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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on July 28, 2012
Excellent book from a great series! I highly recommend the series by Christine Feehan. The book came fast and in great share!
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on October 21, 2003
So, going into this book I hadn't read a romance novel in several years. I've always found that romance novels are extremely hit or miss. I don't like the contemporary ones at all and the historical/fantasy ones range from tawdry fairy tales with little substance to masterful works that are only seperated from regular sci-fi/fantasy by an overabundance of sex and fewer fight scenes.
My co-worker was an avid fan of Christine Feehan's work, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Dark Gold is apparently the third in the "Dark" series, but my co-worker recommended it as her favorite. Though the setting links the various novels, they can be read independently of each other without confusion. Her latest installment in the series, Dark Symphony, just came out this week.
Each book tells the tale of a particular "Carpathian male" and his future "life-mate" as they find one another and overcome various obstacles on the way to spending the rest of eternity together. In essence, the Carpathians are a race of predatory, immortal humans. Over the centuries, the number of Carpathian women has dwindled and the males have been forced to wander for eons in search of a life-mate. A life-mate is the only thing that can assuage their savage nature and ensure they they do not succumb to the dark side and turn vampire.
Very few human women have the mental fortitude to survive the transformation into a Carpathian, so most of these guys must wait for a long time. Imagine all that pent up sexual frustration! Fortunately for them, they cannot feel strong emotion (or even see in color) until they meet that special someone. In this particular novel, we bear witness to the romance of Alexandria Houton and Aidan Savage.
I, personally, found much lacking in this book. There was a lot of sexual tension and very little plot. They spend most of the book in Aidan's house while Alexandra undergoes her transformation and then Aidan tries to convince her that she is not damned for all time. Very little actually happens in this book. I was bored to tears halfway through it and even the forthcoming steamy sex scenes couldn't completely overcome my apathy.
The characters were one-dimensional. They did not undergo any real growth during the course of events. This is particularly true of Alexandria, who spends most of the book being defiant and then suddenly changes her tune in time for the books climax. Apparently the sex really was that good! Unfortunately, the most interesting character, Aidan's mentor, doesn't appear until the end and is only present for a few scenes.
All in all, there was plenty of sex and much of it was suitably animalistic. Ms. Feehan has a firm grasp on the necessary romance novel terminology; the sexual tension and sexual encounters were well done. Unfortunately, I like a little more substance to my stories, even in the context of a romance novel.
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on July 16, 2003
Alexandria Houton desperately needed the job that Thomas Ivan could give her. She was an excellent computer programmer and knew that she could design Ivan's games so that they were better than ever before. But, before she could close the deal in the restaurant, she heard a voice calling to her. She didn't want to follow it, but, when she saw the creature holding her beloved little brother captive, she knew that she had no choice. The vampire chained her in a cave where she could not escape, too weak with blood loss and the poison now flowing through her system from the vampire's tainted blood to even try to get free. When the vampire rose the next evening, she prepared to face her death, but found an avenging angel who came to save her...
Aidan Savage had volunteered to leave his beloved Carpathian mountains to hunt the vampires in San Francisco and its surrounding area. He had lived for so long without a life mate that he didn't believe his eyes when he started to see color and feel emotion in Alexandria's presence. He knew that Alexandria was afraid of him, but could never let her go. Aidan tried to ease Alexandria into her life as a Carpathian, but she defied him at every turn - demanding that they drop her brother off at school even though the sun was exquisitely painful, going out on a date with Thomas Ivan and continuing to work with him, refusing to take his blood until forced, in short, doing everything in her power to deny what she had become. How long would Aidan be able to be patient with his beloved Alexandria before she would finally accept who and what she truly was?
I really liked Aidan's character and thought that he made a nice change from Ms. Feehan's other heroes. For one thing, Aidan is blonde, where all the other Carpathians are dark, and he seems to have keep more light in his soul than the other men in the Dark series. He is very playful and patient with Alexandria. Aidan also has a human family who have cared for him for generations, a son or daughter always choosing to stay on and to take care of his house and other affairs while he is resting during the day. The only problem was that Aidan was such a strong personality that all of the other characters seemed to pale in comparison. I would have liked Alexandria to be a richer character, less superficial, but I did like her. This was a great addition to the Dark series and I enjoyed the new setting as well as the new kind of hero. Keep up the great work Ms. Feehan!
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on April 11, 2003
...I am not a huge romance fan, but I love her books! This is another tour-de-force from Christine. Her characters are rich, deep and complex. There is passion, mystery and the fight over evil. Aidian and Alex make a terrific pair and the extended family is wonderful. I highly recomment all her books. I've not been disappointed yet!
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on February 25, 2003
I was really looking forward to reading this series. When I heard about it I immediately headed to the bookstore to buy it. To my dissapointment they did not have it in. It took a couple of more try's but I finnally had it in my hand and was anticipating sitting down and reading what looked like an exciting vampire/romance novel.
I sat down, I read halfway through, then I put it down and never picked it up again. It started out interesting but went down hill once Aidan a dominant caparthian male, became the dominant character in the story. His personality was to overpowering and the heroine just seemed to fade into the background. When he started acting like the heroine couldn't move an inch without him there to protect her that's when I realized this was going to be one of those boring novels where the woman is protected like a piece of china . It looked like a good book but Aidan cast to much a shadow over the heroine's personality so she became just a meek shadow of what she might have been.
If you like a little horror in your vampire romance you might want to check out Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blakes series instead. A series were there's a heated romance triangle and a Heroine who actually has a voice.
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on February 3, 2003
After reading Dark Challenge, I can still say that I refer to Dark Gold as my favorite so far. The heroine was sympathetic and I really cared about her, and Aidan was just wonderful - not the flawed character Gregori or Julian are. The chemistry was great, the human factor was wonderful and I really enjoyed this one the most so far I believe. It's tough to say, but I have 3 or 4 more books left to go...
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on July 21, 2002
Okay! This was the first of the Dark Series that I found by accident. Ohmygosh!!!!!! I was hooked! The first chapter or so kind of made me grimace; Not knowing what the rest of the book was like, I wasn't certain I could continue.... I don't do violence very well. LOL Was I ever wrong! This is the ultimate in sensuality. I'm not much on domineering men, but I think I could adjust! :) It's hard to say which is my favorite in the series, but Dark Gold was definitely one of them.
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on July 10, 2002
I enjoyed this carpathian book for the fact that the heroine didn't immediatly fall under Aidans power she was still her own person and he was not in to much of a hurry to claim her without giving her some time to adjust to him. It was more interesting for the fact that their was lots of interaction between other carpathians and humans that were aware of what the carpathians really are and other characters. This author improves with time she seems to be getting better with a little more meat to her characters.
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on July 6, 2002
Christine Feehan's books are different from the other romance novels on the market. Each book captures readers and shocks them from the first page to the last. This book begins with Alexandria and her brother being captured by a vampire. They are not rescued until after the vampire has taken her blood. When Aidan, the gorgeous Carpathian vampire hunter does come to save them he thinks that Alexandria has been turned into a vampiress and almost kills her before realizing that she is his lifemate.
The fact that he is rich and gorgeous pales beside the facts that he drinks blood and sleeps in the ground and has made it so that she must do the same to survive. Alexandria must deal with the emotional conflicts in herself, the jealousy of having to rely on others to help care for her brother, and added to that the fact that she is a target for any vampire in the area. I recommend this book to all readers. It has something for everyone.
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on June 4, 2002
"Dark Gold" is the third book in Christine Feehan's wildly popular "Dark" series, and it does not disappoint. Vivid characters, an exciting and well-written storyline and a lot of steamy sex combine to make a fabulously sensual tale that will leave readers craving a Carpathian of their own.
Alexandria Houton has one purpose in her life, and that is to protect and care for her young brother, Joshua. Since the death of their parents in a tragic accident, Alexandria has struggled to make ends meet for herself and Joshua. A talented graphic artist, Alexandria is thrilled when one of the most prominent video game designers in the U.S. takes an interest in her work. Leaving her brother outside with a homeless man they have befriended, Alex meets her potential employer for an interview at a fancy restaurant. But in the middle of her meal, Alexandria is overcome by a feeling of evil and impending doom. She rushes out to check on Joshua to find him entranced by a soulless monster, a vampire. She manages to save her brother, but both are kidnapped and taken by the vampire to his lair.

It seems as though Alex and Josh are about to meet their untimely end, when out of the night comes Aidan Savage, a powerful Carpathian hunter, who destroys the vampire and then turns to the task of destroying Alex, believing that she is a deranged vampiress. But before he completes his unpleasant task, Aidan suddenly realizes that he is seeing in colour for the first time in countless centuries. And that can only mean one thing - that this poor beaten and bloodied woman is his lifemate!
Aidan brings Alexandria and Josh to his home where he inadvertently converts Alex into a Carpathian by exchanging blood with her (not knowing that the vampire had already completed two blood exchanges). When Alex awakens she is terrified by Aidan and by the thought of what she has become. As time passes Aidan tries to help Alex adjust to being a Carpathian, but many aspects of her new life are hard to accept. Aidan wants to keep Alexandria close in order to keep her safe from harm, but Alex needs to have her independence. As these two try to work out a way to balance their needs, Alex finds herself falling for Aidan, though his immense power still scares her.
Alex and Aidan are an explosive couple when they come together, and the reader is treated to some incredibly hot and steamy scenes. Aidan, though he is overbearing and arrogant at times, is a fantastic hero who readers will adore. Likewise, Alexandria is a truly lovable heroine who will win readers over with her courage, determination, and sense of humour.
"Dark Gold" is a wonderfully entertaining read that will leave readers sated and satisfied. Feehan expertly renders Alexandria's internal struggle, and captivates her readers as we watch Aidan and Alex find all they ever wanted and needed in each other's arms. There is a perfect dose of danger and excitement in this story, as vampires close in on Aidan and Alex in an attempt to take Alexandria for their own. All in all, I truly enjoyed this book and I'm sure that you will too. So sit back, relax and get ready for a very sexy read!
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