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on October 7, 2014
Nothing I didn't already know!
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on September 10, 2014
I honestly thought this was way too simple to work for my suddenly very challenging 5 year old. The techniques seemed like nothing more than more time-outs, a technique that hadn't worked for my son in the past.
However, in following the guidelines (particularly stating the rule as unchangeable, "the rule is, blah blah blah" and STAYING CALM) I met with pure success.
Seriously. The techniques haven't failed me YET. Even when we are out and about, or at someone else's home. He stays in his room, comes out calm, and we never fight anymore. It's like the simplest kind of "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" magic!
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on August 25, 2014
Very good and informative book.
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on September 16, 2013
Love the way the logical consequence are allowed to proceed in an objective manner. Helps to keep your cool! Thlanks
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on February 8, 2013
Only on Chapter 5 and this book is alread a god-send. It basically makes you realize that you are not communicating clearly to your kids... you think you are, but you are only to an adult.

simple to understand and tons of examples.

Get it if you have kids.
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on November 12, 2011
I have a strong willed child, which was evident the moment we brought her home from the hospital. My daughter is almost six now and for the first five years of her life we couldn't figure out how to make her listen and cooperate. We are very "soft" parents and don't believe in suppressing the child or parenting her like a mini version of ourselves. We truly respect her individuality and have always allowed her to express her opinions, participate in almost all discussions and family decisions.She has always picked her own clothes (we have no say in what she wears in the morning), chosen what to eat and where to go on vacation for her birthday. However, even with this parenting style we had issues. She basically ruled the family until we read this book. Here are two specific examples: (1) We were never able to go to a restaurant and have a nice peaceful time without our daughter running around, dropping her food on the floor, playing with food, bothering other people in the restaurant, screaming, and demanding constant attention. Every time we went out it was an ordeal. I followed the author's steps, explaining to her in detail what she is not allowed to do when we go out and what would happen is she didn't cooperate.I said we'd have to have our food packed and go home. The first time, she didn't believe we'd do that, but as soon as she got up and started running around we left the place. She was screaming,swearing, hitting, but we held our ground. When this happened again, we did the same thing. Now we can go out and have a great time as a family. No more yelling or begging on my part. When we talk about consequences, she knows we mean it! (2) Same thing with the computer. When she repeatedly hit the mouse on the table in frustration and hit the computer screen, I took the computer away for a week. I calmly explained to her why I had to put it away for a while. Now, she is very careful with it. This is a very practical book.The author does an excellent job explaining the reasons behind defiant behavior of strong willed kids. This book gave me a whole new perspective and an understanding that my child's goal is not to torture me, but rather send me a signal I need to be more clear on where the boundaries are and give better guidance.
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on October 26, 2011
This book was soo helpful in giving me the tools to manage my 2 year olds behaviour. It gives specific strategies and words to use and points out how you unknowingly perpetuate behaviours that you want to eliminate.
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on September 30, 2011
This book has changed my mind from the idea of not finding a way to dicipline my child. He's strong willed and I thought it's just him. This book offers very similar experiences and situations and gives you the way to handle each of them. It does some repeating, but very useful. I really encourage anyone who thinks he/she can't find a way of being embarrassed from their kids' behavior to read it.
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on August 23, 2011
I love how clear the message and techniques are in this book - they aren't theories or wishy washy technical jargons. These are real easy to use samples to use with a strong-willed child, which we have one (she's almost 4). Not realizing that our approach was ineffective and vague, we had solely blamed our child for being difficult, when all she needed was clear messages, consequences and encouragement, all clearly demonstrated in this effective book. I have read many books on this particular matter - some are laden with too many examples and not enough methods; some with too many theories where the author didn't even have his/her own children, let alone spirited and strong willed children; and this one by far is the BEST.

I also use the same techniques on my inlaws, who are stubborn, disrespectful people who don't respect our boundaries, and they work just as well! :P
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on July 4, 2011
I bought this book based on the positive reviews it received and I have not regretted it for a moment! The book is easy to read and filled with instructions that are easy to understand and examples to practice and gain the skills. I bought it when my daughter, who is 3, started exhibiting her fondness for aggressive research and action learning based on loads of data. Sometimes I read an example and think it'll never work so easily with my daughter but often it works exactly as he says it will! We are both strong-willed so it has eased a lot of the clashes between us. It has also helped me find a way to be a 'parent' (i.e., the grown-up) without negotiating with my daughter or forcing my daughter to bend to MY will. She is actually starting to understand that she gets to make her choices but that also means having to deal with the consequences. Don't get me wrong - it doesn't always work and isn't ever easy! It is a way forward that doesn't make us both feel bad because it is based on respect and communication.
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