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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on January 3, 2004
I am an avid cook, and home baker. I also have an extensive collection of cookbooks.
Some cookbooks, French Laundry, Aquavit, Amuse Bouche, and the like are beautiful books, with wonderful recipes for the more advanced home chef. I use them all the time, but consider them very focused and specific in their scope.
The Way to Cook is more like the cooking "Kama Sutra" in my house. I continue to go back to Julia's methods of preparing the staples. In a very easy to understand and often illustrated way, this book covers hundreds of food preperations.
I highly, highly recommend this book. I have a second copy on hand, because mine is so tattered, splattered, and earmarked!
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on June 28, 2000
Julia Child is one of the best cookbook writers ever --- which is not an original thought, but it is important to bear in mind as the market is flooded with cookbooks. Instructions are clear, photographs are helpful, and organization of the book (master recipes for basic things get subsequently developed/incorporated into other dishes) is excellent and easy to follow, and most importantly, the recipes work. This, along with the newer How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman, seem to be the two I pull out all the time as a reference. Example: Mayonnaise based sauce started breaking down on me and Julia's suggested fix worked like a dream. Great book for any cook to "grow" with.
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on April 7, 2003
Julia Child combines wit, wisdom, a deep and abiding love of good food, and a quirky sense of humor in this informative kitchen must-have. Clear, concise instructions and beautiful photographs take the reader step-by-step through basic kitchen techniques from trussing and roasting a chicken to trimming and boiling an artichoke. Recipes for everything from soup to nuts, and delightful anecdotes round out this satisfying literary feast. Unlike many of the world's great cooks who shroud themselves in egocentric mystery, Julia Child seems delighted to have the opportunity to show her readers how to truly enjoy one of the finest things in life: preparing and sharing a delightful meal.
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on April 13, 1999
An autographed copy of The Way to Cook has adorned my kitchen bookshelf for years now. Despite its somewhat ostentatious title, I have to say it lives-up to its name, with outstanding and unique coverage of basic techniques and terminology that are difficult to find elsewhere. Make no mistake, however: this is not a low-fat cookbook. But the basics learned with it, along with the various "component" recipes, can be applied equally to healthier eating (with modification as needed), or to those occasional moments when you need something special and luxurious. Highly recommended!
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on June 18, 2003
This was the first cookbook I ever bought, and it was a wonderful introduction to cooking for someone who could barely boil water. She goes through every dish step by step, with plenty of pictures and instructions. If you've never cooked before, obviously, you will want to start with the easier items - just read through the recipe before you begin and see if it is something you can handle. I guess the best praise I can give to this book is that 10 years later I am sill learning from it - and I have yet to find a recipe in this book that doesn't turn out well!!!
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on March 20, 1999
Just got this book in the mail. I tried the tomato sauce with my homemade pasta.( learned how to make it in an adult class afterhours in a high school) My husband said, " Where do you get this recipe, it is the best you ever made? Not bittery tasting?" Last night I made the giant eclair. Great fun and great results. The lay out is excellent. I love the glossy pages. Food wipes clean off them. Great pictures. Instructions superb. Par excellance Julia. Thank you. I won't have to go to cooking school now!!!!!
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on April 20, 1999
I have dozens and dozens of cookbooks and have yet to find one that I turn to as frequently and with as much confidence as this one. The real success of this book is that is assumes all readers are novices in the kitchen and therefore must explain each step of the process. In doing so, otherwise complicated recipes become approachable. I have won rave reviews with the coq au vin recipe and the brussel sprouts with chestnuts has become a new Thanksgiving tradition.
Definitely buy this cookbook.
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on November 1, 2001
If you are truly clueless about how to cook, or you are a seasoned professional, this book can teach you whatever you need to know to pull off an intimate dinner for two or a fabulous dinner party for 8. Anything that you need to know about the day-to-day business of cooking can be found here in easy to understand terms with lots of pictures. Julia doesn't looks at good cooking as something that anyone can do and gladly shares her secrets to making it fun and easy and scrumptious.
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on May 20, 1996
Whether you're a novice or an experienced cook, this book has plenty of interesting and thoroughly useful information and recipes. It's like a scholarship at a great cooking school, offering classics as well as the best of new cuisine -- and providing thoroughly up-to-date, reliable, and clear instructions for efficiently and successfully producing a variety of superb dishes in your home kitchen.
You owe it to yourself, your family, and your dinner guests to check this out!
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on February 15, 2000
The best part about this book for me is that it teaches cooking isn't just following a set of steps in a recipe. By listing several "Master Recipes" Child teaches you the basis of a dish, then gives you the knowledge you need to branch out beyond the basics.
The effect for me was to introduce me to the creativity and adaptability of cooking, and has helped me enjoy not just my own cooking, but to see the beauty of other's dishes. Fantastic.
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