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on January 24, 2002
And now...another tediously detailed summary of a Monty Python DVD Set from an individual who has too much time on his hands but is by no means as dull as a chartered accountant. Here are the breakdowns (including episode #s () and individual sketch names). Why? Well, because I'm a nerd.
DVD 5 - (14) Face the press/new cooker sketch/prostitute advert/the ministry of SILLY WALKS/The piranha brothers - (15) Man powered flight/the SPANISH INQUISITION/jokes & novelties salesman/tax on thingy/photos of uncle ted/the semaphore version of wuthering heights/julius caesar on an aldis lamp/court charades - (16) A bishop rehearsing/flying lessons/hijacked plane/the poet McTeagle/psychiatrist milkman/complaints/DEJA VU
Loony Bin extras: Meet the chaps, Pythonisms, Gillianimations, Silly Walk (Live!), Naughty bits, ad
DVD 6 - (17) Architect sketch/how to give up being a mason/insurance sketch/"The BISHOP"/living room on pavement/poets/a choice of viewing/chemist sketch/police constable pan-am - (18) Live from the grill-o-mat/"BLACKMAIL"/society for putting things on top of other things/escape from film/current affairs/accidents/seven brides for seven brothers/the man who is alternately rude and polite/ken clean-air system - (19) It's a living/the time on BBC1/school prize giving/films by Mr. Dibley/the news/free prizes/Timmy williams interview/Raymond LUXURY YACHT/getting married/ELECTION night special
Loony bin: same as DVD 5 except for - A trivial quest, Gilliam's attic, Monty queries, and Tutor manners
That about sums it up. I know there are no episode titles and probably some other little things included but...well, too bad. If you like extremely geeky summaries like this or you are in fact a large geek, check out my "reviews" for DVD set 1 & 2!
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on March 1, 2001
It's enough to get the Monty Python episodes, which are hilarious in and of themselves (30 years later, very little has become dated). But the extras take it to a whole new level. 3 or 4 eps on each DVD, funny menus that let you jump to a specific skit if you like, bios of all the members, skits from other eps not on the DVD, skits from "Live At The Hollywood Bowl", did-you-know type trivia (ex. each member appears naked at some point in the run, Terry Gilliam first and Terry Jones most often), and games.
This is a great set to start out with (Spanish Inquisition). Sets 1,2 and 4 are also hysterical.
Let the word go out: This is the model for all other TV shows on DVD (are you listening Star Trek? South Park?)
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on May 2, 2000
If you are a fan of MPFC, or just appreciate off the wall humor, these DVD sets are a must have. Episodes like "Face The Press" are an excellent way to introduce others into the wonderful world of Python. If you are a firm believer in political correctness, skip anything done by Python, as their work will offend you greatly. But then again, the politically correct are devoid of a sense of humor in the first place, so why would they be shopping in the comedy section?
Hardcore fans and newcomers alike will appreciate the digital sound, because it makes hearing the punchlines possible even through heavy audience laughter. Buy them now! You won't regret it.
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on May 3, 2000
I am sure the Spanish Inquisition sketch was inspiration for Mel Brooks' "History of the World, Part I." The Ministry of Silly Walks sketch, while very silly, is also screamingly funny. The giant hegdehog haunts my dreams. The gas cooker sketch is every single delivery from Sears and Roebuck. The whole video is delightfully ridiculous. I only wish they were still on the air!
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on December 3, 1999
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on July 24, 2001
I think this set is my favorite of them all! Episode #14 (Face the Press) is worth it alone! This is class 'A' material!
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