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on June 12, 2001
This is one of the very few books I felt compelled to write about but I could not help myself. This is one of the first Spiritual books I felt in total cinch with. It beings with giving you the back ground knowledge you need in order to really appreciate the upcoming knowledge she gives further in the book. This book is not just about African (Egyptian and Yoruba) spirituality but also shows the connections to Hindu, Buddhists beliefs to those original Egyptian concepts. It even connects Christian beings to the Egyptians. But this is not a book about Religion she leaves this for you to decide, she just presents the connections as a reference to what she is trying to say. This a "How to Guide", it goes into detail from how to prepare your body for spiritual awaking, i.e. mediations, exercises mainly yoga, to foods you should eat for each Charkas, and Crystals. It also gives a pretty long list of Orisa, and has a chapter dedicated to each individual charka. It is full of easy to do practical things you can do in your own home, to heighten the positive Vibrations in your home and body that are not time consuming. And for women she points out our own powers as Goddesses and the role we USE to play before our original beliefs were destroyed by colonization. This book is very in-depth but not over whelming. It also filled the void I felt and filled in some of the blanks, I was left with after being raised Christian, and exploring other "Major" religion left me with. A MUST BUY for anyone looking to start on a more slef- empowering spiritual path! I could go on but there is to much to say. Buy it, borrow it just get it!
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on May 28, 1999
I am reading "Honoring the Spirit" and I utilize this book as a workbook and healing source. I am elated to see a spiritual guide that blends Afrocentric concepts with East Indian spiritual practices. This reading has given me validation for continuing to practice an earth, mind, body, and soul spirituality that helps me to feel centered and peaceful. I was unable to experience this same sense of peace in the Christian religion. Understanding the Chakras, giving honor to my ancestors, and respecting the earth like she is "mother" has helped me view the world and live life a whole lot differently. The author, along with the guidance of her own ancestors, mentors, and blessings has helped to validate my own way of being in the world that appears "strange" or "out there" to others. We are so used to Western boxed-in concepts of living and being in a dog-eat-dog, material rat racing world. Several of my own sista-friends may be utilizing this piece of work in our own healing circles. Thank You Miss Caroline Shola Arewa
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on January 3, 2002
This is one of the best books I've ever read on chakra energy. The author writes with authority and great clarity on the subject. She explains the many facets of chakra energy and its meaning from diverse cultural and mythological perspectives. The book provides detailed chapters on the aspects of each chakra and how the energy generated effects the physical body, the mental focus and the universal connection to Spirit. She gives practical steps the reader can use to channel chakra energy. This is a great book for yoga teachers or those involved in the healing arts. The techniques shared can be incorporated into workshops, healing circles and study groups or used by the individual truth seeker.
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on September 13, 1999
This book has basicly changed my Life. It is very good for the Spiritual healing of African Americans as well as all people. This sister has and excellent way of presenting the Chakras system in a why that anyone can understand and learn. I highly recommend this book to all people of New thought as well as other spiritual communities. it is a must have for you book shelf.
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on June 17, 2003
This book aids individuals interested in integrating their religious beliefs, physical and mental health, and connecting with the scared through body, mind, and soul.
A wonderful piece of work, full of instruction and examples. A definate user friendly/teach yourself book! Written well and made to digest in small do-able pieces.
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on November 8, 1999
I enjoyed this book very much as it took me on a journey through all different types of cultures. It made me realise that we all share a common bond.
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on October 31, 2001
Hi! Caroline
Do you know Omotanwa Arewa? we went to Yaba college of technology together, if you do pls give her my e-mail address.My family and i reside in california.Think she has a sister by name caro.
Alaba(Maiden name Alabi)
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