forced on her by the game she is adapting. She had Brad Vickers flee the city after the first book, but he has to be here now as he is featured in the game. Jill was going out to meet Chris and Barry when she briefly appeared at the start of the second book, but while her predicament (fleeing the city) is still the same, Chris now has to be in Europe. Never mind: the game Resident Evil 3 itself is not perfect in its continuity. SD Perry's Nemesis is an enjoyable and fast-paced read, and there are some good little touches to surprise anyone expecting a cheap cash-in. I did wonder though, at Perry's description of Jill's outfit in the game: 'dressed for movability' in a tight mini-skirt? I don't think so...
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on April 15, 2001
I will start off by stating that this is the best book of the series, but thats not saying much. If you have played the games, you might enjoy this expose into the world of survival horror based entirely on your love of the video game. However, if you have not played the game, or are looking for a well-crafted novel, you will be disapointed. Again, Perry fails at bringing to life the dark, terryfing, and threatening aspects of the enviroment. She relies too much on the fact that you have already educated yourself on the RE story through the games, and offers little imagination beyond what the games have already established. You are left with little feelings for the characters, and you rarely get the "feeling" of the atmosphere they are in. Mostly lifeless and too much like the game (thus repetitive), it still offers some extra insight on the characters, but, unfortunatly, not the monsters.
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