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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on July 6, 2002
This is a sweet, gentle book that my two year old really enjoys. It's especially suitable as a bedtime book, describing as it does a day in the life of the farm animals and ending as they curl up in the barn to sleep. My only criticism is that I find it hard to settle into a rhythm when I read it. The cadence is uneven and the rhymes don't always work. I find I often end up skipping lines here and there to make it work better as a book to read aloud.
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on August 23, 2002
"Big Red Barn" is my son's, who is a year and a half, new favorite book.
He adored "good night, moon" which has gone amissing in our house. i didn't even know about this book, and my husband picked it up last week at the bookstore.
After reading and looking at "The Runaway Bunny", I was a little weary of Brown's books aside from "Goodnight, Moon", but this book has made me a fan once again. The illustration here is very good. It's simple and easy on the eyes of our little ones.
I love the way her books are written. She has the certain "beat" to the way the story is told. It's like reading a poem.
It is certainly a great last read of the day to help ease baby's eyes to a sleepy state.
My son loves animals, and recently has been to a farm, so this makes his love for this little story all the more enchanting.
This is good for children who love animals, and it helps them get to know those farm animals even more.
It's one of those books you have to read everyday to your child once you start reading it to them. Brown had the right prescription to help put little ones to sleep...
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(night night little one)
For children just starting to read, this is a perfect book to help them on their journey to be excellent readers.
Eileen Famiglietti
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on June 9, 2000
There must be 1,000 kiddie farm books lurking out there, and I bet most of them are bad. *Big Red Barn*, however, is neither "kiddie" nor bad. The book seems to speak to the child; the tone is quiet, and, for once, we get to see farm animals and the farm on a day and night when "the children are away." This is an animal's view of the big red barn and the meadow around it. A deserted child's toy bucket serves the mouse as a place to look around. The corn grows not for the farmer (unmentioned in the tale), but to protect the newborn field mice. The scarecrow is exceptionally cheerful. The animals and their offspring squeal and low and bray and play and eat in the meadow. When darkness come, they wend their way back to the barn and curl up cozily, as the bats, their time come round, fly out of the hayloft.
The book works soothing wonders in effacing the farmer and his children, and lets us see a world we normally only imagine. I wager many a parent has fallen alseep with a child while reading this charming book -- everything is so safe, and so calming, as the vibrant colors of the day illustrations give way to those of dusk and night.
Bedtime books don't get much better than this.
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on March 23, 2004
If your child enjoys Goodnight Moon, then they should enjoy this book - it has a similar rhythm and very appealing illustrations. Like the mouse that you can look for in Goodnight Moon, this book has a butterfly that appears on many of the pages. It also shows beautifully the change in the light as the sun sets and day turns to night, and the animals going from active to asleep.
I did find it quite difficult to get a good reading rhythm until I had read through it several times. The rhymes are not exact (not like Dr Seuss, say) - it is more subtle and textured than that. I found some of the lines that work well together require turning over to the next page, and personally I think it sounds better when 3 of the lines are left out completely ("meow meow", "yeow yeow" and "bow wow").
My son (21 months) really enjoys it, and it's a book that you can read every day without going too crazy.
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on October 18, 2002
These are the things that the little ones, like my 21 month old son, should appreciate in a book.
MWB is widely known for the books "Goodnight moon" and "The Runaway Bunny". I didn't even know about this book until I saw that my husband had picked it up at the bookstore. This book is illustrated by a different artist, Felicia Bond, and her work is sweet and uncomplicated. The story has that same rhythm and beat you follow when reading poetry, but it is also gives a peaceful feeling to it's readers(and the ones being read to).
It's a day in the life of kind of story about animals on a farm, while the children are gone. It is a perfect addition to any child's book shelf and makes for a perfect bedtime story with it's calming effect.
I highly recommend buying this for toddlers! If you already have any of Brown's other books, this one will be a welcome addition.
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on February 5, 2002
My son adored this book his entire first year. Eventually he began teething on it, and that destroyed it, but by then I knew it by heart anyway. The words are have a melodic, poetic flow...I think the sound of the words was very soothing to him. The pictures are terrific, and the book feels like it's taking you into the animals' secret world. It is a great book to read at bedtime because it follow the animals through a playful day then watches them retire and go to sleep.
Margaret Wise Brown is great; Good Night Moon is of course her big classic. But Big Red Barn is equally good. It is hard to find modern authors with her gift for language.
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on August 27, 2001
This is a great book to introduce farm animals to the children. There is no humor in it but it will still able to draw the children's attention with its detailed illustrations and beautiful colors. The book allows you and your child to imagine the everyday lives of the animals that live in that Big Red Barn. The ending was done in a way that would make your child feels that he or she needs to go to bed as well. I love reading it to my child as she also loves to hear the story.
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on May 29, 2002
I don't mind reading this book again and again and again because it's one of my favorites. Margaret Wise Brown is one of my favorite authors for children.
The story is gentle and soft and sweet. The illustrations are charming. The rythm that the words set is rolling and easy. This is an easy book to read over and over agin.
This is a great bedtime story in my opinion. However, my son also enjoys reading it and making animal sounds.
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on January 5, 2016
I was disappointed upon actually reading this book. It's written awkwardly, and the rhythm for the rhymes is not very good making it difficult to read. Some things in the illustrations are also done far too small. I figure we're supposed to easily be able to pick things out in a book for this age group. My girls have to hunt for the mice, chickens, eggs, and the bats are almost impossible to see (more like a smudge of gray in the sky).
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on March 11, 2000
This is one of Margaret Wise Browns best books, Children of any age will love it. The text flows beautifully without being too silly and the illustrations are great for children learning their animals. We've had this book since my son was ten months old and it is still one of his most favorite books, and even after reading this a million times it is still one of my most favorite childrens stories. How did I miss this one as a child?
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