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on March 16, 2002
Interesting. When I picked up Bob Greene's GET WITH THE PROGRAM, the guidelines look familiar-this is almost exactly what my fitness friend told me to do few years ago to lose weight. GET WITH THE PROGRAM is a reiteration, reformulation of the basic "double E" principles we all know-eat healthy and exercise. So there is nothing new. But unlike another recent hot pick EAT MORE, WEIGHT LESS, Greene's program is more practical and will stimulate those who want to make a difference in their physique and lifestyle.
GET WITH THE PROGRAM has 4 stages that emphasize gradual change in eating and exercise habit. Phase 1 is easy but very little people will even try because of laziness and procrastination. Phase 1 includes exercises that get us going: some stretches, some aerobic exercises, some situps, and curls for couple times a week. By doing these exercises couple twice a week, we formulate a routine which builds a mindset not to give up. I call these daily little victories. We certainly can't just go to the gym and start lifting 300 pounds hoping to change our body metabolism. But aerobic and cardiovascular excersies can help retune our strength. Start with maybe 10 situps and curls then increase to 15, 20, then 25 a set and do 2 reps of sets. These are daily victories.
Phase 2 picks up the exercise and let you perform more sets. As the program progresses toward Phase 3 and 4, you will start changing the diet and watch what you're eating. Many people misunderstood about working out as burining fat. When you work out, you burn calories. Until you create a deficit of calories in diet, you will never get rid of body fat. When all calories from food have been consumed, then the body will go about the fat stored. So incorporating a diet to workout/exercise is the key. Greene's program will help you achieve this balance. I'm excited about how GET WITH THE PROGRAM has put into a written account of what my fitness friend had told me to do. From 195 lbs (5 feet 8 inches tall), I alternated between aerobics and cardiovascular execises with increasing repetition (the daily victories), changed the diet around to create deficit in calories (about a deficit of 600 calories a day, but 1 pound of fat equal 3500 calories), I started jogging after 2 months of aerboic and cardiovascular, I lost a total of 52 pounds and got down to 143 lbs in 8 months. Focus on the little victories, start the exercises and gradually increase the repetition to create endurance and strength. Change the diet completely, cut all high-fat food like junk food, McDonalds, desserts, high-carbohydrates like pasta and rice. Cut processed sugar products like sodas and ice cream. Drink lots of water and natural freshly sueezed juices. Many programs are out there in the markets like GET WITH THE PROGRAM, success depends on personal determination and perseverance.
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on April 3, 2003
One of the things I learned was about personal commitment to one's self. By regards of others I may not have a huge amount of weight to lose but I've benn procrstinating about it and worried that this will become a lifestyle choice. Sure I look fine now but I'm still pretty young and this has to be a lifelong commitment. I got moving with Oprah and Bob in the 90's and did a massive turnaround but then I got into the work swing and got complacent, not to mention being so close to Delmonicos! I love food, to eat it and to cook it but the simple mathematics is that I have to exercise more calories than I consume. Simple as that. And something really BIG, you're suppose to feel slightly hungry. I think thats a great point, most peopel believe you're suppose to constantly be full.
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on July 29, 2002
obviously more of a "self-help" guide for beginners. I find his nutritional guidelines lacking in that there is NO mention of protein or dairy products. That seems a serious omission to me. The weight training guide is bare minimal. But, overall, I think this would be a GREAT starting point for anyone just beginning their fitness quest.
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on July 12, 2002
Bob reminds me a little of Covert Bailey who wrote the FIT OR FAT books. He (Bob) is not so obviously focused on weight loss as Covert was. Bob is at his best when he writes about exercise and working out. He does, I think, less well dealing with the mental part of fitness. I can and have recommended this book to others.
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on August 5, 2002
From Bob Greene, Oprah's trainer, the bestselling author of Make the Connection, a 4 phase, step-by-step program for losing weight & getting in shape -- permanently.
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