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on February 6, 2016
The name of this book rightly describes this beautiful story - The Tender Years - for many teens 'back in my day' would be very much like this story. It took me back to my tender years, the ages between 12 and 16 when it is so, so very important to have friends, to be part of a group, to have the love and support of family and, yet, to be obedient to the rules. Virginia knew what was right, she knew what was good, she knew what was expected of her, but then there was Jenny. Jenny made life look like so much fun - she was daring, she was lively, she was popular and she had no rules. It just didn't seem fair to Virginia.

This story delightfully covers the many trials and temptations of young teens, and will help the Virginia's of this world value their close knit family even more, and will guide the Jenny's into building a relationship with a family who cares about them.

A well done, poignant story which might bring a few tears and a few smiles, and lots of memories of days gone by from passing notes in school to playing in the brooks or rivers.
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on July 3, 1998
"The Tender Years" is a wonderful book. I read it this past fall, and absolutely loved it! I had already read the Love Comes Softly series and was wondering what had happened to everybody! When I heard Janette Oke was coming out with the Prairie Legacy books, I couldn't believe it! I was very surprised at how young Virginia was (13), but also very happy. I'm a teenager too, so I could relate to alot of things in the book. I loved the way she learned to trust God (as we all need to.) All I can really say is... READ IT!! Thank you, Janette Oke! Happy Reading!!
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on November 5, 2000
to put it in blunt words.... i loved it! at first i thought it was kind of corny by looking at the cover, but since my mother bought it for me i thought i ought to read it for her sake. I ended up liking the book so much i wanted to read it again and again. I thought it was pretty realistic. I mean, the everyday teenager goes through pretty much everything Virginia did. The only thing i thought was a little awkward was how calm Virginia stayed. If i were her i would i have been so stressed out. It's a great book. READ IT! =)
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on September 12, 2000
This was a wonderful book about Marty and Clarks grandaughter Virginia and how she struggles to feel accepted by her peers. Its especially hard for Virginia because of her fiery-tempered friend Jenny Woods who always seems to be getting her into trouble. If you liked the Love Comes Softly series you'll love the story of Marty and Clarks grandaughter Virginia. I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series!
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on October 30, 2002
The tender years by Janet Oke is a very good book. Janet Oke is a very good author, I can relate to this book because just like virgina I am to a teenager. There is so much you learn from this book and is a wonderful experiance. Virgina and her family is a big family like the brady bunch. Almost every one wants a big family. I think every one should read this book it can teach you alot. Happy reading!
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on August 17, 1998
"The Tender Years" was an excellent book! Being a teenager myself,I can relate to Oke's character ,Virginia. I loved the first books before "The Tender Years" and am looking foward to reading more of Janette Oke's continuing sagas. Her books are such wonderful Christian books and I enjoy them all!!!!!!!!!!
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on July 12, 2000
The characters in this book were so easy to relate to, particularly if you were a 13 - 15 year old female. From peer pressure to solid morals/values, this book covers it all. It's extremely easy to read and you'll find yourself completely engulfed in the day-to-day happenings of this family, their community and their friends.
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on June 1, 2001
Looks like this could be her best series yet. So be prepared to read, or if your like me, to listen to all four. Have written to authur a letter asking her to continue the series. So lets hope that four are not all there will be.
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on April 14, 1998
great book!and I'm reading another great book called THE MATCHMAKERS,by Jannette Oke,ofcourse!!
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on December 29, 2002
So far, I like every books I have read that was written by Janet Oke.
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