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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on September 1, 1999
A poem for every occasion, a poem for every feeling. Ms. Angelou's rich anthology has been with me through both difficult and uplifting moments in my personal past in the past five years. With her special insights on life, gathered through the years on her journeys from America to Africa and nearly everywhere in between, she brings a wealth of understanding to the simplicities of life, the struggles and beauty of being a woman, of pushing on through both adversity and triumph. Bless you Ms. Maya and thank you.. your work continually reminds me that still.... I rise.
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on June 10, 2000
siempre he creido que los poemas deben ser rimados y por eso no me gustan los versos blancos, los desatinos poeticos de la libre versificacion. Maya Angelou presenta rima y verso, sus poemas son cantables, recitables, tienen gracia y ritmo y cierto estilo que parece ser caracteristico de los afroamericanos, sus poemas me encantaron todos. y por favor otra cosa, a ella hay que leerla en su idioma. la poesia se pierde en las traducciones, sino traten de leer a neruda en ingles para que vean que desastre.. LUIS MENDEZ
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on April 17, 2000
Maya Angelou is by far one of the most gifted women of the world. She brings all the elements of being human to the surface. As the founder of the Phenomenal Women Of The Web®, it was Maya Angelou - the words and feelings she invoked in me - that lead me to create the organization. I have sold hundreds of copies of this book on my site - along with the audio tapes. To hear Maya speak the words of the poem "Phenomenal Woman," is to truly feel your spirit come alive. I highly recommend this book to any person with a heart.
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on May 2, 2000
I seem to be the odd man out here, but I've always expected poetry to have a certain grace, consistency, music, class. At her best, Maya Angelou is cute; at her worst, she is insipid. Her goo-goo da-da earth mother routine becomes seriously tiring after a few poems -- and it is a little preposterous to find somebody still playing the race card in the year 2000! Please, poetry-lovers, look into the work of Tennyson and Philip Larkin. Or Shakespeare. Or even Langston Hughes, if you must have Righteous Anger with your poetry.
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on March 21, 1998
Mr. James Baldwin's review paints Maya's collection like an oriental painter. With just a few stokes of simpilicty, he captures the background and soul of Ms. Angelo's poetry. I, on the other hand, stare and flip through the book to feed a hunger like standing before my refrigerator late at night. I know I want something, but I am not sure what it is. The difference is no matter what I select to read and digest from Maya's extensive collection, I am satisfied.
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on September 4, 1998
Angelou has the capacity to convey our most inner and innate identity. Through her award-winning poetry, she uses words to draw out the feelings within our souls that are common to all people on this planet. By her literary magic, she urges the reader to let his differences dissolve and celebrate the human race as a whole. All of this is accopmlished with a candor, eloquence, and style which is all her own. Bravo, Professor Angelou.
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on October 15, 1998
Mrs. Angelou has written these poems all of her life, to have all of her publications in one book is absolutely wonderful! I have always loved Maya, as she worked with Martin Luther King Jr. (although I wasn't born yet, but studied it) was a great speaker, and up to the President Clinton's innagration service, she has always bee what I call PERFECT!! The poems are very moving, I recommend this to EVERYONE alive!!!
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on August 5, 1998
I unfortunately only know a few poems by Maya Angelou; plus her book I know why the caged bird sings. I think she is the best writer ever born in this world and 'Phenomenal Woman' is my all time favorite poem. Anyone who cares about the history of African-American women should read Maya. And every woman who is proud to be a woman should read her poetry. You will find a big part of yourself in it.
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on August 22, 1998
I never really was interested in Maya Angelou until I read this book. This book of poetry is absolutely amazing. She writes about everything from high society to slaves in the cotton fields. Maya Angelou is certainly a great poet and she really touched my heart with her poetry. My favorite yet is "Phenomenal Woman". It's the best book I've read in ages!!
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on April 1, 1999
This was a wonderful book, in which all the poems seem to tell a story, that nearly everyone has been through at one time in their life. Maya Angelou has written exactly what is on her mind, clearly, and simply creating a portrait of her past. Though many of the poems have to do with the experience of being black, I would recommend this book to anyone.
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