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on April 26, 2010
I have a blog (pinkpeppers) and named it because I figured a color with a vegetable would be easy to remember. Tris Hussey starts his book talking about naming your blog, what to do- something memorable, what not to do- when run together does the name become something unfortunate.

My blog was created by someone else and I often wish I knew how to add a click on box, add the wall paper, basically how to change it in any fashion without bothering my site manager.

Here's help! This book has an entire section on "Tweaking Your Blogs Setup" Perfect!

The first three chapters will help you install and start your blog. I am very glad for the pictures that walk you through the processes as he explains them. And what about the difference say, between WordPress and DIY? It comes down to time and money, $10-$15/yr. for WordPress whereas DIY can be $10-$15/mo. Of course there's a tradeoff, on WordPress you are limited to certain themes and you can not use additional plug-ins. WordPress is a great start though.

This book also covers the general tell all blogger vs. the business blog and the various options for each. Did ya wanna make money? This gives you the help, directly and indirectly.

He gets into multimedia, podcasting your own on your own, video blog posts you do.

I like the books set up, I like the "notes," and "new terms," and "tips," separated and highlighted throughout the text.

Tris Hussey is a professional blogger and leading expert and for just the price of this book, you can pick his brain. Good Deal!
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on March 28, 2010
This review was originally written for the Kindle Version of this book. The rating has been changed from that mentioned with regard to the Kindle format to reflect just the material within the hard copy version.

In terms of the information content, I would have been inclined to give this book 4 stars but as I purchased it for the Kindle reader I have to include how well it conveyed in this format. Frankly, I cannot recommend that this book be purchased in Kindle reader format. One of the primary features of this book are the screen shots that are used as illustrations within the text of the book as illustrations of specific subject matter. The displays on the Kindle are so small as to make them illegible and non-readable. This can be compensated for by reading the book while you have access to an internet connection and full-sized screen but then that defeats the purpose of the Kindle which is to make the material mobile.

That caveat aside I did find the information within the book helpful and can recommend it on that basis. The information with regard to blogging should serve the average person without experience in this area to know how to locate appropriate free blog services and then how to economically move to a dedicated site for a higher profile blog.

Subjects covered in this book progress logically from simple to more complex matters. General advice includes simple story telling methods, how to introduce yourself to the blogosphere in your first post,and how to create an environment that draws people in and makes them feel welcome to converse with you and with one another. From there tips on how to build community and what the differences are between a personal and business blog are explored. Expansion into the realms of podcasting and video blogging is explored. How to build a portfolio to highlight your work in different areas is dealt with and then issues related to exposing your personal life publicly and finally how to actually begin to generate income from your blog.

The tone and pace of the book is light and conversational. The author obviously knows their material and has valuable insight and hints for the process. The scope of the material is fairly broad as noted, above so if you're looking for a focused read on just the traditional blogging element then this book may be too broad. For the newbie just looking to get their feet wet and determine their options, this book material wise should serve just fine. Just get it in hard cover and save yourself the frustration of the Kindle version's unreadable diagrams.

3 stars - 4 on content, 2 on format and then split the difference.

bart breen
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