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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 22, 2001
Now that users and designers have accumulated extensive experience in the presentation and use of web pages, it is time to pass beyond the initial stages. For some time, the frenetic pace of development was such that the foremost thought was to get a functional site now and worry about everything else later. Web development also suffered from the problem that it is easy to make pages, but very hard to develop good ones. As an instructor of community education classes, I have seen many people who either create web pages in their spare time or would like to do so. Such an approach is fine for an amateur site, but professional sites require the full-time commitment of several people.
There are several themes running throughout the book, and nearly all begin with either plan or organize. From the first tickle of an idea to the ongoing maintenance of the site, it is necessary to organize every step, including the creative process. The first topic after the introductory chapter is subtitled, "The Core Process: a comprehensive plan for all types of teams, all kinds of companies, and all kinds of budgets." While this is a largely unattainable goal, the authors do succeed to a great extent, and design teams of all sizes can find information of value in their endeavors. Loaded with charts, action plans and diagrams of top-notch sites, this is the kind of book needed to add zing to your stagnant site.
There is one caveat though. It is very possible that reading this book will alter your mind. The site that you previously thought to be excellent may now be considered rather humdrum.
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on September 21, 2001
FINALLY!!! A book that actually captures all aspects of today's Web Design workflow and process. This book is a fabulous educational tool for clients and vendors alike! As a Web Consulting expert, I can say that the content of this resource is accurate and insightful; that process in Web Design projects can mean the difference between success and failure; and that, in a young industry with significant impact on how business is conducted in today's economy, this book approaches Web Design process with an intellect and maturity that redefines yesterday's standards. This book clearly is an amalgamation of years of Kelly Goto's valuable experiences. The Web Design process can be so complex and convoluted...this book takes into consideration all potential ups and downs of a Web Design project and clearly articulates the proper processes to make every project a success! Providing both a macro and micro perspective on Web Design process, this book can easily serve as "The Resource" for all Web Design projects. Having seen Kelly Goto speak at various conferences and seminars, I can truly say that she has lived up to (and perhaps exceeded...) her astounding reputation as a true expert in Web Design.
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on October 11, 2001
Web ReDesign - Workflow that Works, es un libro muy completo y fácil de asimilar. Explica el contorno completo que uno como desarrollador debe contemplar para el ReDiseño de un sitio Web.
Te lleva de la mano desde la fase inicial de un proyecto hasta su implementación. Explica con mucha claridad cada una de las 5 diferentes fases, que proponen Kelly y Emily, para el desarrollo de un proyecto. Con ejemplos y casos de estudio reales.
Ofrece recomendaciones para los diferentes roles que integran un equipo de trabajo, como lo son: diseñadores gráficos, diseñadores de información, arquitectos de información, aseguradores de calidad, programadores, desarrolladores, administradores de proyectos, etc.
Para quienes desarrollamos sitios Web, es un magnífico complemento; para quienes van a iniciarse, es un medio muy completo de aprendizaje.
Como usuario mexicano/hispano, lo recomiendo sin duda alguna.
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on February 15, 2002
"Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works" is worth it's weight in gold! Leave it up to two women to organize the complex tasks involved in web remodeling and arrange the parts into easy to manage, step by step guidelines.
Although I've been using most of the processes mentioned here in my own business for years, Goto and Cotler managed to think of things that I've been missing, and offer new process explanations that even my most inexperienced clients can understand.
As if their expert advice, ease of use and wealth of information weren't enough, the authors have included links to website downloads of the forms and layout schemes they recommend. If you only invest in one "Internet Advice" book this year, make it this one!
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on May 19, 2003
This was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial web books I have ever read. The book is well written, nicely laid out visually and technically, includes great case studies, full of helpful sidebars, lists, diagrams and graphics, has very good chapter summaries, contains few errors and has all of the documents mentioned available for download on its companion website. Can't ask for more than that in my opinion.
I have been a professional web designer for several years now, and this book has helped me tremendously with workflow, client relations and project management. This book is not a technical book, but if you pair this book up with some of the more technical books (recommend Lynda Weinman's HOT series of books) you're good to go.
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on January 16, 2003
Web Redesign is a must-read for all people who are creating their first web sites or redesigning their current sites.
Too many businesses believe that the web design process is the same as the print design process, and this book makes that difference clear. The companion site also provides downloadable worksheets that any business can use.
Kelly and Emily also had reputable colleagues contribute "Expert Topics" to the book, giving readers a full spectrum of the web design process including usability, competitive analysis, scripting, and style.
Our firm has multiple copies of this book because we kept stealing the first book from one another.
Outstanding book. A must-have for all businesses.
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on October 17, 2001
Whether you're a member of a large company charged with web development, part of a small team in a web design firm, or a solo entrepreneur...this book is for you. When you want to get serious about your career and about efficient, professional site design and project management, this book is your mentor. The authors excel at clearly presenting their methodologies and articulating the reasons behind (ie pitfalls for nonperformance of) each step of the process. I was fortunate to hear Kelly Goto speak at a web design conference a few years ago in Denver. She was the most memorable presenter of the conference and her real world insights and advice will help you build your advantage in the marketplace.
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on April 30, 2009
I almost didn't buy this book because of the title. I thought this book was about redesigning websites to look "web 2.0", but in fact, its purely about the process involved in redesigning websites, bringing them their 2.0 status. Unbelievably useful information. I have already started using the client questionnaires recommended in the book. The core process outlined in the book is brilliant. I'm really impressed by this book. Do not buy this if you are expecting a "how-to design websites" book. This book is intended for sharing a workflow that works for redesigning websites. Its made me rethink my own work processes... and adapt new strategies for working with new clients, and even existing ones.
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on September 9, 2001
This book is an excellent reference and how-to guide for anyone involved in any phase of web development. I've been involved in multimedia and web design for over 10 years, and this is the first book I've seen that covers all the angles of the process. As Vice President of Product Development for DigitalMed, I will use this book as a resource for our company's project managers. The insight on dealing with clients will be invaluable to our team as they manage custom projects for our clients in the healthcare industry. Kelly and Emily have obviously done their time in the web design world, and have amazing insights to share. Their "lessons learned" will become my team's how-to manual.
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on February 13, 2003
This book provided an easy methodology for developing a project from day one. Sure there are things that will suprise you along the way if you venture out to consult a company on redesign; this book is not a tell all. However, the information provided in this book helped me to draw up a timeline, develop prototypes, and prepare me for the lumps I received on my first consulting project. Any methodology requires practice, and practicing the methodology in this book is a good start to successful design.
The book is humorous, flavorful, colorful and specific enough. The only thing I didn't like is how if fits in my bookshelf (squaty and wide).
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