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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on March 31, 2004
This book was great, the story line, and the sex...ofcourse!
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on July 14, 2003
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on April 14, 2004
The main characters to me were just so inconsistent. I mean Raine (the heroine), only had [physical relations] once in her life and it wasn't even good [physical relations], she's supposedly a good girl, but she has [physical relations] with Seth the second time she meets him, and it's raunchy [physical relations] too! I mean you expect me to believe that if you had a bad experience the first time you had [physical relations], you're gonna wanna just jump into bed with someone that you don't know? Someone who is a virtual stranger to you? And Seth I think has bipolar disorder. He's mean to Raine, then he's nice to her, then he's mean again. I couldn't get myself to actually like him as a hero. I mean he gets mad at her for lying to him and not telling him who she really is, but he's been lying to her about what his objective is and the fact that he's been spying on her, watching her get naked, etc. eww..nasty and not to mention illegal! I just felt that the characters were 2-dimensional and flat.
Another problem I had with the book was that half of it was Raine and Seth having [physical relations]! Very characteristic of a Susan Johnson novel, so if you like her books, this book is for you. I seriously ended up just skipping through the [physical relations] scenes to get to the action. However, if you are curious about this book, I would suggest that you buy it at a used book store.
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on January 27, 2004
Let me begin by stating that I'm not a prude. In fact, I like my romance with a lot of sizzle (e.g., Linda Howard, Sabrina Jeffries, et al). However, I like that sizzle to spice up a good love story. Often the most enjoyable parts of a romance novel, to me, are the parts in between the sex scenes with the interaction between the hero and heroine. Most of this novel is comprised of sex scenes (a la Susan Johnson). Indeed, it seems as if most of the plot was created around ways to introduce a sex scene. Besides this, the heroine is too perfect. She has a perfect face and body, but has never considered herself "beautiful." Yeah, right. Unless she's been cloistered from all men her entire life, this humility would have been near impossible. The hero falls in "love" with her (I use quotation marks because I feel it was "lust" and not love) based entirely on her looks; I couldn't find one other reason why the hero falls in love with her.
All in all, this novel misses the mark in the romance department.
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on January 31, 2004
I bought this book after reading the back (which by the way sounded great) but after I began to read it I became VERY disappointed. I like to read a good love scene, but frankly Seth was just a hound dog and Raine was in heat. The language was vulgar during the love scenes making me think Seth was paying for her services instead of 'being in love with her'. Raine was treated like trash up until the end and she continued to let Seth into her bed which was a joke. Most woman these days would've told him to kiss off. I'm usually a quick reader going through a book about ever three days but found this one so pathetic it took me nearly a month to get through it, as I read several book in between it. I rated this a one star because that was the lowest rating, however I wouldn't have even given it a star (it was that bad).
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on November 3, 2003
This is the first Shannon McKenna I have read and I was very disappointed. The hero was totally unlikeable and the heroine was not much better. The plot, what there was of it, was good but too little time was spent on it and too much time was spent on the sex scenes. And I say sex scenes, not love scenes. I felt like I was reading porn most of the time. This one will not reside on my keeper shelf.
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on December 16, 2003
First, he watches her without her knowing. In Oregon, you go to jail for that. Next, he virtually rapes her. Lovely. Oh, and let's not forget about all that marvelous verbal abuse they spew back and forth under the heading of small talk. Sick, twisted and totally disfunctional.
If you need a story of a broken hero being repaired, I recommend Dark Desire or Dark Magic by Christine Feehan. Avoid the stomach turning story of a woman who hasn't a clue about what love means. And on top of that, the 'steamy' loves scenes have all the heat of tepid water.
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on June 15, 2016
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on November 14, 2003
What a ridiculous waste of time and paper! This "heroine" who can only say "Um, thanks" and "Oh Gee, I forgive you" after being treated like trash for most of the book is insulting.
The "hero" appears to have an IQ that is barely measurable. There appears to be only one thing he is capable of and we read about it over and over and over...
Try Linda Howard or Anne Stuart and read something worthwhile
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on March 21, 2004
Give me a break! I have never been so disappointed in a supposed pro in my life! This is the last straw with this writer as far as I'm concerned! This book sucks might! Don't waste your time!
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