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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on November 9, 2002
This is without doubt how best this describes a book that completely blanket covers the components, functionality and performance of perhaps the best operating system the world has yet seen, yes, Microsoft's Windows XP Pro or Home.
7cms or 3¼" +/- thick, this book delivers a punch of huge proportions supported with your very own copy of the same on CD. As big and as heavy as it is, it's difficult to put down; but when I do tire physically from holding it which is very seldom , I revert to the CD, or rather the books CD that I have copied to my HDD, et voila, instant access to everything included and contained for even quicker referencing.
Microsoft Windows XP INSIDE OUT DELUXE EDITION is a 'must have' over any other XP related book that I have seen and familiarised myself with. I pre-ordered this book and couldn't wait to see how much I'd already applied and know; now I've got it, I'm still at it; finally total control of Windows XP.
Excellently complied, and written in laypeople terms, it almost reveals itself as an encyclopaedia of XP, as you would expect from a Microsoft Press publication.
But for the detail this book provides, there is one thing missing depending on your passion for technology and the depths to which this book extends, not least XP;
The missing link on your PC work top if you want 'Depth' has to be Microsoft WINDOWS XP REGISTRY GUIDE by Jerry Honeycutt and should be considered and used as an excellently thorough accompaniment and companion to Microsoft Windows XP INSIDE OUT DELUXE EDITION. For safe computing, the combination of the two books will give you what Microsoft doesn't of XP as standard, coupled with both being easy reads.
Microsoft WINDOWS XP REGISTRY GUIDE by Jerry Honeycutt will give more than any other Registry book or Registry tweaking utility will ever give you; just for the Hacks alone you'll get your money's worth, but there's far more to it than that; go on, surprise yourself, it really isn't as difficult as you might think; happy safe Hacking.
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on April 14, 2002
Are you an experienced Windows user who is tired of all the operating system instruction manuals rehashing on how to create folders, use the recycle bin, and create desktop icons? Do you want to dig deep and unlock the real power of XP? If so, this meaty 1245 page manual is for you.
This book covers both XP home and professional editions and it is written with the assumption that you have already mastered the basics. A great deal of XP education is presented from making the most of virtual memory, to editing the registry, to hosting a Web or FTP site. Actually, so much territory is covered that it is impossible to list all here but if you need your intermediate to advanced questions answered you'll find it in Windows XP Inside Out.
This guide is logically sequenced and pleasing to the eye. Throughout you will find dialogue boxes that contain special tips, notes, figures, and useful tables. Eye-popping visuals bring your attention to new features exclusive to XP. Why not crack open this book and give your Windows knowledge the tune-up it needs to operate accurately, efficiently, and adeptly.
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on January 20, 2002
Being a linux user i cannot escape using windows xp when working at my office. Have lost the develoment process since windows 95, this book did get me started. It is well written, has a nice lay out, touches all the usuall and important topics. I goes further then the introduction and online help from microsoft. The online help from microsoft is useless, compared to linux with all it's mailinglists it is a crying shame, considering the price you pay for their software.
Widows xp is difficult when using it with non-microsoft hardware and software, this book will help you out, but computer knowledge is needed, and not all hardware trouble could be tackled easily with this book, some hardware was not confugurable at all even with this excellent book.
Cocluding: excellent book, covers all topics needed to know for optimal use of windows xp, with some computer knowledge even usefull with big problems.
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on February 5, 2002
I have intermediate experience using previous versions of Windows (2000, NT, and 9x). I am beginning to work with XP Professional. I purchased this book because of the volume of information contained within the pages as well as on CDROM. There are several bonus chapters on the CD. I use this book as a reference manual for times in which I cannot figure something out on my own. This text seems to be very accurate. It is highly readable and has useful tips for those who want a cursory overview of a topic, and it has more in depth analysis if you want more detailed discussion on a topic. As far as computer books go, this one has been quite useful.
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on December 30, 2001
This book gives an in depth look at the new OS from MSoft. I read this book front to back and was pleased with it's offering(s) . It's focused more on XP pro, but as you will read; there's not much difference between them. This book is useful to both owners. A great reference, bring a hi-liter!
Great depth into security issues for the Sys Admin, and home user. Versatility is covered when they stop the after-selling every 5-10 pages. Most of us bought it for what the authors are re-instating. Either way, If you look for knowledge and insight to your new OS, you WILL be happy with this book.
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