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on December 28, 2007
i read the book and i must say it does have a wonderful story board the book alone is genius. but i think what made it so hard to comprehend is the extra's with which the book is so easly prone to confusion. all the phone numbers, and the websites are those all real things? do you search for them or are they just what the friend Emma is suposed to look for as for the fact that the book alone is dirived to be a journal, left behind by the lover of victor, or is his name Nathan? you see the books story board is good, two thumbs up but the whole jurnal itself was a bad feature to be added to the story lines. the kids will not know what happened to make this journal happen apon her friend emma, did cathy go to live in secrecy as was fortold by the Ancester Lu? or did she follow Victor in hopes that her love would claim her till the end of her days? are the websites suposed to explain these left out details or is the book truely to remain a mystery? i find the idea of a sequel quite refine to what would make the book truely a success, or at least the clarifacations of this novel should be in order either as a public display or a website offer!
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on August 25, 2007
CATHY'S BOOK is being marketed as a new kind of young adult novel. It's interactive, with a pocket of 'evidence', real phone numbers and websites, and other extras to help you learn more about the case. To be honest, though, that wasn't what made me love this book. Sure, the extras are cool and all, but I don't think they are necessary (and that's a compliment to the book, really!). CATHY'S BOOK could have stood on its own as a wonderful young adult novel.

It's the story of, as the title suggests, a girl named Cathy. I suppose she's fairly normal at first (though she is a better artist than most of us--I love the drawings in this book!), but she quickly finds herself mixed up in some shady business, due to her involvement with Victor, her older possible-boyfriend. I can't say too much without giving away the awesome plot twists, but nothing turns out the way you think it will! It all comes together quite nicely in the end, though. The startling revelations that finish this story, however, could set up a great sequel, and I hope that one is at least being considered!

CATHY'S BOOK is fantastic for a number of reasons. There are great pictures (and usually I'm not a fan of pictures in novels--I think it distracts from the writing), it's well-written, the characters (especially Cathy) are realistic, and the plot is quite suspenseful! It's not all action and suspense, though--there's a bit of romance thrown in (that is, after all, the reason for Cathy's involvement in the first place), which makes it fun. The only thing that might subtract from the awesomeness of this book, I think, is the fact that the publishers or whoever made this decision seemed to think the great story needed 'extras' to make it worth reading. None of the press I've read on this book mentions the great novel; instead, it talks about the 'extras.' That is not what makes this book worth it, not at all!

Reviewed by: Jocelyn Pearce
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