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on June 25, 2003
Yes....that's right....I said it is one of the greatest books ever written on golf and I stand by that....I first read it years ago, and ya know when I read it most recently? Last week! My golf game was struggling...anyone who plays knows there is so much technical jargon to think about, and once all these thoughts enter your head, you're done for! That's where the legend Mr. Penick comes in. Forget about rotating this part of your body 90 degress and your ankle must be at a 32 degree angle and so forth....Take dead aim! Get the negativity out of your head, remember a few SIMPLE methods to hit the ball, and as Taylor Made once advertised, Find Your Game! My game was gone...I was hopeless and didn't know what to do with myself....I saw the book on my shelf, read it (very easy read), and my next opponent better be ready! If you love golf, and you wanna read a book that just makes sense (and provides a lot of inspiration) this book is highly recommended. A man's entire life experience with the game he loved is in this book...treat it with respect...heed the words....and the next putt you drop you might find yourself looking up at the heavens saying "thank you Harvey!"
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 8, 2014
I heard much about this book and finally decided to purchase it. It shipped fast and was a good price. This book is, however, geared towards the right handed golfer. There are many useful tips that require mental manipulation to apply to the lefty golfer like myself. Also, there are a lot of references to people saying things rather than tips directly. Makes the read interesting but rather wordy and unnecessary at times.

I feel my game improved with this book, and was a quick read overall. I wouldn't recommend as a must buy book however.
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on July 18, 2002
Harvey Penick wrote his masterpiece with this book, a simple, common terms, way to understand all you ever needed to know about golf. In an age of technical, computer, look-alike golf swings, Harvey Penick wrote a book that the common man can understand.
I have used the thoughts and tips from Harvey's book for over five years now, and it has done nothing but help me become a better golfer, and student of the game. Harvey's tips are great not only for amateurs, but are used by professionals as well. This book is the bible of golf books, a starting point for anyone interested in the game, or interested in getting better.
I know people who read this book every year getting ready for the golf season, and it does nothing but help them with their game. Some of the best parts of this book are when Harvey shares anecdotes from his life, which are always filled with humor and applicable to the golf world, and life.
Harvey Penick was a mad who had integrity, and that is why his legacy lives on. This book is highly recommended to golfers, and non-golfers who might just catch the golf bug after reading this book.
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on September 25, 2000
Boy Howdy! I've been playing golf for two years now, and like other golfers who've started playing the game, I too watch The Golf Channel religiously looking for every possible tip to help with my swing. Reading golf magazines, and the like. Well,this past spring I purchased The Little Red Book, and it along with two other books written by Mr. Penick, are the only books on golf I have, and I don't need no more. I'm telling you,as you read this book, it's like Mr. Penick is right there with you, helping you to "Be At Ease" and to "Take Dead Aim". I love the Slow Motion Drill, and it's my goal to purchase a weighted club and use the drill extensively during the off season. Most of all, I plan to devote as much time as possible to my short game, because Mr. Penick is right when he says a twenty foot putt is more psychologically damaging to an opponent than a 270 yard drive off the tee. I carry "The Little Red Book" with me every day along with my Bible in my book bag. Sound crazy, but that's how I feel about Harvey Penick. In fact when people ask me if I have an instructor, I tell them it's Harvey Penick..
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on September 20, 2000
Ben Crenshaw doubled over and openly wept after holing out to win the 1995 Masters tournament. His golf teacher, friend, and father figure Harvey Penick had passed away shortly before the tourney. Ben felt that Harvey was 'guiding' him in the final rounds, and the emotions finally overtook him. The impact of the moment was very touching, but it wasn't until I finished Harvey's Little Red book that I began to understand the poignancy of the connection. The 90-year-old Penick had taught Ben since Ben was 7. The little red book of the title is the notebook, journal, and freeform diary of Mr. Penick. Compiled from golf observations throughout his life, it was only in his waning years that he agreed to allow anyone to see it. What a treat and a privilege it was to read. This is a wonderful piece of literature. Having recently completed Hogan and Armour's instructional guides, this was an excellent follow up. Not nearly as meticulously mechanical and cold as Hogan, nor as blandly wandering as Armour, Penick's actual instruction is extremely straightforward in its scope. I also think that the longer one has played golf the greater one appreciates this work. Not written strictly for the beginner, as the other two books are, Harvey comments not only on instruction and mechanics, but also course design, tournaments, hustlers, metaphorical imagery, and caddying in the early part of the century. Throughout the book, his love of teaching and his immense pride in his pupils continues to carry the theme, allowing one to understand the connection he had with his students. Having become extremely weary of the cloying media and corporate anointment of T. Woods, reading about golf as seen through Harvey Penick's eyes was a much-needed tonic. Highly recommended.
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on March 12, 1999
I first read this book two years ago. I saw it on the shelf of my local book store and thought I would see if he could help where all others had failed. Two years and twelve strokes off my handicap later, I can honestly say his methods and teachings work. But this book is about more than fixing the problems of you golf game. This book is about life. If I had never improved my golf game one iota, I can say that I still got more from this book to help me with my personal life than I ever could from another self-help book. His teaching and his lifestyle were simple. His outlook on life had one important credo, "Take Dead Aim!" With his teachings and those words as my mantra, I have not only improved the quality of my golf game but I have improved the quality of my life. This book is a testament to the fact that not all things in life can be had by making more money than the other guy, but rather by finding what you like to do (play golf), work at being the best you can be (practice), and then treating others as you would be treated were you in their shoes. A must have for not only any golfer interested in improving their game, but for anyone. He says himself that these words are nothing more that the thoughts and teachings of an over-grown caddy, but beleive me this is one caddy with the wisdom that can only come from years being true to himself and the game he loved.
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on October 23, 1998
The book I had just read could be considered a novel but is more ani instructional-novel on one of the greatest golf teachers who ever lived. The man's name is Harvey Penick. The book he wrote is called;"Harvey Penickcs Little Red Book." The main theme of the story is mmainly to tell about the golfing and teaching life of Harvey Penick. Harvey Penick had a little red book where he would write down the notes on what is changing or progressing in a students golf game. Harvey would also write down his golf tips in his book. Harvey had a series of books. This bok is one of many books he wrote. Harvey Penick wrote another book called,"The Game For a Lifetime." That book he could not complete because he passed away before he could. Tom Kite one of his best friends took over and finished the book for him. He just used the knowledge he had gained from Mr. Penick. I couldn't tell you the whole story because alot of it is on the teaching of golf. What I can tell you are the little things such as, Harvey had a son named Tinsley, and a wife named Helen. Harvey was born in Austin,Texas.Harvey was the head pro at the Austin Country Club. He worked there until 1975 and held the job for fifty years. After that his son had taken over his position.Harvey, after he retired, decided to hang around the country club and teach whoever wanted to be taught about golf. I don't want to give away all the aspects about Harvey Penick. If you would like to know more on this amazing man you'll have to read his book for yourself. The book is only about 180 pages long. I would definitly say this is one of the best books I have ever read.Iliked because I got so much out of it. This book helped me a lot with my golf gaame and taught me about one of the greartest teachers ever. I would definitly recommend this book to others. The only thing is, if you don't play golf or have nothing to do with golf you might not enjoy it.
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on October 4, 2000
I've owned this book for a few years now, and like my caption says, it never gets old.
In this golfer's book you will find instruction, philosophy, and history - all woven masterfully together in the form of stories. Whether it's the lengthly section where Harvey gives his thoughts in the grip, or the extremely terse paragraph explaining why he never joined the tour, Penick uses the right words at the right times.
I've read it several times and often take it with me on long trips. It's broken into several very short segments, sometimes two or three on a page, sometimes two or three pages. This means you can always pick it up, read a quick snipit, and walk away from it.
Lastly, I've found that whenever my golf game is struggling, I read this book and it always somehow gets back on track. I don't know if it's from the lucid instruction or the comforting philosophy, but either way this book has become an integral part of my golf regimen.
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on March 19, 2004
HARVEY PENICK'S LITTLE RED BOOK: LESSONS AND TEACHINGS FROM A LIFETIME OF GOLF is a must have for any serious golf library. Filled with anecdotes, stories and practical golf advice, Penick's book is a forthright, enjoyable read. No wonder these lessons had such an impact on the likes of golf greats Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite, both of whom were Penick proteges.
Penick's book also lends a classical look at a classical game. With all that's going on in the world of golf today: the exorbitant salaries, conflicts about equipment and vintage courses becoming too short, Penick's book reminds us that once upon a time golf was a genial game instead of a rabid business. Read it and gain some needed perspective on the greatest game in the world.
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on February 7, 2001
One thing mid to high handicappers such as myself notice about better golfers is how much knowledge of, and feel for, the game they have. This book will increase your knowledege and feel immensely. The result is a better additude toward the game and more confidence, which can only result in better scores.
There is plenty of technical help as well with chapters on grip, "the magic move," chipping, club selection, etc. If there's anything thats bothering your game, such as too strong of a grip, you may well discover what it is while reading this book. But more than anything, you will be a more savvy golfer with a renewed additude.
Hit 'em straight
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