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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 19, 2001
There is some good info here, no doubt. Especially the information about IVF/GIFT. However, I wound up feeling more scared than anything else. The author presents a myriad of possible things that could currently be wrong or could go wrong. He suggests that the radiation from a TV set could render one infertile. That seems a bit over the top to me. He also suggests writing the company that makes your computer monitor to see how much radiation it emits. There are also a bunch of other bizarre suggestions that seem more hurtful than helpful. I would avoid this unless you feel you are up for hearing a lot of cautionary messages about why you may not be able to conceive. I read this and thought, "It's a wonder ANYONE gets pregnant!" If you are looking for a more empowering pregnancy book I would suggest "Taking Charge of Your Fertility."
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on June 2, 2000
As a long time infertility sufferer, I found the first edition a sorry excuse of a book for such a serious subject. The outlandish aspects of the book and the total tone was so upsetting to me that I had wasted my money, and should have invested it in an author that would have taken the subject seriously, and given me the information I needed. Still reading everything I can get my hands on, I decided to give the new edition a try. The book was much larger, figured they got their act together, I went ahead and bought it. I was even more disappointed this time around. Infertility is a disease, and I have never seen any other book written on a disease take such little responsibility to the frame of mind of the reader that is the sufferer of the disease. I, for one, do not appreciate the "cutesy" little titles spewed throughout the book. I am not reading this book for entertainment. I am reading it for information. I don't appreciate a claim that almost everyone can become pregnant when I and so many hundreds of thousands of people are walking around childless. Any educated reader will be offended by this book. There are so many excellent books on the subject, and are being released all the time. Just check the list of other authors customers have bought books from. Please, do not update this book in another 8 years. Dr. Lauersen's previous books were excellent. I own several of them, and many of my friends say they live by his pregnancy books (I have not been so lucky). Pass this one by, and check out the list of related books.
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on May 24, 2003
This book goes into excruciating detail about fertility and all factors that may enhance or detract from fertility. You'll learn more about the female and male reproductive systems from this book than you'll learn from any biology course. The authors discuss in detail all types of things that can threaten fertility (endometriosis, PID, fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, abortions, IUDs, ectopic pregnancies) and discusses how to avoid them. They also cover workplace threats to fertility, STDs, how your OB can help protect your fertility -- After discussing fertility issues, the authors move to how to conceive, discussing sex, body fat & dieting, fitness, stress, diet, and other preparations. The book even boasts of a "revolutionary fertility diet." Finally, the authors discuss the many ways that science can help you conceive -- fertility surgeries, treatments for male infertility, drugs, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, and donor egg and embryo transplant. I found this book to be like a textbook of sorts -- comprehensive & full of "evidence" and "facts." Frankly, I think there is way too much information in the book to be useful as a general guide; rather it would be more useful as a reference book for how to deal with specific issues. Nonetheless, given the pain associated with fertility issues, it's all worth a try.
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on April 7, 2003
I unintentionally stumbled upon this book in a bookstore in 1996 while trying to conceive my first child. I was not having fertility problems but before reading this book was going on information from my OB/GYN about how to achieve pregnancy regarding timing of relations and the "window of opportunity" for conception. I figured I'd read the book for the heck of it to see if there was something useful in it that went above and beyond the information my doctor already provided me with.
I was happy to find a very easy to read format and very understandable information. I was surprised to find different information regarding timing of relations with ovulation than my own doctor had given me. Specifically I learned that if I followed my doctor's method, conception would be far less likely to take place (according to the author/doctor) than if I followed the information recommended in his book. I learned the details of the fertility cycle and specific information about using (the inexpensive) ovulation predictor kits to help narrow down the fertility "window". At the time, I thought it humorous to read of intentional gender selection. I learned that gender selection does have a scientific reason and factors under the control of the woman and man can determine the gender of the baby. I did have a thought that a certain gender as a firstborn would be nice. I decided to follow the instructions in the book exactly and see if I'd conceive a certain gender. With the use of (the least expensive) ovulation predictor kits from the drug store I was happy to achieve pregnancy on the first month of following these directions. Additionally I ended conceiving a baby of my "choice" of gender, after following the instructions for that gender.
Women talk to each other about pregnancy and infertility; it is a natural thing between women, especially between pregnant women and women who are already mothers. As my friends and co-workers would tell me of their infertility problems or mention they want to begin trying, I explained that this book helped me, and I recommended that they read this book and educate themselves rather than just follow what their OB/GYN or Infertility specialist said to do. (I did not and am not recommending to ignore a doctor's advice, but to supplement it with self-knowledge obtained by reading this book.) Eleven women that I lent my book to ended up pregnant after reading this book and following the directions regarding timing, understanding their fertility cycle, and general nutritional recommendations. (I was so surprised at the success rate that I kept track of the numbers.) The women undergoing infertility treatment and procedures told me this book recommended more frequent intercourse than their own doctors did. The women who wanted a certain gender followed those instructions and every one of them conceived the gender they tried for. The women who didn't have a gender preference achieved pregnancy with a "surprise" gender and were happy.
What bothered me about the book was the detailed information about miscarriage and infertility treatments. Since I was not officially considered infertile I didn't have an interest in this and found those sections scary. I chose stop reading those chapters because at that point I was not considered medially "infertile". Instead I concentrated on the lifestyle recommendations that were definitely under my control such as nutrition, what to avoid eating or being exposed to, fertility cycle information, and conception and gender selection tips. My point is that this book is helpful even if you have not yet officially begun trying to conceive and is still helpful if you are not officially deemed "infertile".
Knowledge is power. I feel that every person should educate themselves about issues they are concerned with. Even if you are seeking the advice of a doctor or even an infertility specialist, I recommend you educate yourself about the topic. This is a very good book about achieving pregnancy, read it! Don't just rely on experts, become informed yourself. The price of this book is so much lower than expensive ovulation predictor kits and ovulation predictor computer programs. Rather than immediately think there is something wrong with your body, read this book first and see if you really are setting yourself up for success. Before rushing off to get a consult with an infertility specialist read this and make sure you have been "doing things right". If you have already been diagnosed with an infertility problem, then you definitely should read this and educate yourself, as it will help you have meaningful discussions and more able to make informed choices when talking with your infertility specialist.
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on May 23, 2002
After reading the review by "Reader in New York" I just had to add my comments. Yes, Dr. Lauersen, the author of Getting Pregnant, is a convicted felon - but he was convicted because he tried to help women get their fertility treatments covered by their insurance company, by doing dual procedures - a combination surgery and fertility treatment. Because of Dr. Lauersen's case, women of New Jersey, and soon, New York will have laws in place that force insurance companies to pay for their fertility treatments - laws Dr. Lauersen gave up his freedom for.
If anything, this man is a hero who has made a significant contribution to women's rights - by fighting an insurance system that pays for a man's Viagra but won't pay for medication to help a woman's ovaries.
His book is wonderful - filled with great medical advice and information and if you let this one misinformed person influence you, you will be passing up one of the truly great books on fertility ever written. It has helped many, many women get pregnant and I am certain it can help almost anyone who buys it.
Anyone who believes every woman has the right to be a mother, and anyone who truly values the American family, should support Dr. Lauersen, and his books, and not condemn him, or his hard work.
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on December 19, 2001
This book is a great source for helping couples understand infertility and the factors that affect it. This book covers so many things to look at if you want to conceive or are having trouble conceiving - from diet, hormones, acidity, sperm levels, genetics, physical issues, etc. Basically, the point of this book is that there is no such thing as infertility - just something you might not have tried before. It presents a wide variety of research of various topics relating to infertility, so that you can judge for yourself if any might apply to you. Did you know that soybean and peas are being researched as natural birth control methods? So you might want to avoid those 2 things if you're having trouble getting pregnant. This book doesn't claim to have all the answers, it just presents a lot of information that will help anyone who wants to have a baby understand all the factors that can play a part. It must work because I got pregnant just a couple of months after reading this book and I was told by my Dr. that I would have a hard time getting pregnant!!
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on October 24, 2001
Although I found some parts informative, I found a lot of the info more alarmist than helpful at this stage in my life (30, trying to conceive for the first time about now). It tells you way too much about all the things that can go wrong with fertility, all the things to avoid or else you won't conceive, to get a fertility test etc. Yes it also tells you how to time sex so you have more chance of conceiving fast, and what to eat. But basically, if you are thinking about/have just started to try conceiving, and are not in a particularly "at risk" category (not alcoholic, heavy smoker, HIV or other STDs, drug user, obese, anorexic/bulimic, serious chronic illness) this book will make you think it is really difficult to get pregnant and bring it to term and will stress you rather than help you. It IS normal not to get pregnant immediately, and unless you have been trying for several months unsuccessfully you should not stress (says my OB/GYN!)that you cannot have children. So this book gives way more info than what you need to know right now...
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on July 26, 2000
I was very disappointed upon reading this book. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant for the first time and this book made it sound like it is easier to launch a space shuttle than it is to get pregnant. No one can possibly live up to all the expectations this book places on you. The language used is very condescending and speaks to you as though you were an idiot. It speaks as if you have no right to try and get pregnant because there is too much out there that you don't know. In fact, it made me very frieghtened about trying to get pregnant. My doctor even recommended that we simply toss the book away. If you have been trying without success for some time to get pregnant and are having difficulties, then the book would not be an entire waste because it points out about every single thing that could possibly be stopping you. But if you are trying for the first time, don't waste your effort or time reading a book that will only bring your spirits down. Many babies are born every day to people who were not even trying. It can't possibly be as difficult as this book makes it seem.
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on May 6, 2000
I suffer from infertility and endometriosis. The latest edition of "Getting Pregnant" is excellent and a huge improvement from the last edition. It has been completely revised and updated for the millenium with all of the latest information on infertility treatment and fertility procedures. I feel that this would be one of the most helpful books for anyone who is trying to get pregnant (and I own A LOT of fertility books). I also consider this to be a great source of information for couples who are suffering from infertility.
The 2000 edition contains a bunch of new information and is twice the size of the 1992 edition. It includes the more "advanced" fertility info on immune disorders, male infertility, diet & "fertility foods", preventing miscarriage, new fertility surgeries, latest on high-tech fertility procedures, latest on fertility drugs and as well as the more basic information on how to increase your chances of conceiving, etc. (stuff for "beginners").
I finally did conceive last month, but I sadly miscarried 2 weeks ago. I was looking for pregnancy loss books, when I noticed that my "Getting Pregnant" book had been updated. I decided to purchase this book instead of a miscarriage book. I am really glad I did! It has helped me look forward to resuming my infertility treatment so I can try to get pregnant again. I am also looking forward to discussing many of the things that I learned from this book with my Reproductive Endocrinologist at our next consultation.
I really appreciate how encouraging Dr. Laurensen is. He is positive and upbeat, while remaining realistic. I am going through a really difficult time right now and this book has "lifted my spirits" a little bit. The book is also very easy to read, eventhough it covers some very technical stuff. It is very "reader-friendly"!
Much thanks to Dr. Laurensen and Ms. Bouchez for revising and updating their book!
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on January 5, 2002
I bought this book because my husband and I are planning the conception of our first child. Whilst it has some very informative sections, it makes it appear that the only way to conceive a baby is to be the pefect weight, at the perfect time and with everything perfectly planned. After approaching my doctor with questions about all the tests and everything that this book recommends, he said 'People have been having babies for thousands of years without books, you have to remember that the highest probability is that you will conceive easily and bring to term a healthy, happy baby.' I think that is probably better value than the 400 or so pages in this book. I would only recommend this if you are having considerable problems getting pregnant.
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