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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on May 8, 2005
I finished reading The Loch earlier today and really enjoyed it alot.The characters were very interesting and you really cared about what was happening to them.You could feel Zach's fear when
he was in or near the water and you could feel his
rage when he saw David.Zach's old friend,True and his sister Brandy were also good characters and they added alot to Zach.Zach's father,Angus was a little harder to pinpoint.One minute you hate him and then the next you wonder if he really does care for his son only to change your mind again a few
chapters later.I flipped back and forth quite a few
times when it came to him.
As I was reading the book,I kept thinking what a
great movie this would make.The scene where Zach is
watching Calum in the middle of the night taking some sheep to feed to the creature and then seeing it appear and attacking the
sheep would look great on the big screen.
What you have here is another classic to go along with the Meg series.If you haven't read this yet,I highly recommend it.
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on July 20, 2015
"The Inverness Courier would later pen the moment as the press conference of "the dead, a dead man walking, and the thrice dead man". This was non-stop action. Awesome story (although you can tell it was written by a guy by the way he describes the women in the book). There were a lot of quotes as well as historical references about Scotland and the Knights Templar intersperced throughout the story. You really get into Zachary's head (the main character). I would recommend the book to anyone who loves action, marine biology and Scottish history. I really loved the way the author transcribed the Scottish brogue, it was so cool (makes you think you can talk with a Scottish accent!)
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I'm always down with a good sea monster book and even a few bad ones. Steve Alten has written one of the better ones. Marine Biologist, Zach Wallace gets into alot of trouble with some mysterious readings (read monsters) in the Sargasso Sea. This leads to a series of events that ruins his reputation and sends him packing to his native Scotland. As luck would have it his home town is Loch Ness, ie sea monster central. Also found are alot of other creepy things that won't do the town's reputation much good. Nonethelss, toss plausibility out the window and into the loch and you have a decent thriller, with lawyers and hot women and stuff. Best read in the wake of an icy wind with a bottle of dark rum.
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on August 13, 2009
If I'm going to kick authors who waste my time and money, I should also provide some counterbalance to those suffering from an excessively destructive review. This is the kind of book you're looking for when you say to yourself: "I just want to relax with a good book". If you're a monster lover like me, sit back and escape. Standard props and cliches
are there to some degree but don't interfere as they do in many other popular books. But then you weren't expecting Robertson Davies were you?
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on February 23, 2016
Not enjoying the book. 100 pages into it. More of a Scottish history lesson than anything. Way too many confusing 13th century names and places......and the Scottish language writing...OK....I understand setting up the character's background but enough already. Not as good as The Meg.
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on October 26, 2014
Well paced, the science is interesting... a very plausible theory on the Loch Ness monster, and a very nice historical/mystery plot too! Very entertaining book
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on December 30, 2011
An Amazing Book . What Can I Say More , It's major Scary And it's a must buy ! how the story is told , it's amazing
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on April 19, 2015
Fascinating from the beginning to the end!
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on February 9, 2008
Having seen the other two reviews I'm worried I have made a terrible mistake and read a different book but sadly, not so. I read "Meg" years and years ago and remember it being entertaining in a high tech, underwater monster sort of way and thought I would give "The Loch" a try. I ignored the fact that the only quotes they could rustle up are from Loren Coleman.."the world's leading cryptozoologist" and another from TV Guide Online, and even they describe it as an "engossing beach read, as if that is any kind of recommendation. I checked, no New York Times, Telegraph..Pickering advertiser..maybe it is on their "to do lists", however I suspect not.
I'm sorry to say that "The Loch" has almost nothing to recommend it, it lurches at breakneck pace (not in a good way) from scene to scene, the characters are paper thin composites of every cliche out there...the tortured young genius with a dark past...the corporate parasite riding our hero's skills to glory, honestly it was as if someone had fed a thousand Crichtons, Grishams, Clancys etc into a large computer and asked it to spew out the characters ready formed.
At one point, our tortured hero is in hospital after an underwater mishap and his fiancee visits him...without going into too much details our hero says "Risa, rye rove roo"...Steve, I think Scooby Doo has dibs on this voice. I'm wracking my memory to see if I can recall a single thing to recommend this book but sorry, nothing springs to mind. Every day, there are a lot of great books written and a great many more bad ones, this is very much towards the bottom of the latter group. If you are looking for an underwater thriller, read "Shadow Divers", it has more atmosphere, excitement and drama in one paragraph than this book has in its 461 dreadful pages.
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on August 26, 2006
This is one of Steve Altens best, and I would go as far as to say that it beats the Meg series hands down (although Meg still rocks!).

The book opens up with Zachary Wallace, marine/paliobiologist working on a project in the Sargasso Sea, attempting to locate the ellusive giant squid! With the development of his new "squid-lure", and decending into a few thousand feet of water in a mini-sub, Zach manages to get the first ever recording of a giant squid feeding in deep sea trenches. But his success is short lived. While the squid is feeding on the lure, it is attacked by a pod of unidentified deep sea predators known only as "BLOOPS" (due to the eco-location sounds they produce). They kill the giant squid, and then begin their assault on Zach's tiny sub. While racing towards the surface, the sub is breached, and Zach drowns. Luckily the medical staff onboard the surface ship manages to bring him back to life. Thus begins Zach's horrible night-terrors. He has flashes of himself as a child living in Scotland, boating on Loch Ness - the lace of his first drowning. When Zach was nine, his small boat capsised in the Loch, sending him into its frigid waters, and the mysteriously being dragged down into its murky deapths. These resurfacing memories cause Zachary to develope a pronounce case of hydrophobia and panic attacks, affecting his ability to work at sea. Not only that, but he is blamed for the accident that befell the submarine, killing its pilot. Expelled from his university, and out of a job Zach's life has become a mess.

Some months down the road, Zach is contacted by his half brother Max, who informs him that their estranged father has been accused of murdering his business partner, and is facing the death penalty back in Scotland. On arriving in Scotland, Zach confronts his father, whom he hasn't seen in over 17 years since his parents divorced and his mother moved to America, only to hear his father claim that he is innocent. Not only that, but his father claims that it was the Loch Ness Monster that killed his business associate.

Of course, no-one, includeing Zachary, believes that Angus Wallace saw the Nessie, or that the monster is calpable for the death. That is until more and more people begin dying in the Loch, their half eaten remains washing up on shore. The deaths spark a series of monster hunts and university studies, turning the Loch into one giant circus...not to mentiona smorgasborg for Nessie. Now it is up to Zachary Wallace to find the creature, and clear his fathers name.

This was a ripping good book, with a fast moving plot and alot of hard science to back up the authors fiction.

My only problem with it was the similarities many of the characters shared with other Steve Alten titles: Zachary/Jonas, Mac/True, Terry/Brandy...and so on.

Still a great read, minus the rehash.
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