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on August 28, 2002
I'm intrigued by other reviews here that gripe about the lack of new material in John Rosemond's latest update on "Parent Power!" Remember, folks, the key word here is "update." It makes no claims to be an entirely new book. The other thing to bear in mind is that good, sound, commonsensical advice on parenting is essentially the same today as it was a hundred--or a thousand--years ago. It all boils down to one simple concept: you are in charge; the child is not.
Some people find Rosemond harsh. Those tend to be parents who are willing to fill their time by wheedling, cajoling and bargaining with their children. Others find Rosemond to make perfect sense. Those tend to be parents who understand (and apply!) the fundamental concept that the parents have more experience and more expertise than the children do, and that it is a parental responsibility to take charge and tell the children what the rules are, how the family works, and what the consequences are for disobedience.
Rosemond knows whereof he speaks. Not only is he a parent himself (two grown children--he's now a grandfather), but he has a doctorate in his chosen field. The thing he writes in "Parent Power!" that struck me like a bolt of lightning was that parents who let their kids take the lead and rule the roost are doing the children a disservice. Kids need and crave structure and order. They like knowing what the boundaries are (even if at first it appears that they don't!). When parents set boundaries and then don't keep within them--or lay down rules and then capitulate at the first request from the child--it actually disturbs the child, because it comes across as though the PARENT doesn't really know what the rules are. And to the kid, that translates to the frightening thought, "Well, gosh, if Mom and Dad don't know what the rules are, who DOES know?"
There's so much good stuff here. I urge every parent--frustrated or not--to be open-minded and read this terrific book. It's a treasure trove of useful, usable, sound information.
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on June 11, 2002
I think some of the low rated reviews of this book are misleading. If you already own Rosemond's top selling books, of course this isn't the book for you. It even says (very plainly) on the cover that this book is an updated and revised issue of his 2 classics. So for those of us who don't own a Rosemond book and want some sound parenting advice, this is the book to search!
I recently went to a John Rosemond speech and was truly impressed. I have always read his advice in our local paper and I found him to be a little harsh, however after hearing him speak I was amazed. He offers sound, sensible advice in this book about parenting. For example, when our toddler won't put something away the scene was always me begging and bribing him to do so (and often I would end up doing it). Rosemond suggests telling the child to do the requested task (ie "Put away the blocks") and walk away. Surprisingly, after a few times of coming back and telling (note: not asking) him to do so, he followed the direction. Rosemond says that while you stand and watch the child he or she has something to resist against thus the reason to walk away.
If you ever have the opportunity to listen to Rosemond speak, do it!! And if you are looking for good advice in bringing up your child read this book!!
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on May 14, 2004
I've been teaching elementary school for 17 years. After having my first child last year, I decided I did not want her to be like the disobedient, disrespectful, self-centered children that arrive in my classroom every year. I had read Dr. Rosemond's column in my local newspaper and I knew this man is one of the few family psychologists out there who understands the RIGHT way to raise a child. He emphasizes a common sense approach to child rearing, with the marriage being the center of attention in the family, NOT the child. He also explains how detrimental television and video games are to a child's development, as well as practical advice on how to deal with certain situations that arise with children, such as tantrums. Don't just read the book, STUDY it. If more people raised their children using Dr. Rosemond's approach, we would ALL benefit.
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on October 23, 2001
The last several books of Rosemond's have disappointed- including this one. I read through it recently, hoping for fresh, original material. It is two of his previous books melded together in to one. It could have worked with more fresh content. If you have the bucks to spend, or if you do not have the two books this one is carved from, then get it. The information is good and is useful and common-sense. Stuff we already know from his previous books and newspaper column, however. The "preachiness" tone it takes on in places is a turn-off- just ignore that and whatever else doesn't apply to your situation. I hope Rosemond's next book IS fresh and original, but perhaps the bloom is off the rose.
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on May 1, 2003
I became interested in John Rosenmond's teachings after my best friend attended one of his seminars here in town and told me about his no-nonsense common-sense approach to some of the issues we all deal with as parents. As a parent of two young children, and as a Pediatrician who deals with behavioral concerns on a daily basis, I've found John Rosenmond's tips very helpful. ThIs book is easy to read, and is definitely more of a reference book, rather than a page to page read, with plenty of scenarios that we can all relate to. When parents ask me if I know of any good resources that they can turn to in learning how to best deal with their children, this book is definitely at the top of my list!!
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on November 29, 2001
Another successful launch from John Rosemond. If you don't want your children to end up like the majority of American children who are disrespectful, self centered and unwilling to do household chores this is the book and author. I've read countless parenting material and there is no comparison to this author who focus' on "back to basic parenting". Besides this latest book I've also recently listened to his cassette "Parenting According to Grandma". Both this book and cassette are fabulous. I wish ALL parents would read this book. It would make a positive difference to their lives.
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on December 5, 2001
I used to purchase anything by John Rosemond, but will now make sure of what I'm buying before plunking down my hard-earned money. This book offers nothing new to those of us who've followed his advice for years. One wonders why he doesn't go in a new direction, write on another area of family/child-raising. Same old/same/old, over and over. Good advice for those not familiar with his work, as another reviewer wrote, but not much of anything else for the rest of us - unless you are into collecting his complete works! Stick with his book A Family of Value and you can't go wrong.
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