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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 25, 2001
A "lesbian, radical, feminist"... That should give the reader a headstart on what to expect before cracking that initally hard to open spine as you take a whiff of the fresh from the factory, with slight interruption from mail transport, aroma. As acidic pages become unwound with each flip, the reader will feel a nauseating gut wrenching vomit emerging near the throat... Why will all this happen?

Tammy Bruce has written a book that will not promote democracy. It will promote disunity. She says that rather than conforming to the good for all of the people, we are to let all the wackos such as the John Rockers of the world make all the rude and insensitive comments insulting people's race, sexual orientation and religious beleifs.

As a democracy, when we elect a leader, we are telling ourselves that yes, the general public may have their differences but the majority are those who get their views heard. Those who are in the margin should remain in the margin. People like Tammy Bruce are advocating that the terrorists and anti-Semites deserve a voice when rather all hate should be abolished once and for all!

People, beware of this toxic waste coming from these New Age liberals who aren't supporting our great president and our unbiased media outlets. People, come together. Let us all live as Americans united and for all. Come, we all can do it.
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on October 24, 2001
Tammy Bruce has hit the nail on the head. The Thought Police systematically and rationally dissembles the Left's dangerous agenda of speech codes and thought control for all to see in vivid, thoughtful terms. I expect she'll be attacked brutally from the same "Thought Police" for daring to write such a book, which will only serve to prove that her arguments in it are dead on. Ms. Bruce has clearly been inside the Left, and has not liked what she's seen. Having read this cover to cover in less than two days I have to say she is a very courageous woman. She's also clearly a principled one which, whether you're on the Left or the Right, should as she makes succinct be commended, not condemned as her opponents would like to see. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see in at times sordid detail just how far the Left will go to undermine America and gain power and control at the expense of liberty and peace.
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on October 23, 2001
Well articulated diatribe on the failure of the left to properly brainwash the American public. Thus the left is forced to use nazi type tactics to enforce their views on the American character.
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on October 23, 2001
Ms. Bruce's book is one of the most thought-provoking books on politics I have read in a long time. It is filled with fascinating stories "from the inside" that reveal the dangerous effects of political correctness run amok. Her writing style is terse and engaging. I would have found it difficult to put the book down, but for the fact that her insights into the psychology of politics were so interesting that I found myself constantly pausing to ponder the implications of her ideas. I strongly recommend her book for reading by anyone interested in politics, whether you are on the left or right.
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on October 23, 2001
You've got to read this book. I live in Chicago and first heard about Tammy Bruce during the O.J. Simpson trial in Los Angeles. I'm not a feminist but I really appreciated her zeal about making sure domestic violence wasn't overshadowed by Simpson's "dream team" talk of racism. With this book I have found out why I liked her in the first place--she cuts through all the nonsense about social issues put out by the left, like multiculturalism and hate crimes. And, as a Dr. Laura fan, I was thrilled to see a chapter devoted to the true story behind the gay groups attacks on her. I've been waiting for someone to stand up for Dr. Laura. Bruce does a great job exposing the gay groups real agenda.
In general, that's what makes this book so good--Bruce comes from the inside and has some pretty surprising stories about what the Left "establishment" as she terms it, is really like. But be prepared--this book is not just a political attack--I reads more like a manifesto about true progressive politics and radical individualism, their importance and how we can improve our lives by trusting ourselves and our intentions as Americans. At the same time, it was fun, had great humor, real life stories and all the while educated me politically. What a dream.
I also particularly liked her chapter about what it was really like in NOW, and their double-standards. Probably the most surprising thing she reveals is that NOW took money from the Clinton administration during the Jones and Lewinsky scandals (which finally made clear to me why they were so hypocritical about sexual harassment when it came to Bubba).
You might not agree with everything she writes, but after reading this book I'm looking at everything just a little bit differently, even with more personal confidence and optimism.
This is a great read, I learned stuff, enjoyed it and rediscovered someone who is sorely needed in the political world. This book should put Tammy Bruce back on the political map. I highly recommend it.
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