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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 1, 2004
I first heard of "Because of Winn-Dixie" several years ago, when Kate DiCamillo was interviewed on NPR soon after its release. Having lived in FL for many years and being well aware of the Winn-Dixie supermarkets, I suppose the idea of the story and its name intrigued me. I purchased the book some time ago, but as with many other book collectors, I set it aside and didn't get around to reading it till just recently. Although it's written for children, I must say it has appeal for all ages! I was deeply moved by the sweet story, and especially Opal, who someone else expressed my thoughts exactly when they likened her to Scout, from "To Kill a Mockingbird"(my all-time favorite story). She obviously is wise far beyond her years in the way she brings together the diverse personalities and ages of the people she meets in her new home, a small FL town called Naomi. Opal unconditionally loves her funny, quirky mongrel of a dog, and we certainly can't help but love him as well! We should all be so lucky as to someday meet such a gentle spirit as Opal and her Winn-Dixie. My highest recommendations for this touching and very uplifting little gem!
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on July 19, 2004
I recommend this book to anyone 13 or older because it's a really good book about friendship. For example, when the pet employ asked her if Winn-Dixie was her pet, Opal said, "He's not a pet he's my best friend." Also I recommend it to any one who loves dogs because Winn-Dixie is in many parts of the story. For example, when Winn-Dixie is in the store making a mess, the manager said that he was going to call the pound. Opal said to the manger," Wait that's my dog. Don't call the pound." She said to protect the dog from going to the pound. In conclusion, if you like a book about friendship and animals, this is the book to read.
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on January 9, 2003
I think it's half and half because of these two reasons: I think it's a bad book because they didn't put what happened to someone that Opal(main character)loved and missed very much.I think it's a good book because it has alot to do with feelings about Opal and how she solved them with cool solutions. The # 1 reason why I like this story is because I love when they put the main character a girl, because I'm a girl. :)
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Opal has just relocated, with her father, Preacher, to Florida. One day, while in the local Winn-Dixie, she finds a big, ugly dog. She names the dog Winn-Dixie. When she gets home, her father is disappointed, but reluctantly agrees to let Opal keep the unusual dog. Winn-Dixie helps Opal make new friends in Florida, and it's Because of Winn-Dixie that she finds happiness in her new town.
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on June 4, 2004
In the book Because of Winn-Dixie written by Kate DiCamillo, a ten-year-old girl named India opal Buloni, went to the store to buy macaroni and cheese, some white rice, and two tomatoes, but came back with a stray dog.
India Opal (Opal for short) moved from a city called Watly Florida to another city in Florida, Naomi.Opal moved to Naomi so her dad could be the preacher at the Open arms Baptist church of Naomi. Naomi was a small town in the Southern part of Florida.It was a small town but there was a lot of noise. In Naomi Opal made new friend quickly. Even a dog she found, and named Winn-Dixie. Out of tons of houses available Opal and her dad, moved into a trailer park. The trailer park was for adults only but since Opal was the preacher's daughter she got to stay with her dad. They named the Trailer Park the Friendly Corners Trailer Park. In the book Because of Winn-Dixie Kate DiCamillo had five important characters in addition to India Opal. They were Winn-Dixie, Gloria Dump, Amanda Wilkinson, Sweetie Pie Thomas and Otis. Opal found a dog in the Winn-Dixie grocery store, claimed the dog, and named it Winn-Dixie. But when Opal brought Winn-Dixie home she still had to get the "Okay" from her dad to keep him. Along with Winn-Dixie another character Is Gloria Dump. Gloria lived in a house that two boys (Dunlap and Stevie Dewberry) thought was a witch's house and also thought she was a witch. But when Opal met her right away she knew Gloria wasn't a witch. Another character is Otis. Otis works at a pet shop, Gertrude Pets. He likes to play his guitar, but Otis was put in jail for hitting the police with his guitar. There also is Sweetie Pie Thomas who loves pink. Sweetie Pie wants a dog because she really likes Winn-Dixie. Another character in the book is Amanda Wilkinson. Opal calls Amanda pinch face because Amanda is always mean to her. Opal found out that Amanda was pinch-faced because her brother drowned.
India Opal is the main character in the book because of Winn-Dixie. Opal changed a lot during the book. In the beginning Opal was sad and missed her mom a lot. She also didn't have very many friends. Dunlap and Stevie Dewberry made fun of her. But she called them bald-headed babies. By the end of the story Opal changed even more. She didn't miss her mom as much and she also had more friends with people like Gloria Dump, Miss Franny Block, Amanda Wilkinson, and Sweetie Pie Thomas. Opal even made friends with Dunlap and Stevie Dewberry. A lot of things caused Opal to change, but Winn-Dixie caused Opal to change the most. Winn-Dixie made Opal not think of her mom as much because Winn-Dixie would play with her. Winn-Dixie also made Opal laugh and make friends with a lot of people. In the book, Opal affected all kinds of people but she affected Otis the most. Opal affected Otis by encouraging him to play his guitar again in front of people at the party Opal put together. She also affected Otis because he got to meet more people at the party.
When I was not reading Because of Winn Dixie I thought about how good was friendship and overcoming tragedy. Like Opal becoming friends with everybody. And by letting Amanda go to the party it made Amanda talk more and not worry about her brother as much.
The book was a good book. When I finished reading Because of Winn Dixie I thought if Gloria Dump ever had anymore parties and if Opal ever went to Sweetie Pies birthday.
When I finished reading the book I wanted to know if Opals mom ever came back. I also wanted to know where Opals mom went and why she left.
During the book because of Winn-Dixie I wanted to cheer for the main character because Opal kept helping people. Opal helped Otis not be so shy. She helped the Dewberry brothers know Gloria Dump wasn't a witch. She also helped Winn-Dixie get a home.
In the book I had a favorite part. It was when Opal threw a party. She invited most of the people she knew. The only person she didn't invite was but she would have invited her mom if she knew where her mom was. It was also my favorite part when Opal became friends with Dunlap, Steve and Amanda.
I would recommend the book because of Winn-Dixie.
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on June 4, 2004
Can you imagine your mom running away? Well in the book Because of Winn-Dixie that is just
what happens. The main character's mother leaves her and her father.
Opal and her father, the preacher, moved to Southern Florida so the preacher could be the new
preacher at Open Arms Baptist Church of Naomi. Opal has lived in Florida all of her life. Opal
and the preacher moved from the northern part of Florida to the southern part of Florida. The city they
live in now is called Naomi. Opal and her father live at Friendly Corners Trailer Park. Opal didn't have
any friends when she first moved to the park until she met Winn-Dixie. She continues to meet a lot
more people as time goes on.
In the book Because of Winn-Dixie written by Kate DiCamillo, Kate had five important
characters in addition to the main character, India Opal Buloni. One of the characters is Winn-Dixie; a
scrawny knotted hair dog. Winn-Dixie is afraid of thunder and lightening but he loves Opal and peanut
butter. Otis is another character in the book. He is the manager of Gertrudes Pet Shop. At first Otis
seemed very scary to Opal because he was arrested. Otis hired Opal to sweep the floors of Gertrudes Pet
Shop to pay off the leash and collar that she purchased for her dog Winn-Dixie. Besides Otis, Gloria
Dump is a third character that Kate includes in her book. Gloria Dump had a tree with a whole bunch of
bottles hanging in it. The bottles represented every mistake she ever made. Gloria always listened to all
of Opal's stories. In addition to Gloria Dump, the fourth character that was chosen to be in the book was
the Preacher. The Preacher, Opal's father, was a very good preacher. Opal and her father moved to
the town of Naomi in Florida because he just hired on for a new job in town. The last character Kate
talked about in the book Because of Winn-Dixie is Mrs. Franny Block. Mrs. Franny Block was the
librarian in town. Mrs. Franny Block would keep all the Littmus Lozenge candies in her desk at the
During the beginning of the story, Opal is really sad because she has to move to the southern
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part of Florida. Her mom had previously left her and her father and Opal will do anything to get her
back. Opal also would like to know any information about her mom. Opal is sad because she doesn't
have any friends to play with at her new trailer park where she lives now. Everything starts to work out
for Opal by the end of the story. The preacher tells her ten things about her mother and she starts to
accept that her mother isn't coming back to her and her father. Opal loved Winn-Dixie like a best
friend. Winn-Dixie always made Opal feel happy and loved. By the end of the story Opal also makes
several new friends and even gets to have a nice party. It was amazing to see all the changes take place
in Opal by the end of the story. She was a lot happier. Winn-Dixie had a lot to do with the changes in
Opal because he ran into Gloria Dump's back yard, with the mistake tree, so Opal met Gloria and they
became good friends. Winn-Dixie was also an excellent friend himself. Winn-Dixie was Opal's first
friend when she moved to southern Florida and she quickly began to love him. Opal took very good
care of Winn-Dixie and even got him a new leash and collar that she worked to pay for. Opal
affected Winn-Dixie for the good also by taking him off the streets and cleaning him so he was no longer a
dirty, uncombed, hungry, stray dog looking for food.
When I wasn't reading this book, I thought about my dog that I play with and take care of
When I was finished reading Because of Winn-Dixie, I thought about the dog Winn-Dixie. One
thing that I wondered about was how old was Winn-Dixie when Opal first met him?
After putting the book down for the last time, I had just two unanswered questions that came to
my mind. The biggest question was if Opal's mom ever returned to her and her father, the
preacher, and the second was who owned Winn-Dixie before Opal rescued him off the streets?
I think the book is about life being unfair because Opal's mother left her when she was very

young which meant she didn't even have a mom to look up to and learn things from. Another reason
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things weren't fair for Opal is because she had to move away from her home, all of her friends and
everything that was familiar to her to move to the other side of Florida to live in a trailer park where she
didn't know anyone and had no friends.
My favorite part in the whole book was when Opal thought that Winn-Dixie ran away because of
the thunder and lightening, so she and the preacher went out looking for him. When they returned
from the search, they found Winn-Dixie hiding under a chair after he sneezed and gave his hiding spot
I would definitely recommend this book to somebody else to read because it has a lot of good
lessons and it has a happy ending.
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on June 3, 2004
In this book the main Characters is India Opal Buloni, Opal for short. Opal is forced to move to a new town, Naomi, Florida because her dad has a new job as a preacher in the Open Arms Baptist Church. Opal's mother had left her and her dad when Opal was just a baby. So, it was just the two of them. That was until Opal finds a dog and names him Winn-Dixie. Winn Dixie is a special dog. He helps Opal through her lonely times and helps her to meet new friends when she doen't know anyone. She met Otis, a person that works in Gertrude's pet store. He is able to calm all the animals in the store by playing his guitar. Gloria Dump is another person she met and boy, does she like peanut butter. Amanda, is a Pinched faced girl who's brother drowed in a swimming accident. Two boys, Dunlap and Stevie are not very nice and called Gloria a witch. Opal and Gloria had a party for all of their friends. By the end of the story everyone had become close friends with each other and Opal opened up to her dad. She didn't feel lonely with Winn-Dixie, her dad and all of her new friends in her life. Yes, I recommend this book to others.
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on June 1, 2004
If you thought that it was impossible that a dog could change a bunch of people in one summer, you were wrong. In the book Because of Winn-Dixie, by Kate DeCamillo, that is just that happened.
I'm not so sure if you would call it the O.J. state, but that's where India Opal Buloni lives. Opal lived in north Florida most of her life, but now she has moved down south with her dad. She moved to a small town in Florida, called Naomi. It was exceedingly noisy there, but still small. Opal had to leave all her friends to go to an unfamiliar town. In that town there was a small trailer park called Friendly Corners Trailer Park. It was a little place where grown-ups lived. There were very little things for Opal to do there.
In the book Because of Winn-Dixie, by Kate DeCamillo she had important characters in addition to India Opal Buloni. They are Otis, Gloria Dump, Winn-Dixie, the Dewberry boys, And Gertrude. First in line is Otis. Is he hiding something or just plain weird? Well that's the question that popped into Opal's head when she first met Otis. Otis loved to play his guitar and he was so good, but no one knew that. Hold on to our broomsticks the next character is Gloria Dump. "She's a witch!" At least the Dewberry boys would insist. Gloria Dump has an unique way of saying things and a has wondrous backyard, but she is definitely not a witch. She was someone Opal could Look up to. Along with Gloria Dump there were the Dewberry boys or in Opal's case, the bald headed babies. They would never believe anything Opal would say unless she had proof. Next comes the scrawny dog from the produce department. Winn-Dixie was like a pig out of mud, disgusting. With caring and love, Opal changed Winn-Dixie into a new dog that every one has to love. Watch out for that bird, Gertrude.
"Dog," it squawked. I think the parrot Gertrude, from Gertrude's Pets likes Winn-Dixie. Whenever Winn-Dixie would walk into the pet store Gertrude would squawk "Dog." Gertrude also found a liking to perch on Winn-Dixie's head. I do imagine the parrot was colorful, just like any other parrot I've seen.
Whoooeeee, we've got to our main character, India Opal Buloni and as you've noticed Opal for short. She was a shy nine year old girl with red hair living in an unfamiliar area not knowing any one at all. Opal finds a dog at the grocery store and is able to keep him because he is an "unfortunate." Opal really didn't know anything about her mom until Winn-Dixie came. Later in the story Opal really found herself. She learned more about herself, her surroundings, and the people she loved. She has great friends who she can play with. Opal is now able to succeed in whatever she wants and will understand if she fails. So a new place to live wasn't so bad in the end. How did she get so affected though, you might ask. Well someone that could affect Opal that much would have to be..... her mom! No no I'm just joking, it would Have to be.... her friends! Now that seems more plausible, does it not? You also might be saying, what about Winn-Dixie didn't he affect her? Well here is you answer, he counts as a friend, a great one in fact. Now if you turn it around and were to ask, well who did Opal affect, I'll tell you who she affected now, the whole town. I'm over exaggerating a bit, but thats not the point. She could basically affect anyone she met with hope, support and encouragement.
Did you ever think what if you had to move just like Opal to a place you didn't know, where you had no friends, But I guess stuff would get better as it did with her.
We're done, already, wow that was a good book. that's what I thought when I finished the book. Even though its a short book that doesn't mean it's bad now does it. I guess when your finished with any book you always think "ooooooh I'm finished, already, wow." Well at least thats what I thought.
What in the world happened to Opal's mom? That must be a common question, but you can't say you've never wondered what happened to her can you? Nope didn't think so.
If you were to ask Sweetie Pie she would say everything has to have a theme. So I would say this book has a theme it is that life isn't always fair. What I mean by that is Opal doesn't have a mother. Opal had to move away from her friends for her dads job. Even though life isn't always fair that doesn't mean anything good can't happen. For instance Opal gets Winn-Dixie. She also meets Gloria Dump and many more friends in Naomi.
When Opal is outside looking at her tree that she planted and feeling the branches that were strong and healthy. She realizes and understands that her mama isn't coming back, she accepts that also she is happy about where she is. She thinks nothing could go wrong. That's probably my favorite part in the book.
If someone asked me if they should read the book or if I recommend it I'd say yes, I recommend the book and go for it, read the book it's good.
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on May 26, 2004
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo is a great Literature/read aloud/read-it-on-your-own book! It has won a Newberry Honor. Probably because of the Emotion DiCamillo put into the story. At times you'd feel sad in the book, at other times you'd feel surprised or happy!
This outstanding book is about India Opal Buloni and how she recievs many friends because of-well- Winn-Dixie!
Winn-Dixie is a dog India took home from the super mart. You see, Winn-Dixie is probably not the dog's real name because India just said the name that came right to her head after she heard the owner of the super mart saying he'll send the dog to the pound.
India and her father-or as India calls him, "the preacher"- did not really get to see each other alot because "the preacher" had church work to do and India's mother left her when India was 3. This book taught me that it IS possible to become a closer family.
This book is also about friendship. Winn-Dixie and India became very good friends and "because of Winn-Dixie" India has basically all the people who live in the trailer park to say "you're my friend" to.
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on May 19, 2004
India Opal Buloni (better known as just plain Opal), is just 10-years-old, when her Father, the preacher, moves her to Naomi, Florida, where he will be taking on the duty of being the new preacher at the Open Arms Baptist Church of Naomi. Opal's Mother left years before, and she can hardly remember her at all, which brings Opal down. So she sets out to find out anything she can about her beloved Mother, and ends up finding love in another place. In Winn-Dixie, the dog who she finds in the Winn-Dixie grocery store. Opal goes from being pure lonely to finding a friend who can share everything with her, and who teaches her the true meaning of love.
BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE is an inspirational, and uplifting story that readers of all ages, whether young or old, will find touching and beautiful. Opal is a very optimistic character who wants nothing more than true friends, and love. Winn-Dixie is the same way, however, she brings love and true friendship to Opal. Kate DiCamillo has achieved greatness in this tiny book, as it is written so simply, that it can be understood by even the youngest child, but it tells such an in-depth and engrossing story that will have older readers delving into it's pages time and time again. This is a must read for all.
Erika Sorocco
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