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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on September 19, 2003
A film crew comprised of actors Eric Stoltz, Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez, Kari Wuhrer, Owen Wilson, and some others take a trip down to Brazil on a river to film some things, but are conned into trapping a gigantic snake - that will attempt to eat every member of the crew, eventually - when they meet a scheming snake trapper played by Jon Voight.
The special effects are used to interesting degree, as the Anaconda actually is made to look convincingly real (and, yes, Anacondas are really that big.) Quite a bit of violence, blood, and gore in this one, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for those who are faint of heart. Some of this actually gives me the itches when I see it. In fact, I'm a bit surprised that this made a PG-13 rating, as some of the violent scenes border on R-rated material.
This film does not necessarily require a long, explanative review. It's an entertaining, cheesy, fun, disgusting action/horror flick. Heterosexual males will probably want to watch the film to see Jennifer Lopez in an uncharacteristically raw, sweaty, dirtied-up role, as well as for actress Kari Wuhrer. Fans of snakes and gore will probably find plenty to be fascinated with. But, most of all, fans of entertaining, action-packed film will find something here to enjoy. Watch at your own risk.
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on June 23, 2004
Plot: A group of filmakers/scientists journey through the amazon in search for a rare indian tribe only to encounter a snake hunter and 50-foot man-eating anaconda!
Review: Great film with a talented and impressive cast (Jon Voight(Heat), Jennifer Lopez(Evita), Eric Stoltz(Pulp Fiction),Ice Cube(Friday),Owen Wilson(Zoolander),and more...)
For a film of this genre, "Anaconda" continues to remain realistic throughout it's story.
Packed with action, suspense, and stunning visual and make-up effects, "Anaconda" delivers!
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on November 22, 2003
truely superiour to the new snake movie crap made todasy this one has some of hollywoods biggest stars a giant snake good gory deaths and a satysfing ending
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on January 9, 2015
“Anaconda” and with Jon Voight” menacing facial expression make for a whole lot of fun,
I just couldn’t stop laughing when he was on screen, if this is not fun don’t know what is,
and then there is Jennifer Lopez” to look at, that Snake is one bad dude, he can climb mountain
to get you, no escaping that reptile, I love the part when he regurgitate Jon Voight that was good,
they should absolutely do a Re-make of this but a little better, even though this snake look good
sometimes it’s a bit cheesy, I think this is the first, I’ve seen the black guy lasted the whole movie,
that’s scary in itself, I don’t know if the director (Luis Llosa) was going for intense sequences, but,
it didn’t do it for me, I don’t know if I’m immune this stuff, maybe I’ve seen too much of them,
this Disc has no menu, the movie starts automatically, if you press Top menu it will just say play movie,
the snake gets two, J Lo gets two, three for J Voight,
Widescreen 2.40:1
English 2.0 Dolby Digital.
Runtime 129 Min.
I Love Snakes...Sheeeeek,
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on July 14, 2004
When I watched Anaconda I was surprised that it was better than I expected. Part of the reason for that was the performance given by John Voigt.
A film crew is traveling the Amazon in search of the elusive People of the Mist. On the way the rescue Voigt from a stranded ship. Voigt is a snake catcher and claims he knows where the People of the Mist can be found. In reality he is trying to lead them into anaconda territory where he hopes to catch a live specimen and make a fortune. Finally the truth comes out, as do the snakes and it becomes a battle between man and beast as well as between man and man. In the end the survivors prepare to return to their ruined careers when they stumble across the People of the Mist.
John Voigt gave an excellent performance as a Paraguayan snake catcher (Paraguayan so as no one can tell if the accent is right). John shows off a physique that shows why he was chosen to play gigolos and boxers. I did not care too much for the black cameraman. He seemed to be one great big stereotype, so city bred he can't believe that fish live in water. The only other flaw with the film is the way the snake moves. Anacondas are strong but they can not support their entire weight on the tip of their tail. It also moved faster than a striking rattlesnake. Oh well, I still really enjoyed the movie.
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on June 17, 2004
Not since the 1973's "SsssssS" (Strother Martin and Dirk Benedict) has a snake movie been so creepy. ANACONDA's plot is your garden variety monster movie. Each character is picked off one by one by the monster (in this case, a giant anaconda snake) and one or two survivors find a way to kill it. Thrown in the mix is always an antagonizer who goes against the grain. In this film, Jon Voight plays totally out of type as the mysterious big game hunter who latches on to a documentary film crew in the Amazon. He leads them on a wild goose trail looking for a lost indian tribe, unknown to his hosts that he's looking for a big game snake. The film is predictable and the CGI/animatronic snake is somewhat decent. Some of the giant anaconda CGI movements look unrealistic to the point of looking cartoony. It is easy to distinguish between the CGI and the mechanical snake. But once the snake shows up, the movie picks up. The creepy (but clever) sequence is when Voight becomes victim to the giant anaconda. A camera shot seems to come from inside the snake as the mouth opens and it begins to swallow him. Then a couple of scenes later when you think Voight is a goner, the snake regurgitates him covered with digestive juices. To make it even creepier, Voight is still alive and winks at Jennifer Lopez. Overall, a predictable B- horror/monster movie with an interesting cast which includes Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight and Ice Cube, but with cheap computer effects not up to par with JURASSIC PARK.
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on June 13, 2004
Well, however you look at it, this is an enjoyable little man-vs-nature movie. Enjoyable, that is, in the "what the hell, it's bad enough to be good and I've got nothing else to do" sort of way. The snake effects are pretty good, and Jon Voight (having a devilishly good time with his wack-o character and accent) does more acting than the whole rest of the cast combined.
Speaking of the cast, that one's a head-scratcher. The usually reliable Eric Stoltz kicks up his feet and literally sleeps through most of his role. Jennifer Lopez, in her pre-J.Lo days, makes you have to wonder just how her career ever really took off. Ice Cube runs around frowning, as usual. Plus, any movie that casts Owen Wilson as the resident hunk (has anyone ever seen his nose, for God's sake?) is already making way too many mistakes. And you simply can't wait for the stuffy British jerk to get swallowed alive. At least Voight's around to liven things up.
Then there's the plot. This documentary film crew is searching for some silly lost tribe, but of course gets sidetracked by trying to avoid being eaten. Then, at the very end of the movie, this tribe shows up to wave hello and do absolutely nothing else. Is this an "Aw[...] moment? Or an "Ooooo..." moment? Or a just plain "So what?" moment?
And this is one death-defying snake! Obviously, this kind of movie plays fast and loose with little things like "reality" and "laws of nature", but somehow I don't think snakes, even really big, mean ones, can sustain as much blunt-force head trauma as this one does by busting through windows and smashing boat decks with its noggin. Also, in some sort of misplaced disclaimer at the beginning of the movie, we're helpfully informed that anacondas sometimes regurgitate their still-kicking food, apparently just for the sick fun of eating it again, so we're sitting around waiting for that to happen, too. It's like the movie is begging us to believe that "Yes, anacondas really DO do that, we're not just being stupid and gross!" Sad, really.
But hey... it's something to do. Anyway, it's better than "Python", even though "Anaconda" doesn't feature Jenny McCarthy's head getting lopped off. Heh heh... that was pretty cool.
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on May 25, 2004
Director: Luis Lloso
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Eric Stoltz, Johnathan Hyde, Owen Wilson, Kari Wurher.
Running Time: 90 minutes.
Rated PG-13 for snake violence and some language.
Cheesy horror flick that will be pleasurable for those cult-classic lovers; however, "Anaconda" wastes a formidable cast with its poor script and unconvincing special effects. The premise fairly basic--a documentary film team is investigating the swamps in order to complete their film, while area expert Jon Voight explains the ins-and-outs for their production. They are abruptly halted with their filming when one of the crew members is mysteriously injured. They later realize that their expedition is being endagered by a huge anaconda snake (!) that is thirty for blood.
Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube waste their roles as they try and stop the venomous threat from chopping on their entire film team. Voight is good as the creepy expert who wants to use the snake as a marketing tool rather than killing it. The digitally computerized effects make the film more campy than it already is and the script attempts to mix humor with horror--unvailing a poor combination that causes the film to lack sincerity and suspense. If you're looking for a good modern monster mash, pick up "The Relic" instead.
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on July 16, 2003
The brilliant thing about most creature features is that you can always count on them to give you a few surprises that make you jump out of your seat for a second, and then laugh at yourself and everyone else who fell for the "jump at you" action onscreen. "Anaconda" is chock full of such surprises, and a pretty decent looking creature as well. It also has a host of actors with solid(although not necessarily commercially successful)movie careers such as Jon Voight and Eric Stoltz and it shows us three actors(Owen Wilson, Jennifer Lopez and, to a lesser extent, Kari Wuhrer)on the edge of future brilliant careers. It also has a rapper(Ice-Cube), which gives it street-cred(Actually, Ice-Cube does a good job in this film).
I won't bore you with a synopsis of the story, because it's a monster movie, it's either going to eat everything or destroy everything. That's the beautiful thing about this movie. It plays out in front of you with no intentions to scare you senseless or make you afraid to swim in a river. Instead, it gives you a good time and some no-brainer fun.
The story is decent, although not original, and the action moves along at a decent rate. A couple of parts are slow, but they are made up for with the climactic ending, in monster movie terms at least.
This movie also gives you the option to make a game out of it. Be sure to invite a few good, preferably intoxicated, friends over and take a shot of your favorite poison every time someone falls in the water, gets squeezed, or every time they show J-Lo's bulbous backside. Before you know it, you'll think this is the greatest motion picture ever made and you'll want to see it again and again.
But seriously folks, watch this film for what it is, a creature feature that isn't as slick or big-time as Devlin and Emmerich's "Godzilla," but ten times as cool as "Lake Placid." Highly recommended if you're looking for a good time.
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on July 14, 2003
Well, maybe not quite that abysmal. After all, admit it, you do watch this when you come upon it while channel-surfing on your cable TV. I do, just for laughs.
I'm not really sure what the producers had in mind when they started work on this project. Indications are that it was meant to be a serious adventure/thriler film. But the cast, particularly Jon Voight, doesn't seem to take the whole thing very seriously. Voight, as the poacher out to capture the monstrous snake alive at all costs, hams it up big time, as if to graciously adjust his performance to B-movie level. Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and Kari Wuhrer are pretty much what you would expect -- adequate at best, awful at worst. And we get more of the latter. Owen Wilson and Jonathon Hyde rise slightly above that range, but not by much. As for Eric Stoltz, he raises it up a notch too, but spends half the movie asleep. Rumor has it that when he realized what he was getting into, he requested a change in the script, which would make him appear briefly at the start, then hit the sickbed, then reappear near the end. I don't know if that's true, but it sure is believable.
Oh yes, there's that mean snake. What we have here is a bargain-basement computer-generated beast that made the world realize that CGI is not that great a technology after all. It is so laughably bad that I couldn't help thinking they should have pulled Ray Harryhausen out of retirement to do the special effects. At least a stop-motion 50-foot reptile would have fit in nicely with the whole idea of mindless fun.
But in the end, it's still mindless fun, a 1990's entry to the so-bad-it's-good category, the type of movie that serves up a mix of masochistic enjoyment and guilty pleasure. Of course, Ed Wood's fans aren't going to lose sleep over this. Sure, it's so-bad-it's-good, but it tips the scales more heavily on the bad side.
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