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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 11, 2008
This is a great book for people who want to learn some NLP and test the effectiveness of NLP techniques before immersing themselves deeper.

The book is entirely practical - it is loaded with 43 different exercises / experiments you can do to improve different aspects of your life.

The book has some essential NLP techniques - such as Swish pattern, Fast Phobia Cure, Creating Reapport, Circle of Excellence, Reframing, some basics related to working with Time-Lines - that everyone can benefit from learning and using.

By the time you're done going through the exercises in this book, you're bound to become more empowered and know how to access your inner resources and run your mind and neurology to reach your goals and remove some obstacles from your path.
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on February 2, 2004
This program by NLP Comprehensive is one of the very best programs on how to use NLP effectively and achieve rapid change.
I ordered this first as an audio tape program from Nightingale-Conant and then bought the print version.
Each tape/chapter is like having your own individual coach and and builds on the previous information.
My daughter used one of the techniques to improve her ability in the classroom and as a cheerleader. My son was struggling to make the footbal team until he used these methods. My wife and I have used them in our professions and they have made a significant difference.
I also recommend the tape program NLP Mastery by Charles Faulkner which is also available here at Amazon.
Many NLP books and tapes are hard to follow. Faulkner et all make learning these techniques easy for anybody even high school cheerleaders and football players.
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on February 1, 2004
If you were to buy only one book on NLP then NLP: The New Technology of Achievement should be that one book. The book is 12 chapters and 350 pages. It includes a 21 day Unlimited Achievement program.
Although edited by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner, this program features the full NLP Comprehensive team of Falkner, Kelley Gerling, Gerry Schmidt, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, and Robert McDonald.
You will learn what NLP is and why iti s so effective in getting results quickly. You will learn how to get motivated. You will learn a accelerated process to uncover your mission and you will learn a 4 step goal achievement process to achieve your goals.
You will learn how to build more satisfying, rewarding relationships and how to develop powerful persuasion strategies.
Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith show you how to overcome fears and phobias in minutes and build self confidence.
Robert McDonald shares a special NLP skill to create self
esteem while Charles Faulkner shows you how to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude with special NLP techniques and how to build pervasive attitudes and create new possibilites that are the keys to peak performance.
This book is excellent and will help you achieve allof your goals.
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on September 15, 2002
This is one of THE most powerful and effective NLP books to date. It teaches some theory, BUT NLP isn't abot theory, it's about what works - for YOU, as an individual.
A key tenet ("presupposition") of NLP is that *nothing* works for *everybody*, and *nothing* works for *anybody* *all* of the time. You have to try things out until you find the exercises and methods that work "for you". And even then you may find that they work better some days than others.
After reading quite a few books on NLP, I'd say that this is the nearest thing you'll find to the essence of NLP short of going on a "top notch" training course. Read the book, and DO do the exercises, but only when you're ready to progress your life to a whole new level.
For those who are ready for something better - highly recommended.
If, on the other hand, you're really not sure if you're ready to step out of your "comfort zone", then stay clear of this book. Once you've read it, you'll never be able to put things back the way they were.
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on January 4, 1999
I found this book to be excellent for the beginning neophyte who wants to learn about basics and concepts within NLP. It will prepare you for the Seminar and create specific outcome for you. NLP was made popular by Richard Bandler and Tony Robbin in the 70s and 80s. This is a good reference for the other NLP books out there in bookstores and on the web. The Comprehensive team really puts up a great primer for beginners who want to live elegantly and with grace and ease. This book is a must read for educators, teachers, social workers, psychologists who never heard of nlp?, doctors who want to utilize specific outcome, salespeople who want to better vendors and real estate people who want to increase the number of listing they can go for. I would highly recommend this for graduate students in an MBA Program or specifically Human Resource Professionals who want to be better trainers before signing up for a training with this team, Rex Sikes of Idea Seminars or even Richard Bandler's trainings at 1st Institute. I've given a few copies to some of my friends. Being a Practitioner myself of NLP.
"The Map is Not the Territory." -1st NLP Presupposition
This is not for Tony Robbin fans;
this is the pure stuff.
It's not just a trail of techniques.
It's about ferocious living and curiousity.
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on November 17, 1998
If you want to learn how to do NLP this tape does not help. Instead it seems to be directed at promotional activities. I felt like I paid to hear an advertisement. Obviously the authors are hyped up about how great NLP is. I was excited too until I listened to them and discovered it was all hype.
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on January 16, 2004
I bought this book wanting an introduction to NLP and I received more than I asked for. Not only is it an excellent introduction to the history and concepts of NLP, but it is filled with excercises. You can get as hands-on as you want to with this book, choosing only to read it or to do the excercises once or many times. In fact, for true NLPers I'm sure these excercises become second nature. Also, I feel that the authors have done a lot of experimenting with each technique and have done a good job diluting what works. What is refreshing to me is that some religions use some of these techniques and NLP separates their techniques from religion. In fact, you can go ahead and apply it to whatever you're doing. This book has inspired me to make some changes in my life and has gotten me interested again in things that had become dormant.
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on January 5, 2004
This book is a great introduction to the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. It not only includes a primer to bring you up to speed on what NLP is, but explains some of the more advanced techniques and methods of programming. About the only downside of this book is the fact that exercises appear in the middle of most chapters, which tends to cut into the "flow" of reading. Still, the exercises appear in a quite logical sequence, and you get used to it after the first few chapters.
Despite its choppy presentation, the book is extremely readable, entertaining and leaves one with a strong understanding of the fundamentls of NLP itself. For those of you who are new to NLP, this is definitely the first book that I would read.
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on June 29, 1999
I agree with one reviewer's comments on the "clinical" writing style of the book. There's a somewhat impersonal, managemential voice to the book, and the constant, dogmatic "NLP is the answer to everything" tone ingratiates at times.
But, once you get past the style, this is a great introduction to NLP. The ideas are clearly, concisely explained and laid out in an organized fashion with plenty of headings. Like a textbook, there are 43 meaningful exercises here that lead you through all the concepts presented. I looked over quite a few NLP books before this one. This is simply the most practical, organized, learnable really, intro to NLP I've seen. Hopefully, a more personal version can be written someday.
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on August 17, 2001
NLP is the most incredible breakthrough in psychology since Freud's discoveries. This book allows you to delve deep into the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in a manner that is concise and understanding. It allows you to follow 43 different visualizations to implement the power of NLP. Imagine that your mind is a computer and NLP is software. This software will upgrade your mind to possibilities that are limitless. You can cure phobias, increase confidence, forget past negative experiences, bring back positive experiences into the now moment, and so on. This is the book to buy for NLP. It is priceless. Now buy it to change your life! Sincerely, Jason
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